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The happy and healthy mice are together in their cubby when a big light looms in the great room. “She is back!”, Wembel excitedly announces. I step into the library to see a dozen lively and handsome mice gleefully scampering towards me. We go to a corner of the room that is carpeted and I sit down, cross-legged as they climb all over me flooding me with love. Wembel steps up and proudly introduces each and every member of his group, highlighting their unique talents and special achievements. My heart surges with love and respect for the brilliant job they have done cataloguing these thousands upon thousands of works and caring for this massive space.

After a wonderful visit we form a circle and place in it’s center, The Book of Jake. The mice are thrilled as they have not seem their Instructor for centuries. With a hushed reverence, we open the cover. I allow Wembel and the crew to scamper down first. I follow them in to find that the laboratory is absolutely spotless. Every surface, beaker and tube gleaming. There is great light in here and there is also a very healthy and exuberant Professor sitting on the cot in a space of complete joy in seeing his friends. When I approach, with a twinkle in his eyes he cheerfully states, “Well, that was SOME sleep!”He explains that he has been imprisoned here for as long as he can remember. He begins his tale…

“Originally from Sirius, I entered the realm of Gaia aeons ago to help bring a perfect Humanity to Her. Many of my techniques were used in the creation of this new, better Species of mankind (homo sapien). To continue my work, I reincarnated in the Atlantean time. At the height of my career, I uncovered solid evidence of many nefarious genetic experiments begin perpetrated upon innocents. In addition, many hideous creatures were being created to serve the interests of these amoral creators. Defending the integrity of the human genome became my sole purpose and I was ultimately jailed for my outspoken nature. This laboratory has been my home for as long as I can recall. They were kind in a way, in that they gave me ample supplies and work space. I have my telescopes to dream and my journals and books to chronicle the results of my works. I have accomplished much but am ready to again see our beautiful Sun.”

We all go upstairs and the Professor is astounded at the collections upon collections of journals and books that he has written. He sends a beaming smile to Wemble and the others with a gratitude beyond words, for their fine work in the care and organization of his works. We approach the exit. He takes a deep breath, opens the door and steps into a newfound freedom in a new, modern day.

The sun is bright and many people are surrounding the Professor. The word of his freedom travels quickly and many return to know his truths. Before long, he is again enjoying the exalted position afforded him by his profound and unwavering integrity. The World is forever awakened having now gained the knowledge and wisdom of this massive library.

Thank you Professor.

Thank you Shahrazad.

Thank you Wembel.

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