October 25, 2016


  • Lynn

  • Father M. Luther

  • Kryon

  • Eflavia

  • Danny

This adventure begins in a beautiful, pristine beach. The turquoise waters dancing in the sunshine. Warm, soft breezes caress us as we walk along the shore on the pure white sand.

There is a figure in the distance walking towards me. A man. As he nears our location, much in the way of wildlife emerges from all around. Little critters come up from the sand. There are deer approaching from the far dunes, birds circling above and dolphins frolicking in the surf! They are all there to witness this meeting between myself and this man who approaches. I sense that this meeting has been a long time in the making and it feels like an historical event of sorts.

The gentleman arrives. He is quite tall  and proceeds to enfold me unto his person in an embrace of pure fatherly love and fondness.

We get to work. A door opens from this peaceful scenario and we all move into a very dark hall. As we proceed into the space, it gets darker and darker. We are attempting to orient ourselves in the lack of light. A tiny spark  appears and becomes brighter by the moment. It is dearest Eflavia, my little Faerie friend, here to help our eyes adjust by adding just enough light. She is quite proud to be using her new power diamond and employs it perfectly to light the space. (she was recently gifted this tool as a reward for her amazing help in the adventure entitled “Alexander’s Grove”).

The light reveals much in the way of age-old slime and filth on the walls. This room needs clearing so Kryon steps up and  uses his diamond laser power tool to destroy the moldy growth. It easily and quickly dissolves into nothingness leaving the most beautiful white marble walls. We proceed down the hallway and see a door. It beckons opening. As we enter we notice that the only feature here is a large hole in the floor oozing a black, slimy mess.

We start blasting away the darkness but it goes very, very deep. With much patience and tenacity on our part, the oozing slime finally starts coalescing into these massive black, unctuous ropes. This is ancient garbage. Kryon uses the laser from the top directing it downward so as to hit the entire rope, which lay coiled like a cobra in this deep hole of slime. The rope climbs of it’s own volition as Kryon “charms it out of the hole” with the diamond laser.

As the end of the rope arrives we see that is pulls up an old, dead fetus in a bloody sac. There just is no healing this kind of energy so we immediately send it to Father God for transformation. When this entity is removed, rope (umbilical cord?) and all, the entire space transforms into the most beautiful sanctuary space! The round pit is now a lovely fountain, with glittery, tinkling water. It is musical! The walls fall away revealing the most lovely of gardens!



Thank you Father Luther
Thank you Kryon
Thank you Eflavia
Thanks to brother Danny as well, for your support and good energy towards this holy endeavor.

Author’s note:

The tall man was Father Martin Luther, (Gary’s main guide)

The fetus represents the “monkey on Gary’s back” that was the manifestation of his self loathing. Deeming himself a failure for succumbing to alcoholism, he continued to feed this “baby”with his wayward thoughts. That seed is now gone so that dearest Gary can now soar!

He had been sober for 1 year before this journey. He is now sober for almost 2 years.Way to go dear Gary!


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