Adventures with the Goolongs
~ Part 3 ~

November 2, 2018

I am prompted to meet Mr Goolong on our beloved beach. He is ready and waiting so I position myself atop him. I am outfitted in a full bodysuit and cape of opalescent white. I hold on tightly as we enthusiastically set to our project.

We are on a mission today so we opt to travel by dimensional portals. Mr Goolong and I take a silent moment to set our divine intention. Our prayer: ”As we bring more love energy here today to clear and expand this Portal, so too shall ALL like Portals be cleared and transformed.”

Knowing now that our efforts will manifest throughout the planet, we begin by expanding the main portal located at the Mariana Trench. Through our conscious thought, we expand this portal from 50 miles to 500 miles in diameter. We then enlist the help of our beloved Saint Germain to employ his Violet Light Ray to BLAZE away that which no longer serves the highest purpose of the Portals and all life therein, radiating exponentially into infinity.

Father God informs us that the grand purge is occurring and that our beautiful oceans are well on their way to perfection. As soon as the expansion settles, we notice a large group of MerFolk cheering us on. They are thrilled with this cleansing of their domain and are eager to help with this love-filled endeavor.

Mr Goolong and I immediately nominate those interested to be the keepers of this portal, to aid in the maintenance of the light herein and to assist with all Beings who wish to heal here. We also request that they choose amongst themselves two delegates, merman and mermaid, to continue on with us to the Goolong/Venusian Portal to act as permanent representatives.

As this is accomplished, so too, did the other Portals gain representatives. Mr Goolong silently communicates a “sonar map” to all nominated Beings so that the newly appointed group can gather in the new Twin Cities of Light at the Goolong/Venusian Portal.

The Twin Cities

There is much excitement here as Mr Goolong and I arrive along with the two Mariana Delegates.

For me, I am thrilled to see that this tiny enclave, harboring the Portal between Goolong and Venusian dimensions, has blossomed into a glorious and vibrant city. Like spokes on a wheel, there are beautiful avenues extending in all directions supporting teeming life of all varieties. I am in awe of this glorious transformation.

A few moments later, we are joined by Delegates from the Caribbean and Indian Ocean Portals as well as a contingency of representatives from the smaller migrating portals. It is quite a lively group and together, we proceed to the City Center to gather with the masses that are arriving from all over the Aquatic Realms.  

Our cleansing and expanding of the Portals has already created much buzz in the underwater realms and we are all congratulated and invited to attend the numerous festivities that are occurring here.   

As our group approaches this massive gathering, a hush of quiet reverence falls upon us. For as we turn the final corner, there He is, in all his Glory….Poseidon.

All townsfolk gather excitedly as Poseidon rises like a mountain above the agora. His wise words and loving energy are eagerly enjoyed by us all. Afterwards, we branch off into a small group to discuss moving forwards with the cleansing of the waters.

Just then, a small Goolong arrives to inform me that “the King” is ready to see me. I immediately excuse myself and follow him back to the Agora. I am brought into an open air auditorium where I await this Titan of the Sea.

A brilliant orb of light enters the space. It is Poseidon’s esteemed colleague arriving first and I am so very pleased to see that it holds the sublimely radiant consciousness of my dear friend, Peter.

With a formal, ceremonial greeting he welcomes me and then introduces Poseidon.

In a brilliant flourish of light, the massive face of Poseidon appears. He is so much larger than life and is glorious beyond measure. He lovingly states, “Your endeavors have so greatly helped my Realms. You have my deep gratitude and respect for these selfless acts of love.  (In my meditative state, my heart is so full…I am sobbing, with tears of joy streaming down my face.)

As a token of the high esteem in which the underwater realms hold you, I bestow upon you the title of Regent of Peace and hereby offer you these small tokens of my appreciation.

From high above, the most gleaming, golden trident gently sinks to my left side. It is about 6 feet tall, encrusted with gems in all shades of blue; truly a gift of immense beauty and power. I am so very proud and honoured that I am rendered speechless, prompting a comment from Peter. “Well, THIS is a first!”, he lovingly teases me and gives me a huge hug.

Caught up in the moment, it occurs to me that there is something very wrong with this scenario….

“Where is my beloved Mr Goolong? He should be here by my side, earning equal appreciation!”

Poseidon hears these heartfelt thoughts and reassures me that we are not finished. Poseidon calls to Peter, “Bring in Gregor Goolong and his family.”

I step to the side as Mr and Mrs Goolong and their children are escorted in. I could not be more happy and proud but Mr Goolong is looking quite sheepish (he does not fancy being the center of attention.)  Mrs Goolong is radiant of joyous pride for her husband as they are brought front and center. Poseidon bestows upon Mr Goolong the title of Regent of Peace. He is gifted with the most beautiful and ornately crafted gold filigree cuffs for his fins, signifying his unique family crest and esteemed position. His wife receives a matching filigree sash and the children, as well, receive filigree ornamentation for their little fins.

They graciously accept these gifts as well as the responsibility that they represent.

Mr Goolong swims up to offer a small speech. “I share this honour with the entire Goolong clan and nominate my loving tribe as Diplomats of Peace.  May we forever band together to establish and maintain unwavering and permanent harmony in this Realm. Let us move forward into all areas of our World with this divine intention.”

The entire family is now considered royalty and treated with even greater respect by all.

And as the atmosphere becomes less formal, Poseidon presents a gift to the entirety of this newly expanded City as a massive treasure trove of gems, gold coins and candies fall in and around us all greatly fueling the continuing festivities.  

Poseidon signals to Peter that they must depart. To protect the denizens of this beautiful City, Peter establishes an energetic ring so that they can leave without creating destructive waves. As the ring solidifies, Poseidon assumes his full and glorious height. He lifts up, up and up until he is standing fully erect with the deep ocean water ultimately reaching him up to his mid calf. His countenance, previously more solid, is not fading until all that is visible is his outline, which then crashes to the water’s surface all at once.

From this time forward, all Goolongs are Diplomats of Peace. They will move in numerous  envoys, spreading love and harmony amongst all water dwelling creatures.

Where once there was a small Portal, supporting joyous friendships between the Goolong and the Venusian Dimensions, now there is a thriving and abundant City to serve all in the Aquatic Realms. This glorious Metropolis will be forever known as The Twin Cities of Light.

I’ve written about my origins with Mr. Goolong in the post, Amazing Adventures with Mr. Goolong.


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