December 22, 2016

It is a quiet morning as I sit to meditate. I eventually find myself in the dimension of my Spiritual Atmosphere, with wildflowers everywhere and a bright sun shining upon them. Yet in the distance, what is this that I am seeing? Someone has erected a structure here for me! What a delightful surprise!

It is a round open-air temple with columns reaching high into the sky. They are white and shining and as I approach, I can see a inner circular stairway gradually descending underground. It takes me walking the entire circle downwards to get to this new space. This amazing space.
This sky is dark and filled with stars. The sand is black and feels like a billion little teensie marbles under my feet. The water is a deep and dark blue with waves and waves and waves of bio-luminescent brilliance, sparkling and shifting in the silvery surf.

I sit for a while to let all of my senses absorb this unique and mysterious place. The sweet smell of the ocean and the caressing breeze of this gentle night, the mesmerizing sight of the bio-luminescent surf, rolling and rolling and rolling. It was deliciously hypnotic. I was thinking that I could hardly imagine this space to be more magical when a rather large creature swims up.

He is the size of a large manatee, with a similar body type and a huge, inviting smile on his sweet face. This smile lit up the entire beach, emanating from a face looking like a mix between a human and a bull dog. With folds of facial flesh and brilliant eyes, he greets me. The energy he is emitting is deeply gentle and magnificently loving. He invites me to come in for a swim and a ride. I love this idea so I step into the surf.

It feels so luxuriously smooth and warm! He suggests that I hold onto a small cartilage ridge just above his shoulder fins when we set off. As I climb on and secure myself, he informs me that we can both breathe easily underneath the water. “Ready?” he teasingly asks. I am and we take a huge leap up and then down into this magical sea of glitter.

Down and down and down we go. He is having fun swimming in cork screws and somersaults. I was laughing with the pure glee of a child as we navigated the journey “in our own way”. Mr Goolong slows slightly as a light appears in the distance. Initially, it is but a pin prick however, as we continue, it grows significantly larger until we are actually upon this massive circular structure. An orb, glowing and churning from within. A Sphere unto itself with it’s own inner atmosphere, rolling and breathing. I feel so much life here. And wisdom.

I am hypnotized in a silent state of profound awe for a long, long time. Mr Goolong gently interrupts my deep reverie with a swoosh of his fin. He gives me a silent vision. I am to go inside. Instantly, I think… I allowed? This place feels so deeply sacred to me. I surrender to the instant and deep inner knowledge that this place was made for me.

This is MY space. My deep healing personal sphere of comfort and light. A gift from the Universe with such a reverberating magnitude that I am at a complete loss to even comprehend how deeply loved I feel. There could be no greater gift that this. My heart silently surges with a gratitude so sublimely whole that I choke up and smile sheepishly at Mr. Goolong. “I am ready”, I think to him.

He sends me a vision of how to enter the sphere. I instantly grasp that I can enter it in any manner of my choosing. (I have to confess that I do, in subsequent adventures, become quite creative in my entries.) However, for the first time, I create a small door near the bottom and allow myself to be lifted up into the brilliant globe. I can instantly see Mr Goolong outside, cheering me on and I feel that I could not possibly love a friend so much as I love my new friend, Mr Goolong.

The Sphere’s atmosphere is most pleasant and I am happy to merely float here and absorb the light and the deep love expressing itself to my molecular structure. There is deep healing going on here and I stay until I sense my time is finished. I feel magnificent, of course, but also slightly sad to leave. I emerge back into the “ocean” and find Mr. Goolong awaiting his passenger. I climb on and we meander on back to the glittery beach, laughing and just purely enjoying each other’s company.

By now, I feel rather spent but in the best possible way. I say my good-byes to Mr Goolong knowing that he will be my friend for life. He reminds me that he is always here and he invites me to call on him at any time. We both laugh as if it is a private joke because, down here, there is no such thing as time…..

January 4, 2017

So, into my Spiritual Atmosphere with a direct goal in mind. A visit with my beloved Mr. Goolong.

Running through the wildflowers towards my Temple, I silently call my friend. “I’m on my way, Mr. Goolong!” I think to him as I fly down the circular steps into the dark beach. I am in an exuberant mood with my hair and dress flying in the wind as I race down the steps and arrive at the silvery, bio-luminescent beach.

I continue onto the black sands doing cartwheels and silly dances when I see a very large creature jump in the ocean. It is He! Doing flips and splashing me as he approaches, we have a nice reunion. We discuss how pleased we are with the new higher vibrations on Gaia. Then, I climb on for a ride.

