Greetings, friends.

I am often asked how I conduct the spiritual journeys that this website collects and shares. (If you haven’t read one, please see Journeys.)  I have detailed it below for the curious. This ability lies within each of us, simply waiting for the Seeker to apply attention and energy to this ethereal realm of magic and intention.

My Process

Each day begins with the inner question, “What is suiting my highest purpose for this day? Is it physically and mentally active? Is it restful? And to what degree? Listening to and adjusting to what my heart and my body is telling me, I bring awareness to the moments as they pass, with intent to see each scenario in it’s highest, most loving reflection.

Should my day bring me around people, my aim is to consciously connect (on some level) to the divinity within them so we have a comfortable common ground.

On occasion, I am prompted to help these folks. The way this occurs is that my guides will alert me to a need in them to release something that is “weighing them down”. I will ask them if they are at all interested in this work. If they are and they offer their explicit permission, I will send a beacon invitation to their “high self committee” to arrange a meeting with one of this person’s guides or representatives.

A guide will most often present him/her self the next day in my meditative state and a communication will develop. I like to take my time because I end up being gradually “fed” small details that will be helpful to the proposed journey. Such as satellite guides and helpers, or a strong totem of the person. Totems can very often be indicative of the influences this animal has upon their DNA and possibly denotes their Soul’s Planet of origin.

Working only with the timing of Spirit and not the chronological timing of this world, do I accomplish these adventures. Sometimes, it happens over a number of days. Having patience with this process helps me to choose the right timing. When it is finally time to sit, I am basically just quieting my mind and allowing the scenario play out as it is projected by all guides concerned.

The adventure unfolds offering whatever wisdom is most needed at the time.
With each and every session, my heart and my mind are immensely expanded. Not to mention all the new Spirit friends I gain from these divine associations! I am finding this process freeing in so many ways!

The wisdom and the deep knowing that my imagination is powerful beyond current human knowledge has opened doors for me. Doors to quantum realms that continue to allow me to further my blissful self exploration and self healing.

I publish these journeys in the hope that you will see yourself somewhere in them, as the healer or the healed. May I suggest that, while reading them, you attune to their magic and frequency. Make them a metaphor for that which you wish to heal within yourself.

And let it be.

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