Prayers & Mantras for a Healthy Body
The spoken word is Holy. In their highest manifestation were we created, and in their frequencies, do we make manifest all that is physical in our Universes. The attunements carried by specific words, sounds and.. Read more.
Human Being or Human Doing?
While enjoying life’s spiritual path, we naturally develop a supreme appreciation for living in the moment. As the ephemeral activities of daily life swirl around us, we slow ourselves enough to see that this present.. Read more.
The Game of Life
In Blissful Perfection, We are One with God Forever. This is our Birthright. “Hmmmmmm…” we say to ourselves, feeling a bit stagnant in all this perfectly divine equanimity. “I wonder what is out there for.. Read more.
An Alternate Perspective on Death
In my humble opinion, life never dies. If you are of a similar mind, perhaps we have much in common. If not, you have 2 choices in this moment. You can either click off this.. Read more.
Awaken the Goddess Within
Goddesshood is a State of Being that requires self-proclamation. No other can proclaim you as such. There is no seminar or podcast that will offer it to you, no initiation to perform. This is something.. Read more.
Am I Suing Or Sending Flowers?
I have had a number of experiences with cancer. I feel that it’s first onset was prompted by perpetually thinking toxic thoughts in a toxic environment that I refused to leave. I take full responsibility.. Read more.

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