October 18, 2017


  • Shahrhazad

  • Wembel

Part One

My focus is brought to a wide ray of light beaming through a very tall window. The air feels stagnant, bereft of life force, asleep. As I move towards the window, pillows of dust follow me and when I stop, they continue rolling through the sunbeam exposing every mote and swirl. This place is a massive library. Seemingly infinite shelves reaching to the vaulted ceiling, luxurious furnishings on which to study or relax in between and scattered about. My finger draws a line in the dust on the table, highlighting ages and ages of dis-use.

A mouse approaches and signals for me to follow him. His energy is intelligent, sweet and exhausted. He can barely muster the strength to navigate his way. I notice that we will need to enter a small chasm between the walls so I shrink myself to his size, and follow him in. There are a dozen or so of his kind there and they are all nested in. Each of them is as listless and haggard as my host and I feel that they are all starving to death. Immediately, I shower them with as much prana as they can handle and I prepare for them a nourishing broth. They are all fed, including my host, who calls himself Wembel. He is instantly much improved and he thanks me profusely for the desperately needed nourishment. He then recommends that we go back into the main room.

We emerge from the walled space and I instantly assume normal size. Wembel, with his newly acquired energy, jumps from floor to chair to table to my arm and up my body before claiming a suitable space on my shoulder. He directs me to a large dais in the room’s center, upon which lies a dusty tome. It is held together by leather straps which are secured with a large metal lock atop the cover.

Wembel points to an ancient roll top desk centered in the far wall. We walk over and open the desk. He points to a small cubby drawer and I attempt to work it loose but it too, is locked. Wembel knows not where to find the tiny key but he is not thwarted from his mission. He makes himself very, very small and steps into the keyhole. After a few moments, he is manually able to force the lock into opening. He emerges with a very big smile and assumes his normal size and spot on my shoulder. I wrestle the small drawer loose. With the small key in hand, we return to the dais and unlock “The Book of Jake”.

I do not know if we got smaller or the book became larger but when the cover was opened, Wembel and I were invited to walk into the book. A staircase emerged, leading us down to a sub-floor. It was much dustier and more neglected than the library and we notice that it is filled with all sorts of paraphernalia relating to the chemical sciences. There was also, under a large skylight, a number of telescopes all aimed to the Heavens. Cobwebs and clouds of dust waft and scatter as we respectfully explore this space. We see Jake on a small cot in the corner. His dry skeleton breaking through shreds of dry-rotted clothing is all that remains atop the bed.

Wembel and I move into action quickly. I move to the head of the bed and he to the foot. Together, we raise the energy to enclose him in a glass transformation chamber. We infuse the chamber with all the supplies that he will need in order to re-manifest himself. I know that we need to leave him for at least one night and I express this to Wembel, who suggests that we return to check on his family group.

We arrive back into the hidden wall space to find that the family is still asleep but clearly much improved in weight and colour. I send sweet, amazing little Wembel into his own nest and lay a protective cover upon him as well. The last thing he saw before he happily fell asleep was the massive feast that will be served to he and his loved ones upon their inspired awakening.

End Part One


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