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I am pleased to offer my services as an energetic healer, to those who are on the path of self-awakening. I have briefly described my process below. You can also read my post, How I Conduct Journeys.

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Upon receipt of your payment, I will send a written permission slip via email. This conveys your permission for me to enter your spiritual atmosphere. I will then conduct a deep, meditative session to explore your etheric and eternal energetic field, where memories (aka stuck energy) and traumas still resonate. Each person’s spiritual atmosphere is unique, as is every healing journey. I may assist with clearing of energetic blocks or painful past traumas. I may receive channeled messages. I interact with my own Guides, and often with your Guides, to affect whatever healing is divined.

Upon completion of the session, I transcribe the details onto a web page in the form of a story which may remain private, or, with your permission, be shared on our Journeys page.

A Few Basics:

~ I charge a one-time fee of $250, not to place a value on this work, but rather to respect the time and effort involved in this process.

~ You will be able to share details related to why you are seeking a Healing Journey after clicking Pay with Card below.

~ I ask that individuals seeking energetic healing services FULLY UNDERSTAND AND COMPLY with the following disclaimer:

YOU ~ and you alone ~ are responsible for any healing that may occur in your body, and in your life. You must decide that it is time for change to occur, and then allow it within yourself. Use your own judgement and your own heart to feel what is true; they are your greatest discernment tools.

I am neither a medical doctor nor a licensed therapist. I do not provide medical or mental health advice. Do not disregard any medical or other health professional’s advice. I am a spiritual healer who uses her gifts for the greatest good of all Beings. My hope is to guide you on a journey that facilitates healing. It is you who must walk the path.

With deepest love and gratitude,


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