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About  LyraLynn

I am a spiritual healer who comes to this work through a lifetime of deep curiosity as to the esoteric nature of all things. I wish to share gifts of energetic, spiritual, and emotional healing through the offerings presented on this site. It is my intention to aid in the ascension of humanity and all life on Gaia.

If you are interested in my approach to healing, I discuss it in this video interview.

The Puzzle Portals & Sacred Council

Constructing these puzzles is a sacred and ceremonial activity. Each puzzle acts as a portal, working with the harmonic crystal energies of the Sacred Council of 22, anchoring points of light on Gaia’s energetic grid.

My Wish For You

All of humanity’s combined thoughts and intentions create our ever changing “reality”. Despite what SEEMS to be occurring here on Gaia,  humanity is indeed moving ever closer to it’s ascension of the lower vibrational frequencies.

As we lift ourselves into love, we see this energy made manifest in our World.  As we find inner peace and awareness, our outer World rapidly moves towards peace, prosperity and abundance for all life.

Yet, there is still much healing to be done.  Let us band together with respect and reverence for each other and for our home.  Let each of us stand firmly in our profound personal power and lay claim to the Paradise that is New Gaia!

Areas to Explore

I invite you to explore these offerings of planetary and personal healing,
and meet the guides who assist us with these miracles.

LyraLynn's Vision