When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

It did not occur to me that I would find a true friend, a profound talent and a beloved teacher yet this is exactly what occurred the morning I decided to explore YouTube. I was deeply magnetized by this young woman calling herself “Abbey Normal”.

Well, I will avidly attest that she is far from normal. She is extraordinary. Her cheerful persona was so easy to like and her methods were fascinating to me. I decided to explore these methods for myself and found that it came quite rapidly and naturally.  And it was very, very effective.

On this page, I offer you these adventures chronicled as best as human words will allow. These healing sessions are deeply personal to me and I am infinitely grateful to Abbey for awakening me to this gift. For not only has she helped me, be in turn, she helps all of you as well.

Deep heart gratitude to you Abbey. We love you!

You can visit Abbey’s amazing website here: Abbey Normal’s Wisdom Quest


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