Fantasy landscape

Welcome to Elspeth Castle.

Dearest, most precious and amazing Human, you have found your way to a wondrous dimension! A dimension of knowledge, grace, and remembering. A dimension of pure love, radiant health, and infinite abundance.

Sitting directly at the mouth of a Galactic Peace Portal, this space was originally ideated into existence on 6-12-16. It was created from the depths of my infinite heart, to offer a Haven to all intergalactic travellers in the service of Mother Gaia’s ascension process.  It was intended that it be a blessed place for rest, regeneration, reunion, and acclimation to the ever-heightening frequencies of Gaia. As all things borne of love naturally flourish, it has effortlessly expanded far beyond its original state.

This glorious space now houses infinite dimensions dedicated to a plethora of healing modalities. It offers the enjoyment of the fine arts and music from numerous and varied galactic cultures, as well as an infinite variety of rest and recreation options. There are numerous off-world cultures who have created satellite communities and sanctuaries here. At the time of this writing, a University of Higher Learning is opening in the Castle for those who may be interested in the Diplomatic Arts, specifically involving our off-world brothers and sisters and cultures from near and far.

In my most recent visit, I created an infinite template for expansion to invite you, my beautiful friends, to enjoy your own sanctuary here. I encourage you to explore the mysteries and magic of this wondrous space. Here is how to proceed:

Assume your quiet space and ideate for yourself the wonderful sanctuary of your dreams! Make it as large or small as you wish; employ numerous details to make it your own and visit as often as you can. You might even wish to leave a “spark” of yourself here as an anchor into innate Peace; your daily life will benefit greatly from it.

As you avail yourselves of the experiences herein, I believe that you might begin to remember your true self. The self that is pure, precious, and unfettered. Your Holy and Sovereign High Self.

My deepest hope is that while you are here, you see/feel who you REALLY are. For when you come to this expansive realization, there will be no need for “healing” of any kind. When you know yourself, your TRUE self, all that is false effortlessly evaporates into oblivion.

And there you will be…..the Multi-Dimensional, Galactic and gloriously shining, Holy Human Being that you are.

Please make yourselves at home.

Goddess Elspeth

High-Self Expression of LyraLynn


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