June 20, 2017


  • Avery
  • Mother Snake
  • Carlo
  • Oola
  • Gildabrand
  • Carillon

This scenario begins on the edge of a cliff.

We are gathered on a large, flat plateau overlooking a grand vista as massive, billowing clouds rapidly move across the sky toward us. A moving spark of brilliant light catches our eyes and we welcome the arrival of little Oola, Abbey’s beautiful Faerie guide. “She is here!”

Oola says excitedly, and as the clouds clear, there is our brilliant Abbey in all her Angelic resplendence. The radiant, golden light leaves us all breathless as Angel Abbey steps onto the plateau assuming her physical body. When we decide to set off on our journey, we notice a waterfall in the distance that seems to beckon us forth.

Mother snake climbs up and coils herself around Angel Abbey’s arm and we proceed.

We follow a wooded path along the river towards the waterfall. The path takes us behind the plunging wall of water and when we arrive, we notice that the water is falling in rainbow hues. We turn around and step inside a small circular cave that presents itself for us. The stone adjusts to create circular seating and we all settle in.

As soon as we are comfortable, this entire seating section morphs into a circular boat, similar to ones that are used for white water rafting. We make sure we are secure as the boat moves into the fast running water. Riding the current until the waters start to slow, we find ourselves on a small, sandy beach. Gildabrand instantly creates a beautiful fire for us while we await the perfect timing that we desire.

At this point, we receive a visitor from the air. It is Carillon, my beautiful snowy owl guide. “It is time, let us move quickly”, she communicates. So, Gildabrand douses the fire, sending three smoke rings into the sky, and we proceed up the embankment. Upon reaching the top, the wind dies and all becomes silent as Angel Abbey begins singing to the waters.

It is the most divine and magical music, with the most magical of words and sounds. This enchanting Angel language has us all in a complete state of bliss. Carlo, our bengal tiger guide, is rolling on the ground in ecstasy. He wants his tummy stroked and I am delighted to oblige. It is clear that we are not the only ones wanting to enjoy this divine concert for as soon as Angel Abbey began her singing, there manifests her divine mate, Joseph, by her side, enthralled like the rest of us.

When the songs are finished, we know that this section of our journey is complete so we call for the boat to meet us. We, climb in and proceed down the river to a beach of red sand.

We disembark and traverse a small dune to see an expansive desert laid before us. We walk towards a tiny fount of water bubbling from the ground. Mother Snake slithers down Abbey’s arm and surrounds this tiny eruption with her body, thus protecting it. Angel Abbey begins the divine singing again and the ground starts to rumble around the bubbling water.

Mother Snake clears away as a powerful spray of water forcefully erupts from the spot. The water is sparkling and pure as it proceeds to quickly create the most beautiful of oases. Date palms instantly grow into maturity and create much shade. Animals and birds come from far and wide to partake of this magical fountain and we all rest under the trees while Abbey finishes her songs.

Of course, Carlo is asleep in the warm breeze and we are stuffing ourselves on delicious fresh dates. What a truly pleasant adventure this is. However, it is time to continue our healing journey and we rouse the tiger.

We make our way back to the boat only to find that it is now a massive canoe. We settle in nicely as we move down the river, noticing that the banks are closing in on us and a dense forest thicket is beginning to grow all around. Eventually, we are having to duck our heads to navigate this newly emerging rainforest realm. We approach a small bank with shallow water and decide that this is the spot for us to disembark.

We immediately spy a beautiful tree house, with a huge water wheel attached. We climb the house to it’s roof so Angel Abbey’s song can be heard far throughout this rainforest. The sublime divinity of her voice is a balm for us all and the waters sparkle with rainbow healing for all life here, as it moves through this realm nourishing and healing.

We sit a while longer, soaking in the beauty and life of this place until it is time, once again, to summon the “boat”. This time it conveniently arrives as an airship and we all safely step aboard and strap in. We ride the air currents over a part of the river where the water is calm at which point we are, ever so gently, set into the water again to find our way back to the rainbow waterfall.

As we meander up the river, Joseph, with a hint of mischief in his eyes, asks us if we might enjoy a more lively ride back and we all agree, yes! “Let’s have some fun” he says as he lays his hand on the surface of the water. All of a sudden, we are in a rapid and raging river scenario, laughing wildly and deeply enjoying the conclusion of this joyous time.

End scenario

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