In Blissful Perfection, We are One with God Forever.

This is our Birthright.

“Hmmmmmm…” we say to ourselves, feeling a bit stagnant in all this perfectly divine equanimity. “I wonder what is out there for my Soul to experience. I think I’ll explore a little…..”

So we research and decide what type of experience we wish to have, which sort of growth we wish to earn. As multi-dimensional Beings, we have an infinite variety of choices. Life in all it’s glorious abundance teems in the Realm of All That Is, and we decide when and where to send a Spark of our divine Being.

For the sake of simplicity I will use as an example our choice to experience the Human/Earth paradigm. With much detailed planning and help from our beloved Soul families (along with many other Beings), we devise the blueprint for our imminent arrival. We prearrange all major events ensuring the optimum opportunity to achieve the desired milestones within the parameters of this experience. We collect a loving and devoted family of Spirit helpers to assist us along the way, one of which will remain by our side from birth to transitioning or “cradle to grave”. In so choosing this Earth Plane, we opt to fall into non-remembering, an amnesia of sorts that we choose in order to gain authentic experience.

As we are created in the image of Source (God, Yahweh, Allah, etc) we are Creator Beings of the highest degree. In this Earth plane that we have ultimately chosen, we must shed the overt knowing of our own divinity in order to gain the experiential insight that our Souls desire.

This is The Game.

We arrive in grace by divine virtue of the miracle of physical birth.

Through the sperm and egg of the Souls that we chose to be our biological parents, we are birthed unto this World. This is always a co-created effort by all involved. We are borne unto their lifestyle, their beliefs and the ethos of their Society. These are the initial “rules” of your chosen Game. As we mature, it is we who decide whether to adopt or reject the views of our parents. Whatever rewards or challenges inherent in the choosing of this scenario is all in the Master Plan of our Game.

There are an infinite number of reasons for us to choose the Parents we choose. Some opt for parents that they might wish to emulate as adults and some opt for parents whose paradigms will be entirely eschewed. This, as well, is in the grand scheme of things as we navigate the lives we have chosen.

In addition, all of the important people in our lives are part of The Game. We tend to interweave our incarnations with those we consider our Soul Family. We have all met folks who, upon introduction we are instantly enamored. And conversely, we have also met folks from whom we cannot escape fast enough. Some of these represent our Soul family and they arrive in our lives (and we in theirs) in the exact perfect timing according to the lessons we require. They bring us love, companionship, rewards and they bring us drama, conflict and pain.

In the Game of Life we are, through all types of experiences, moving forwards and backwards simultaneously. Forward in some areas, backwards in others. Five steps up, two steps back. In more challenging scenarios ten steps back, two steps forward. Lifetime after lifetime, collecting experience and growth and learning to love better.

Sometimes we feel that this Game will never end and sometimes we feel like we never want it to end. This is the meat and potatoes of The Game. We are ever-moving through experiences that offer us the opportunity for mastery. We create karma and we release karma until ultimately we have cleared it all.

Whether or not we succeed is all in the course of progress. For in our staying the course do we impel ourselves much farther. When we persevere despite feeling we have taken backward steps, do we ultimately succeed. It requires much tenacity to be human and the Game is not always pleasant, is it?

The point of this Game is to offer us an infinite number of opportunities to grasp It’s wisdom. No situation will ever be completed until you have learned what you need from it. It will appear and reappear in a variety of seemingly different scenarios until the full lesson is grasped and mastered.

As you gain Earth experience and your Soul matures, you consciously choose where to put your precious energy. Do you wish to explore the dark sides or the light sides? This is a very important, deep Soul choice that should never be judged by Self or Other, for all is in the realm of the Divine Soul’s growth and thereby extremely valuable.

As we often need to learn what we do NOT want in order to ascertain what we DO want, all experiences have equal merit, if not equal pleasure. Try not to judge these decisions when you feel that you have taken a number of steps back. Sometimes those backward steps can be the ultimate springboard from which to quantum leap our beautiful Souls into a much higher frequency scenario. Many epiphanies occur after a fall. Through our Soul’s progression, we navigate untold scenarios with various results, all creating valuable Soul growth.

The Turning Point

Through a myriad of lifetimes and an infinite number of scenarios do we ultimately arrive in a place where we no longer need to attract situations that teach us what we DO NOT want. We have moved into a Realm of what we DO want. And what we DO want is love. Peace. Tranquility. Inspiration. Connection. Communion. We are ready to know ourselves.

We enter the Realm of Self Love. Blissfully. Finally.

For many, this is new ground and it feels beyond amazing. It is actually the closest we have ever felt to home. We are learning that we are absolutely perfect in our imperfection. And our uniqueness is our superpower. It feels Holy.

It is a revelation that we can be our own best friend, that what we think and feel has profound value. We discover the rich, deep joy in approaching each situation with love. We learn to be respectful of our own Journey and all the bumps along the way. We honor and bless the adversity for having offered the opportunity for much desired growth. We give gratitude for ALL experience as it has brought us to Here and Now.

When we ultimately achieve this deep love for Ourselves, it is the beginnings of the Grand Remembering. The Remembering of your Divine Self. The Player of Game.

Let us all take responsibility for ALL of our choices, conscious and unconscious. Especially the ones that bring us the much desired spiritual growth. And in so doing, we can become the “Viewer” of the Game rather that the Player. We see that all of our choices, painful and otherwise, hold great value.

And be patient with Yourself as you endeavor to remember WHO YOU ARE.

Which is One With God.

And when this realization occurs……


May your journey be blessed beyond words, time and space.

Deep Heart Love and Respect,



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