More Adventures with the Goolongs
  For Part One of this amazing adventure, click here January 6, 2018 There is a new colour that has been introduced into my Universe. I cannot see it with my mind’s eye. I cannot.. Read more.
October, 2017 The notion of “healer” and “healed” feels so yesterday! Lately, when I hear this reference, I feel it to be dualistic, denoting a superior and an inferior role. It feels like an old.. Read more.
The Mondrian Collective
August 15, 2016 The tectite named Moldavite just kept coming into my realm of daily studies. Any time this occurs, I feel it is wise to further explore the message so I was prompted to.. Read more.
Amazing Adventures with Mister Goolong
December 22, 2016 It is a quiet morning as I sit to meditate. I eventually find myself in the dimension of my Spiritual Atmosphere, with wildflowers everywhere and a bright sun shining upon them. Yet.. Read more.
The Sacred Council of 22
How The Council Came To Be I’ve heard it said that when One’s every thought is filled with light, every step is on Holy ground. I am ever keeping this in mind as I go.. Read more.
How I Conduct Spiritual Journeys
Greetings, friends. I am often asked how I conduct the spiritual journeys that this website collects and shares. (If you haven’t read one, please see Journeys.)  I have detailed it below for the curious. This.. Read more.
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