November 5, 2018 Council: The Noble One Maxine ArchAngel Michael Eflavia A pre-journey invitation is sent into the ethers to collect those loving Beings who wish to assist in this Journey. Straight away, a large.. Read more
Adventures with the Goolongs ~ Part 3 ~ November 2, 2018 I am prompted to meet Mr Goolong on our beloved beach. He is ready and waiting so I position myself atop him. I am.. Read more
October 29, 2018 Council: Kwan Yin Kryon Eflavia Purple LyraLynn We are in a beautiful field of low grass, perimeters ever-expanding into infinity. The supremely elegant Kwan Yin is here on behalf of Connie. We.. Read more
October 23, 2018 Council: Anuba Lyra Lynn I am joined by Anuba the Arcturian. Her noble and gracious mantid cousin is here to direct this divine journey in hopes of making Her more aware of.. Read more
Fantasy landscape
Welcome to Elspeth Castle. Dearest, most precious and amazing Human, you have found your way to a wondrous dimension! A dimension of knowledge, grace, and remembering. A dimension of pure love, radiant health, and infinite.. Read more
August 2, 2018 Authors note: A repeat client, Kelly is a powerful and savvy business owner who has, of recent, been plagued by numerous clients with erratic and abusive behaviors. Knowing herself to be a.. Read more
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