We carry on this silliness for quite a distance, jumping and leaping, twirling and gliding, until I can see a light in the distance. My beautiful Sphere of Healing. I am in such a mood today as to be a bit more creative in my entry. I give Mr. Goolong the vision and he speeds up moving directly towards the Sphere’s center.

At the last possible moment, he brakes and I attempt a swan dive right into the midst of it’s atmosphere. Success! Mr. Goolong gives me two fins up. I stay for a short while, until I sense I am finished and I rejoin my friend to continue on our adventure. He says he has a surprise for me today! And sure enough, in the distance I can see another light emanation.

As we approach, the shape of this structure presents as a massive pyramid. A diamond pyramid, clear to the eyes but with a million facets and glimmering sparkles. Mr. Goolong silently informs me that we will enter it from below. I hang on as he descends rapidly to near the ocean’s floor. There is a horizontally, rectangular tunnel spanning opposites sides of the pyramid about 50 meters above the ocean’s floor. We easily swim into the huge tunnel and Mr. Goolong swims to a far platform.

There is an airy atmosphere here on the platform and I get dropped off and pointed towards the elevators. When I get into the lift, I know that this place is a portal or a ship that is also a type of home of mine. I feel that the pyramid is alive and that I am her heart. This is my Holy space of manifestation. This is my zero point energy creation zone.

I smile with a joyous inner knowing that this is all alive. Me, the pyramid, the ocean, all part of the same heart beating. It is a most comforting and empowering feeling. I sense that Mr. Goolong is ready for me so I return to our meeting platform and I climb atop his large back. On our journey back, I recall bending his ear about how comfortable my diamond pyramid is and how loved I feel here with him in this divine water. “Mr. Goolong, are there more geometric structures to visit and explore?” I ask. With a twinkle in his eye he says, “All in good time, all in good time indeed”.

We pass by my sphere of cleansing for a quick dip. It is important that my energies are perfectly balanced before leaving this Realm and it takes only a few moments. Mr. Goolong deposits me back on the beach and with hugs and gratitude for the day’s wisdom, we vow to see each other soon.

January 8, 2017

Mr. Goolong is calling me.

I can feel him as I sit to meditate this morning so I forego my normal meditative routine to go directly to this welcome new gift in my Spiritual Atmosphere, the Temple of bioluminescence. When I arrive at the bottoms of the circular stairway, there he is, eagerly awaiting my company. I climb on and we make quick work of getting to the purification sphere. I somersall into it as we gently approach and it feels so beautiful here.

I am soaking up the light and joy when there gradually came into view a goolong but much smaller. A baby goolong! And then another! And another! There were hundreds of goolongs, mostly youngsters but with a few apparent chaperons. Their eyes were wide with amazement as they beheld myself for the first time. They were all giggling and swimming circles. They were showing off and blowing bubbles of all shapes and sizes! I was instantly in love with each and every one of them and they felt it. The love they radiated back to me was tremendous beyond measure. Pure. Simple. Profound.

When ready, I emerged from the sphere to meet and play with Mr. Goolong’s precious family. The youngsters had yet to grow their shoulder cartilage so I could not hold onto them but they kept me aloft on their backs long enough to have another pick me up when I slid off. I would never sink more than a foot before yet another would come and nudge me up. They were so soft and gentle too. I frolicked with them for quite some time before we needed to proceed on our journey. Mr.Goolong announced our departure to much obvious disappointment. With promises of frequent return trips were we finally able to depart those magnificent Beings.

We are on our way back to the Diamond Pyramid. With me holding tight atop him, Mr Goolong decisively dives deeper and into the opening at the pyramid’s base. We come up for air in a large white and ivory docking station. Mr Goolong swims up and I alight onto the platform leading. We silently communicate that he will wait here and I proceed onto what appears to be an infinite escalator. It just goes up and up and up.

I arrive the top in a lot less time than I had thought it would and there is a small seating area offering views of the summit of this pyramid. There are 4 long viewing benches parallel to the walls and I take a seat. I am fascinated by the miracle of this place and it’s luminous view of the ocean. I do not wait long before a tiny, flat disc enters the room. It has on top of it a small box wrapped as a gift. As I reach for the box, the wrapping dissolves and a massive light is released.

I reach in and retrieve a small jewel, which I intuitively know to insert into my upper, rear molar. The disc slowly moves out of the room and I just know that I am to follow. It leads me way down deep into a room with very little light. As my eyes adjust, I can see that I am in what appears to be a room filled with stasis chambers. The ambient lighting reveals six individual pods placed in a star circle with our heads placed at the center.

