November 13, 2017


  • Wilma, Jen’s guide

  • Clarabelle, white rabbit, Wilma’s assistant

~ Begin Scene ~

Running with the wolves is her utmost joy… 

She leads her pack over the terrain, weaving expertly through the underbrush. They emerge from the far side of the meadow, laughing, jumping, lovingly biting the scruffs and ears of each other in the pure joy of another magnificent adventure.

Afar in the center of a massive clearing is a small, crystal clear refreshment pool. The wolf pack calms themselves as they move closer, admiring the vast groups of animals gathering near the  water’s edge. There is a great feeling of mirth and reverence in this meeting place and after a deep drink of water, the honoured wolfpack  take their place amongst the other sentries of this space. This elite group is composed primarily of wolves but some strong, domestic dog breeds are represented as well. They consider it an honour to serve their highest purpose by keeping order and pleasure in equal measure here in this realm.

As they settle into rank, so too, do the species organise amongst themselves until all are in groups according to their specific breed.  As the magnificent lead wolf finishes her refreshment, she backs slightly away and bows to thank and honour the water. All animals become quiet as the water stills, revealing an emerging round platform. The beautiful wolf steps up and the platform begins to rise.  

The pedestal is ablaze with glitter, light and dancing molecules as the magnificent wolf morphs into the radiant Guardian, Jen, resplendent in long, emerald-green robes.  Shapeshifting from wolf to human is as natural as breathing for Jen. She is the beloved Regent of this animal realm and this is the blessing of the graduates. The column rises in sufficient height so that all Beings are able to see Her.  They unite in their gratitude and offer the most gracious and respectful of bows.

Jen’s blessing is silent and greatly heartfelt. It radiates with the love the Regent feels for her graduates. She is proud and confident that they will serve their purposes, most exalted. She releases them unto their new incarnations with deep motherly love and support.

After much love shared, the groups disperse and Jen steps off her pedestal. She instantly transforms back into her Great Wolf persona. There is a new group of wild ones to initiate. She gathers her scouts and they bound off across the meadow only to disappear through the woods.

~ End Scene ~

Author’s note:

I would like to share the details of this Realm that were presented to me while experiencing this journey.  

* This is a realm where Jen often goes in her sleep state. Of her many spiritual responsibilities out-of-body, this is one of her most joyous. There are many of these Realms, all with a beloved Regent. Jen’s Realm specialises in 4-legged animals who are on the verge of reincarnating as pets. There were mostly dogs here on this particular occasion, but I was made aware that there are many other sections of this compound that prepare horses, cats, and any exotic critter that is destined to take the form of a house pet. No birds, no fish, just 4-legged Beings here.

* This is the Realm that animals must pass through just prior to re-integrating into physical form. Dogs who wish to transition from wild to domesticated have a big program here. This program is Jen’s favorite.

* There are schools here that specialize in an infinite variety of specialties so as to best prepare all re-incarnating Beings. There is a school just for lap and show dogs. There is a school for military/police dogs. There is a school for dogs who will run wild and for dogs who will help herd other animals.  The most coveted school is the one preparing Beings for whom the calling is to aid humans with special needs. Apparently, this school is for those Beings who are most high in vibration, nearing readiness to incarnate themselves as human.

* Part of the dog’s education involves choosing the optimum breed in which to inhabit, developing  the temperament and personality required to achieve the Being’s highest purpose in that canine incarnation.


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