June 27, 2016


  • Micha’s Guide, Arlene

  • Lynn

  • Carlo

  • Kryon

There is a baby. I pick it up and it morphs into a big dragon. He invites me into his toothy, gaping maw and I was unafraid.

I enter feeling quite curious. There sits in the middle of his tongue an ancient and massive wooden throne. I have a seat. It shatters leaving splinters flying. I collect the wood and make a fire.

As smoke billows upward, it transforms the dragon into a kitten. “Would you like to be bigger?” I ask. He answers by growing into a huge Bengal Tiger, my Carlo. 

“For all your life, I am your faithful protector and helper.” (This is the very first time I met my brave and beautiful Carlo. He can be quite a shapeshifter. As you will see, he is of grave importance to all subsequent healing journeys.) Carlo and I move towards the Spiritual Atmosphere of Micha. It presents as a very large and beautiful tree.

We decide to climb it and as we get steady to the top the entire tree is engulfed by the ground and we find ourselves in a very dark space. With a very dark Being. We can barely see him as he is actually part of the walls. With only his eyes able to move, we ask who he is. He knows not. We ask him why he is there. He knows not.

He cannot remember. He has been there for so very long, forgotten and left to wither. We ask him if he would like to be healed.There really was no needing to convince him and as he was moved into the light the tree moved back above ground and from it’s branches burst buds then  flowers. Glorious love and light filled magical flowers whose energy began radiating throughout the property.


So, we are prompted go to the house. It is so dilapidated that Carlo and I decide to travel by orb so as to avoid falling through the floors.The roof is mostly gone and the belfry houses many birds and bats. We are prompted to go down the basements step…. because, of course, it is ALWAYS in the basement, right?The area is filled with black inky water and many writhing snakes.

Kryon arrives and he creates a huge swirling whirlpool. It surges powerfully downward then upward a number of times until stabilizing into an upward funnel. Directly to Father God for transformation did all the putrid swirling debris flow. This takes much time so Carlo and I rest and wait.

When the funnel subsides, we collect the many dark shards of glass that were dispersed from this powerful activity. As we fit them together, we smooth it all out and it becomes a frozen lake. We ice skate on it. We skated reiki symbols, cho ku rei and hon sha ze sho nen atop the ice and rested. We then laid the Lavender Blanket of Elspeth upon the lake.

When we felt the timing to be perfect we removed the LBoE revealing a barren earth underneath. The snakes began emerging from holes throughout the property. I asked them all to become one “spokes snake”. She slithers up as a Cobra with a consciousness of all the snakes. She very easily agrees the snakes proceed to heaven as well. The light flowers from the tree are placed on each snake hole and so now the property is healed and peaceful. Carlo and I create a hammock in the tree for Micha to rest and heal.

Micha’s high self comes in to escort us back to the house to finish the healing. When in the house we are shown many doors, all of which opened to darkness. After simply flooding them with light we all meet again under the tree. Micha’s high self was ravenously hungry so she ate the light orb flowers and fell to rest in the hammock.

Author’s Note:

This journey is about rebirth. This was a clearing of a very unused and defunct spiritual atmosphere. The “cobwebs” were cleared and Micha is now resting.

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