August 13, 2016

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE experiences! It came about when a dear friend of mine was sharing a story with me regarding the life threatening treatments for cancer that the 6 year old son of her manicurist was trying to endure. My heart fell open immediately of course and I asked my friend if, during her next appointment, she would explain to this woman about my offer of healing and obtain her permission for me to enter the spiritual atmosphere of her young son to see if I could be of any help. The permission was granted. Here is the subsequent healing adventure…


  • Alexander’s main guide, Ho Lu

  • Lynn

  • Kryon

  • Carlo

  • Eflavia

This scenario begins in a small clearing surrounded by dense woods. Atop a large stone slab sits shivering in terror, a naked Alexander. I envelop him in the lavender blanket of Elspeth and gently cradle him in my arms. I gently set him atop a safe throne so he can watch and help us as we heal the Beings who were preparing to sacrifice him.

There is a rustling of the underbrush and from the depths of the woods emerge numerous little angry gremlins. Angry for we have foiled their preparations. They feel they will be severely punished for having let this occur. I tell them that they no longer have to concern themselves with following the orders of the “overseers”. They are all standing around looking utterly confused, looking at each other, looking over their shoulders to see if they are in trouble. They are totally befuddled.

I give them a vision of what they can expect by moving into the light realms and they eagerly discuss this turn of events. As it turns out, they had been feeling resentful and angry over being treated like slaves with no real compensation. They decide to go into light so I ask them to call all their family and friends and pets.

The stone slab turns into a merry-go-round as a huge contingency of these “guardian gremlins” appear from the glade. They are instructed to climb on. As they are all happily choosing where to sit, I ask Alexander which music we should use to send them to Heaven. He chooses the theme to an old TV show called “Leave it to Beaver”. The elder gremlin and all his family wave as they leave.

When they are gone, a pit opens. Kryon, Carlo and I move down to explore. I know there is something horrible here, why else did both Carlo and Kryon offer help? Indeed. A horrid pit of slime with a grotesque demon sitting atop a throne in the pit’s center.

He has been there so long that he is almost petrified. He has no clue as to why he is there. He merely knows that he is to hold his position here in this dank, putrid hole. I offer him the opportunity to move to the light realms where he will be loved and appreciated. He will have to accept the golden ticket. This “ticket” is a glittering with radiant light.  He is unsure and tries to reach out to touch it. It is difficult to move after having sat for so very long. Eventually he touches the ticket and the glitter bubbles move onto his hand. They quickly envelop his entire body and he is instantly transported to the light.  

The room has faint light now that he is gone. We can see a multitude of little demons embedded in the walls. They are writhing with agony and in shock for what they have just witnessed. They were in jaw dropping awe as their “Boss” went away like a whirlpool of light. They were quite eager to follow him but, as representative of the Beings that perpetrated this heinous scenario on Alexander, we need to let Alexander release them.  

Kryon lasers them off the wall. They are weak and we send them above for Alexander to guard.  Their departure reveals that the space is in desperate need of cleansing. Kryon uses his superpower to clear the gunk from the walls, floor and ceiling. We lay glittery healing gel onto the space and as it starts to peel off, it reveals the most beautiful pink marble and quartz crystal.

The space begins to transform in a massive Cathedral. It is light filled beyond words and we come to realize that this is a Faerie Temple! It had long been taken over by darkness and was now freed and rapidly “re-membering” itself into the most  magnificent Temple again! Massive and ancient, this area is coming alive in front of our eyes. Shards of crystal and beams of golden light creating a glittery frenzy of fresh activity!  I can feel that above us, Alexanders is laughing and clapping his little hands.

I ask my personal faerie guide, Eflavia to alert the myriad of faeries and their families that used to live here that the Temple is freed! She said that the word was out the moment we arrived in the Grove, that many, many faerie souls were cheering us on!

As this magnificent Temple continues to manifest and expand, we go back above ground. Alexander has commanded the “downstairs demons” to get on the carousel. Of course, they are all fighting for seats, pushing each other aside and off, a real melee. Seriously.

Apparently,  it is not large enough to hold all of them so we expand the vehicle and they all settle into seats.

I get to choose the send-off music this time and I choose the song that goes, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.” We all sing it over and over as the carousel began spinning and spinning. It ultimately de-materialized as they all were returned to Father God for transformation.

The carousel morphs back into the large stone slab. We all send healing to this stone and it  finally turns into the faerie portal that it was originally.  It is a round, stargate made of marble and crystal echoing the grace of the surrounding structures that are quickly making themselves manifest in this rapidly healing area. Sending a beacon out to all light Beings! It is a true revelation for all to know that the Sacred Grove Cathedral is healed, alive and thriving!

I am prompted to vacuum out the remaining molecular debris from myself and the area. The little spirit of Alexander arrives immediately to say the sweetest thanks ever. Ho-Lu conveys his deepest appreciation and announces that Alexander’s entire bloodline has hereby been healed as well. Alexander’s Mothers’ high Self arrived with profound and eternal gratitude.

At this time, my own personal guides arrives to inform me that this is a real place in Ireland. The dimension that offered blissful life to a myriad of Faerie Civilizations has again and finally re-opened on Gaia. I am told that this Sacred Grove is now being re-named for Alexander. How Alexander, the Faerie King saves his Realm…

Alexander was a faerie King. He sacrificed his Faerie life to reincarnate as a boy. This boy is beautiful and fine but he will become seriously ill. His grieving mother confesses his illness to her client. Her client visits with a lifelong friend who has recently “remembered” a talent for helping others through these types of healing journeys. The friend begins the adventure chronicled above.



Thank you Kryon
Thank you Carlo
Thank you Eflavia

Author’s note:

For weeks did I receive visitations from all sorts of Grove denizens, offering their undying gratitude with promises to be of assistance at any time. It used to make me cry when these wee beings would visit whispering the most sincere and lovely sing song messages of gratitude, loyalty and friendship. To this day, I feel so very assisted and surrounded by them as I feel whimsy everywhere!

In addition, after having cleaned out all that dark energy in little Alexander’s spiritual atmosphere, his body gradually strengthened and to my knowledge, he has been in remission ever since.

I just recall there being so very many lingering updates on this scenario. There were updates as Alexander got well. There were gratitude updates from Alexander’s Mom’s higher self. Ho-Lu would stop by and give me a “thumbs up”. And the Faeries! Oh Boy! They were having a SERIOUS PARTY (as faeries do). The Sacred Temple of their Ancestors was more beautiful than ever, housing a thriving multi-dimensional faerie colony. Vortices re-opened that has been closed for centuries.  It was, once again, the headquarters for Faerie Culture on Gaia and it was a sight to behold!

Oh! I was also told that the original “grove gremlins” were transformed and chose to come back from Heaven to help restore the Temple! It seems they were actual faerie beasts that were captured while defending the temple and turned into mind controlled slaves.

Ultimately, not only was Alexander healed but so was the Faerie Civilization.

This story stays at the forefront of my favorites.

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