July 29, 2017

Pre-journey wisdom comes to me from a Being who introduces himself as Baron. Emanating from him I feel a very powerful yet deeply gentle awareness. His kindness is palpable though his words are few. I breathe in the dignity of his tall, vaguely blue countenance and instantly feel the want to address him as Mr. Baron. He is a most impressive Being and I am quite honoured to have made his acquaintance.

He states that he is a master engineer and builder, specializing in flight propulsion systems. He adds that he and Dan have been colleagues from “time immemorial” and that Dan works quite often with him while in his dream state….

August 2, 2017


  • Mr. Baron
  • Gildabrand
  • Eflavia

We are in pure, deep, black space. Stars and planets dotted here and there, maybe a billion light years away. Upon me I feel a pure and complete silence.

The Council and I travel to a relatively small space station where we are able to observe Dan at his “night job”. The space station is ovoid with the vertical being much shorter that the horizontal aspects, creating a symmetrical sphere three, very large floors high.

As we approach, we notice that Dan is in a reflection of himself where he also has blue skin, but he is much darker blue than that of Mr. Baron. He also has an extended skull. I am feeling a Sirius reflection here and we observe that his staff addresses him as “Daven”. He is the supervisor here.

The purposes of this station are important and varying. The top tier is a type of air traffic control command, with desks and chairs all facing out of the massive glass dome. There is much activity as technicians are moving about, keeping track of the comings and goings of both asteroids and aircraft. They are also minding the various portals, slip streams and wormholes.

Daven acknowledges us and is delighted to offer us a tour of this facility, which he has designed and is quite proud. He directs us to a circular stairway in the center of the large space and we descend one floor to a platform. We enter an anteroom to allow our eyes to adjust before moving into a very dark and massive open space.

In the main salon, there are many “glass” computers, the largest of which offers massive, illuminated, three dimensional maps of any object, cluster or system in the known Multiverse. This station’s responsibility was to study and offer assistance to any in this specific territory and they took much happiness from this endeavour.

We take a new set of stairs farther downstairs emerging in a room most magical! This is where they are designing and building planets and asteroids bearing ecosystems. Each World that is created here is unique and considered to be of extremely high quality both mechanically and aesthetically. I cannot help but to think of the Arthur C. Clarke novel “Rendezvous with Rama”.

Daven is very highly respected for his work in this Realm and is celebrated far and wide for his numerous successes. It is impressive beyond words and we are all in awe of Daven and this amazing station. We thank him for this profoundly enlightening tour and the scene fades out.




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