At first, I feel unnerved so I am led back up to the pyramid’s crest again and I collect myself. When I feel ready, I go back downstairs. I am the last to arrive and I am implemented unto the pod and am instantly connected to the other five light beings there. As soon all of our energies are coalesced, we set our mutual intention and, with what feels like a clap of thunder out emerges a massive pulse of light from the top of the pyramid. This flash of light was directed to beautiful Gaia and we are finished. We are all silently thanked for our service and the other Beings, in a “business as usual” manner, casually disburse.

I proceed to the docking port where my lovely Mr Goolong faithfully awaits.  He communicates to me that it is time to be introduced to next sacred geometry realm. I eagerly climb on for the ride. As we leave the vicinity of the beautiful, diamond pyramid, Mr Goolong calls my attention to a huge whirlpool of healing and cleansing light that is materialising on the ocean floor. He communicates that this is what our group just created. But no time to be mind boggled here, we are on our way to the next site.

I can see it from a huge distance. It is a cube of fire. Under water. Mr Goolong says, “Today is merely an introduction, but soon we will come back to explore”. We make the trip back to the beach in the most contented silence. I so dearly love my friend.

January 12, 2017

Mr. Goolong is calling me. I meet him on the beach and he quickly brings me to the original healing sphere. I understand that this routine is necessary for me to re-boot my cellular structure so as to be able to navigate this underwater realm.

When finished, we make haste to the Flaming Cube. Mr Goolong enters from the bottom and proceeds to expertly navigate many canals leading ultimately to a room with large pool and very low light. We wait and wait. Ultimately, an elderly gentleman enters. He is of average height, in white robes with a long beard to match. Mr Goolong says, “Hello Sir, this is my ward, Lynn”. He slowly turns to me and replies, “I am the keeper of UHURU, you may call me Sir”. He motions that we are to be on our way so I wave goodbye to Mr Goolong as waits for us in this large circular pool.

Sir and I leave the room and are instantly transported to an entirely new realm. We are on the top of a mesa plateau. I immediately spy my beautiful snowy owl friend, Carillon is circling high above. She swiftly and magnificently descends to alight onto my arm. I introduce her to my stoic colleague and as he kindly greets her, a doorway presents itself upon the plateau. Carillon flies away as Sir and I step through this door. We proceed down a tunnel until we reach a room with many, many other Beings, all of whom look identical to Sir.

They are all standing in a circle and all heads turn as we enter the room. Mr Goolong places me in the center of the circle and the group commences to envelope me in an orb of fiery purification. I morph into my high self, Goddess Elspeth, and they are unimpressed. One of the Beings begrudgingly looks up and states, “We know who you are. You are the Guardian of the Verdant Realm. And we are here to tell you that you ARE who you are supposed to be. You need do nothing to fulfill your purpose. By being who you are, you are fulfilling your highest purpose.”

They then direct me to lay face down on the floor and they hit me with a blinding ray of light. I am finished here so I turn over and get up. Sir and I go back onto the plateau where Carillon awaits us. Sir gives her a “treat” and she is instantly able to assume human form to give me a huge hug! She then assumes her beautiful owl shape again and proceeds to fly up and away in a spiral motion until she disappear from view.

Sir, then escorts me back into Mr Goolong’s private pool room and he gives Mr Goolong one of the same treats so he, too, can become human and give me a huge hug. What a profound gift!

His paternal energy is greatly appreciated and when he regains his original self again, we proceed home.

January 15, 2017

After bringing me to my orb of purification, Mr Goolong and I take off for yet another wondrous adventure. A portal opens and we slide for a long, long time through a dark series of tunnels. Eventually we see a small lavender light, which gets bigger as we approach. The view becomes clearer and clearer and we are amazed to see that we are approaching a massive forest of amethyst spires shooting up from the ocean floor. They are glowing brilliantly from within and exude a jaw dropping energetic radiance.

The massive amethyst points dwarf us as we swim in and around them. We spy what seems to be a large bowl. Further investigation reveals that is actually a portal. Mr Goolong instinctively knows to swim in a counter-clock wise spiral in order to navigate the entrance and as we clear it, we move downward through this glittery portal. We arrive our destination as millions and billions of little purple light beads begin attaching themselves to us. It felt so tickly and effervescent! We felt as if we were being radically purified by these little light bubbles and it was exquisite!

