In my humble opinion, life never dies.

If you are of a similar mind, perhaps we have much in common.

If not, you have 2 choices in this moment. You can either click off this story, staying firmly in your current mindset – or, you can bravely challenge yourself to entertain a different point of view. Either way, my intention for this writing is simply to expand our potential collective view of death and illness.

When people share their news of the death of a loved one, I have to keep myself in check.  I immediately feel excited and happy that a blissful ascending has occurred and I have to remember that it is likely that this bringer of news may not have considered this perspective. They might feel that death is the end of reality.

I keep this ever in mind as I carefully choose the right words/silence/energy to console them. They are in no way wanting to hear that their beloved is still available and even more vital than ever when he/she can no longer receive their hugs.

But for me, death of the physical body is the beginning of reality. I feel that it is a homecoming into boundless love, light and divine purpose. The shedding of the physical is a welcome emancipation from what can be a very mundane existence.

Fatal illness is but one way to transition. I feel that this is a very noble act, bringing spiritual growth to so many people. It has the opportunity to positively affect everyone that comes into the world of the afflicted person. The medical team, the family and friends, the acquaintances, the observers, are all offered the chance to see a higher path and purpose.

In my way of thinking, prior to our physical birth there is profound planning.  We have much divine help in the choosing of all circumstances and momentous happenings in our upcoming lives. There is careful organization in the creation of the major events of our incarnation, and by choosing to pass over from illness we offer ourselves and those around us the opportunity to experience a quantum leap in the Soul’s growth. It is a very brave choice, and the more long and drawn out the suffering, the more time for deep, heart growth.

This is just the way it is here.

We expand our hearts through tragedy. We find the preciousness of physical life in it’s finality.

I will briefly share my brother Dan’s experience as a case-in-point.

He was/is a devastatingly handsome and wonderfully magnetic person that everyone wanted to know. As an adult, he gave generously of his time and attention, was extremely powerful in business, and ultimately very happy in his prosperous life. But, he was also a man with very strong opinions and the innate ability to prompt others to do what he wanted. He was an extremely nice control freak.

When he was diagnosed with ALS, he lost that control in tiny, torturous increments.  The focus of his life shifted dramatically. Although his children were always his top priority, they became the sole focus of his life. He quickly tied up his financial loose ends and spent the remaining precious moments with his beloved family. His heart greatly opened and he bravely and consciously worked through as much “personal baggage” as he could.

He became open to absolutely everything in his attempt to bring lasting peace to his heart. It was a deep surrender that would have been impossible for a man of his “Type A” personality to commit. I believe that, on his passing, he ultimately BECAME the love he endeavored so diligently to understand.

Each of us involved learned more about ourselves and our own life journeys by virtue of witnessing/helping Dan through his final times. We were constantly gaining new insights about the love we hold in our own hearts for self/others as we focused on the plentiful and profound collateral beauty on the long path of this heartbreaking journey.

Despite this heinous affliction AND because of it, his Soul triumphed in ways that no easy life experience would have offered him.

Each moment in life brings a free will decision. Life threatening situations dramatically amplify the infinite choices that One might endeavor to make ranging from the lowest frequency such as victimhood and blaming to the highest minded choices such as grace, love and soul healing. Will we become a victim or a shaman? This is the divine opportunity that we create for ourselves as these scenarios are planned on the onset of this life, prompting a fantastic opportunity to remember who we are.

Which is pure love.

There grows a deep knowing in our hearts that surviving this physical life or not, will bring our loved one to the place that serves his beautiful Soul best.


If you are suffering or in pain over a loved one, please know that the entire Universe supports the spiritual growth you are attaining. Your desire to make light filled choices will transform the way you experience this adventure..

May the Company of Heaven bless your bravery and shower you in the grace of divine transformation.

May the deep love of the Universe gently envelope you in your times of need.

May our hearts remain forever open to those amongst us who are in pain.

So Mote It Be.

From my heart to yours, I offer you my deepest love and respect.


PS – If you happen to be interested in knowing the story of my brothers ultimate adventure, there was an amazing, award winning film made about it. Watch it here.

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