Meet the noble Guides who assist me on healing journeys.

Sananda (Yeshua)

My main Guide. I feel that he is closer to me than my own skin. When I ask myself questions, more often than not, it is Sananda who answers….He is almost indistinguishable from my own self.


My shape-shifting protector. He is a facet of Sananda. Carlo’s preferred persona is as a massive Bengal tiger, maybe 15 or 20 feet long. He is my trusted companion in all healings and we love nothing better than to nap together under the expansive canopy of the tree in my Spiritual Atmosphere. His energy claims a black tourmaline and I carry this crystal with me most every time I leave the house.


I consider this kind and gracious healer my Primary Care Physician. I send out a mental message to him requesting an appointment. When he arrives,  a scan is performed to ascertain whether or not there is an issue. If there is, it is tyically in my quantum body and can be easily cleared. I am in the habit of clearing my energy field daily so as to not allow any dis-ease to linger. I rarely have cause to invoke his kind help but am very grateful that he is on my “team!”



This beautiful guide presents as a snowy owl. She is my totem companion and flies with me most places. She is an especially clever hunter and her contributions are highlighted in many healing sessions. She and her mate, with some of their offspring, live in a breathtaking aerie in their own arctic lodge in my Spiritual Atmosphere.

The Mondrian Collective

Kwan Zan, Karuna Lista, Kolec, Libbya and Romme. 9th Dimensional Mantid Beings that present themselves and their group through the moldavite stone of which I am a Guardian. (Book forthcoming….)

Kwan Yin

This amazing Being came to me in mid-2016 stating that we would be working together “in due time”. “Due time” appeared May 2017 as I was introduced to a most gracious and powerful new friend named Keiko. I believe that Keiko’s main guide is Quan Zin. We have yet to know our “mission,” but I suspect we are on it!


This massive Energy Being has graciously presented himself to me by virtue of my association with Abbey Normal. I feel immensely honored to be aided by him and to me, his energy feels simultaneously immense beyond measure and gentle beyond compare. I rely on his wisdom and confidence as he helps me to blaze away the darkest of the darkness. With Kryon in attendance, I know I am needing to bring the “big guns!” To enhance our connection and further amplify his super power, he uses a rather large Herkimer diamond.


The Celtic King. This magnificent Being is the main guide of a dear friend and started showing up for me when I began doing these healing journeys. His energy is massive as well.

His superpower is cleansing by fire and clearing energies by using the smoke of peat. In his realm, he oversees many beloved people and sacred Celtic lands. In my mind’s eye, I envision him a hirsute bushy headed Ginger (redhead) with a grin that lights up the Universe! He is my deep-heart friend and I am welling up just thinking about how much I love him.

(I consider the trio of Kryon, Carlo and Gildabrand to be the BIG GUNS.)


A Being whose civilization was here on Gaia way before recorded history. This guide comes to me through a small phenecite crystal. The energy feels female and she quietly offers me geological wisdom on matters of Gaia relating to Earth changes.


My darling Faerie guide. She says all awakened humans have a faerie guide and you need only call on it to help you in any way you might wish! She helps me greatly in so very many ways such as finding things, choosing the right flowers to send, selecting  crystals when I order them online and so much more. After her participation in my healing adventure entitled “Alexander’s Grove,” she was rewarded with her own little teeny Herkimer diamond to enhance her power and her status amongst the Faerie Community. She is my shining star!

Archangel Amethyst & Archangel Faith

These guides arrived in April 2017. I read a wonderful article about these beautiful Helpers and it immediately resonated for me to request their presence. We became fast friends and work together as a Trinity of Healing for Gaia. They first offered to enhance the tool of peace that I envisioned/created called the Lavender Blanket of Elspeth. With infusions of their light and energy this healing tool has become profoundly useful. We regularly lay this “blanket of peace and motherly love” on the troubled areas and hot spots of Gaia while she transitions into 5D. Much to my delight, these Angelic Beings have not left my side since we became associated. Archangel Faith presents in my blue kyanite crystal. Archangel Amethyst obviously chooses a large amethyst point to amplify her specific energies. The power symbol of this healing trio is a circle with a triangle inside. Interestingly, I have had this symbol tattooed on my chest for the last 25 years.

Archangel Michael

I love the field of blue protection that this Archangel offers me when I feel vulnerable. When I invoke his guardianship, he radiates such a feeling of peace and safety to me. He invites any of you to do the same.

I will add to this amazing cast of friends, guides, and healers, as they come into my experience.

Earthbound Friends

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