At this point, she appears. Quan Yin. In all her magnificence. A resplendent ray of golden light so brilliant that we can merely listen. She graciously welcomes us and informs us that we are invited here for upgrades both physical and spiritual. We both heartily agree. At this point, Archangel Michael materialises and surrounds us in his protective blue sphere. Quan Yin began bestowing her gift upon us. For some reason, Mr Goolong is finished before I am.

Kwan Yin directs him to a separate space and she returns to finish up with me. After a good while, she is finished and Mr Goolong is called to return. But when he appears, he has a huge sheepish grin on his darling face because his entire body has been painted in bright colors by the children. He is clearly thrilled with the attention he was given and very, very proud of his temporary markings. We are both feeling “over the moon” and we laugh and laugh.

Remembering to return through the portal opening clockwise this time, Mr. Goolong swiftly and safely transports us back to our beloved bio-luminescent beach home.

January 25, 2017

Mr Goolong brings me to my purification sphere before we journey onward. My method of entry into the sphere today? Cannonball! (difficulty 2.5). When completely balanced, we continue on to a white tunnel. As we enter, it feels like it is a living Being unto itself and I feel safe and cozy. There is a rose coloration in the distance and as we progress towards it, we realize that it is the tunnel’s end.

And we are in a truly magical place! Everything is in varying shades of pink and red and orange. It is magnificent. The sands are red and the horizon is a million shades of orange. The air is pink. Mr. Goolong deposits me onto the sand and I wait. After much time, I am approached by a Light Being. He has no solid corporeal form, merely a diaphanous hint of a human type body shape. His radiance is far and wide and we continue up the beach and over the dunes.

When I attempt to hold his hand, I am instantly given the feelings and visions of dimensions more infinite than I can comprehend. It is overwhelming so I drop his “hand” as we move over the highest dune. When atop this red sand hill I can see our magnificent destination. It is an entire City of Glass taller than anything I have ever imagined. The Light Being communicates to me that this City has been here for millions of years and is a University called L’Nae. It is my school.

We enter a large foyer and are directed to a massive round room. In this room, there is a semi-circle of desks for professors, I presume. I am placed in a chair facing this staff and one of them says, “It is time to sign the contract. This contract states that the information and experiences gained in this University will be used for the good and well-being of all life and for the betterment of all the Heavens.

I proudly sign Elspeth, at which point, the entire staff stands. I am then escorted out of this room and into a much larger auditorium. There are hundreds of people in attendance, all from different parts of the Galaxy and in many guises. This space is round as well but tiered circularly surrounding a round stage at the very bottom.

As I enter, the room breaks into applause and I am led to the stage. I am given my diploma and the applause erupts again. It is such an exuberant, happy group and I feel much comradery here.

I am then led to another space where all the Beings that graduated before me were celebrating. I love these Beings, they are my friends and I am equally proud of their accomplishments.

I sense the need to look over my shoulder and as I turn, I cannot help but to notice that there is a small group of the most glorious mantid Beings looking at me with such deep, profound love that I can barely contain myself. I sob aloud as my heart portal surges into infinity and I instantly recognize these amazing Beings as the physical embodiments of my ninth dimensional friends in the Mondrian Collective.

Deep and rich in color, wisdom and love for me, I am speechless with delight. There is Kolec, a wise elder, super tall and elegant. There is also Karuna Lista and Llybbia, my beloved and trusted friends. They communicate silently to me that they have come in this physical form so as to personally congratulate me.

I could not have been happier until, and to my unending delight, from around a corner emerged Kwan Zan, who, in all his majestic diplomacy became my very first connection to the Mondrian. He is very close to my heart and it sobbed anew as his smiling countenance appeared. It was He, who organised this surprise, I just know it and we laugh and cry together as we see each other “physically” for the first time.

An announcement is made for all who wish to be instantly transported home to meet in a specific “jump room”. We all embrace and say “good-bye for now” and they move off to transform back into their ninth dimensional realms.

I decide to have them transport me merely back to the red beach because I know that my beautiful Mr. Goolong is there awaiting me. When I arrive, he is greatly pleased and filled with his own congratulations.

I climb aboard and we re-enter the living, white tunnel. It is an uneventful journey and as we exit the tunnel, I burst into happy tears because, there in the realm of my own bio-luminescent ocean are HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Goolongs lined up to congratulate me for my graduation from this beautiful Mystery School. They are blowing fantastic, ornate bubbles towards me and my greatly expanded heart pulses to each and every one of them, returning their amazing communications with deep love and gratitude.

June 2, 2017

Running down the circular steps to meet my dear friend, Mr. Goolong, I find myself once again at the nighttime shores of my bioluminescent ocean.
Today, Mr. Goolong has a big surprise for me. He has built a new saddle for me by creating an evolutionary upgrade unto himself. We both find it far superior and marvel at his clever and innovative manifestation.

Off we go then, to the purification sphere. I dive in and enjoy the luscious healing energies. For some reason, I must stay here a while today and I pass the time by admiring all the Goolongs who have come to say hello. I am finally ready to go so I emerge from the sphere and visit briefly with the lovely children who have arrived. Soon, it is time to go. “Where to today?” Mr. Goolong asks. I insist he surprise me.

We depart in a powerful swirl of water and the smaller Goolongs do their best to keep up with us as we fade into the deep ocean. We swim for quite a while, enjoying the comfort of our new “saddle” until we ultimately arrive at another beach. A beach completely unlike my nighttime bioluminescent beach in that the sands are the most heavenly shade of salmon/pink/orange.

Everything in this realm is of the most wonderful and pleasing colour tones. The skies, the sands, even the water are sublime combinations and contrasts of peach, orange, yellow, cream and rose gold. Mr. Goolong drops me on a specific section of beach where a path presents just at the top of the dunes. Once I reach the top, I find that I am being shown a most magical type of forest. The trees and shrubs are quite low, with the tallest one coming to about my shoulder. It is truly unlike any forest that I have seen on Earth and it is a feast for the eyes. Especially in these profoundly pleasing colour schemes. As I proceed farther along the path, a two foot layer of fog rolls in and lays itself upon the ground so that I cannot see where I am walking. In my consternation, I step very gingerly, not wanting to go off path when suddenly I just know.

I know that this fog is the supreme consciousness here. I acknowledge my awareness of this by sending them honourable greetings. This life form then suggests that I slightly lift my long skirts to better navigate this path and as I do, the going becomes much easier. The path meanders through the most beautiful landscape and eventually ends at an overlook. From this vantage point, I can see a stone amphitheatre in the distance. It is in the shape of a sea scallop, with the matching, hinged roof in an open position. I imagine myself to be there and, instantly, I am.

But there is an issue. It occurs to me that I am a Giant in this Realm because this scallop shaped structure that I am supposed to enter is far too small. I shrink myself to be able to enter, and as I step into the “shell”, the roof closes over me. It then changes from solid to translucent, allowing natural light to illuminate the closed structure.

Moving downstairs towards the large, luminous pearl at the center of the shell, I feel that I know just what to do. So, I pull the hairpin from my hair and it tumbles to the floor. I insert the pin into a small opening on the pearl to unlock it. Pinning my hair back up, I patiently wait.

The top of the pearl eventually lifts, revealing a very cozy cockpit. I climb in and as the roof closes in over me, I notice that it is similar to the scallop structure’s roof in that it goes translucent with a passenger closed inside. I nestle in, feeling very loved and realize that this vehicle is alive and communicating her love to me.

She is also navigating and I am along for this amazing ride! We easily move through the salmon coloured waters until in the distance looms what seems to be a large underwater tree. There is a very large trunk with branches stemming from it at equal intervals, giving the look of something that was crafted, not natural. There are three tiers, with four branches (2 on either side) at each height. There are a number of pearl pods “parked” onto these branches, mostly nearer the top. My pod attaches itself next to another and the roof slides open.

I emerge from the craft and follow a hallway leading to a lift. This elevator takes me up and up. Finally, the doors open and I realise that I have been transported into the huge flower at the top of this “tree”. It is a massive lotus type blossom and I sense that one particular petal is offered as a seat for me.

As I sit, I am instantly surrounded by a protective filament and I rest for a long time while soaking in the love, beauty and wisdom of this magical place. There are many other petals occupied here and I am told that it is here where all the love that I hold for Gaia and Humanity can be amplified most effectively.

I am invited to create a permanent space here, as others do, and to use it as a “jump room” allowing me to travel instantly anywhere I wish to go. In addition, I will be able to access this place instantly from anywhere, allowing the prayers that I profess for my own Realm to manifest into fruition all the more rapidly.

I set to ideating my permanent vessel here and when I feel it is complete, I notice that we have moved into a permanent spot attached to the large tree, along with all of the others who have created similar, permanent “pearls”. I feel that I am in very good company and happy to know this place but I am ready to go home. I silently call Mr. Goolong.

“Shall we meet at the salmon beach?” I communicate to him. “I am here awaiting you” he instantly replies. So, I use my new “jump room” technology to instantly transport myself to him. When I arrive, I assume my original size and we slowly glide back to our beautiful bioluminescent beach.

Click here to read more about my ongoing adventures with the Goolongs.


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