May 5, 2017


  • Keiko (high self)
  • Kwan Yin
  • ArchAngel Faith
  • ArchAngel Amethyst
  • Mo chan (Keiko’s beloved spirit dog)

Sitting this day with my intent to gain wisdom on behalf of my dear friend Keiko, I invite the Goddesses and Guides for a fun journey. We meet in one of my favorite spots, a lush garden just off the main patio of a sanctuary in my own Spiritual Atmosphere that I call Elspeth Castle.

We feel that it is always such a blessing to be with each other and we are a lighthearted group as we state our intention. We would like to be shown a deeper and higher purpose for our dear friend, Keiko.

The initial scenario presents with the five of us standing in the garden. There are ancient and massive trees that dwarf this glorious Crystal Castle and surround her pristine gardens like Holy Sentries. Today, at the far end of the patio there is an especially glittery tree which is clearly beckoning us forth. We are happy and excited to explore, so with Keiko carrying little Mo chan, we walk into the opening at the base of this glimmering tree. We step in and find ourselves in a round room.

Knowing what we must do, we face each other and hold hands while little Mo chan settles onto the floor in the middle. As our energies coalesce, a small, gold key begins to manifest in the middle of our circle, just at eye level. When it is fully solid, it drops to the floor and Mo chan retrieves it so we can attach it to his collar.

We then exit this room opposite from where we entered and found ourselves on a new path leading to a lake. There is a beautiful breeze and a deep woodsy scent as we proceed and little Mo chan wants to run free. He jumps from Keiko’s arms and leads us down the path until we see the beautiful lake. As we approach the water’s edge, an immense white cube begins to rise out of the lake’s center. Mo chan signals for us to follow him down the long dock that is now jutting out to meet the structure.

As we approach this cube, a door manifests and little Mo chan runs up to offer Keiko the key from his collar. She places the key in a slot and the door slides open revealing a very large room. The lights are significantly dimmed and it takes us a moment to adjust. Once acclimated, we notice that there is a large tank installed in the main wall. Keiko directs us to it and proceeds to demonstrate her talents for us.

She reaches to the side and retrieves a large silver net. Dipping it expertly into the tank she removes much in the way of fog and dark wisps of energy. Keiko explains that it is her divine purpose to remove these “occlusions” from Gaia’s crystalline atmosphere thereby clearing energy for not only Gaia herself but for all life on Her. We notice that she is quite adept at this as these energies can be very elusive.

After a few moments, she sets the silver net back into the stand and invites us to proceed past the viewing room and into a large tube moving around and behind the tank. It is not unlike being in an aquarium through which one can walk. We are all in a state of joyous wonder as Keiko and Mo chan give us the “royal tour” of this facility.

While moving deeper into this atmosphere, we notice thousands of sparks of light flashing here and there. Seeing our amused expressions, Keiko begins to explain, but is instantly upstaged by a brilliant flash of light instantly hovering right before us.

It is Leister (Lyster), Keiko’s supreme assistant. He is resplendent in his tuxedo and top hat hovering right at Keiko’s shoulder. “I’ve dressed to meet your honorable friends!”, he whispers in her ear. Of course, we are instantly charmed by this handsome Faerie and we want to know more about him.

He gladly explains that is it his job, as chief assistant to Keiko, to delegate the cleansing duties to the multitudes of faerie folk who constantly maintain this space. It is a very important position and for his fine work, we are inspired to bestow upon him a gift. “What may we offer to you for your great service to Gaia?”

His face lights up and we know immediately what he most wishes.

So, as we are escorted back to the main room and directed to the exit, we bestow upon noble Leister, a beautiful new wand with a polished and faceted carnelian stone at it’s tip. “It will help you stay grounded as you go about your important work.”

After many thanks and well wishes, Leister cheerfully returns to his duties.

We exit the way we arrived to find ourselves back through the woods and into the round, hollowed tree. We, again, assume our circle and Mo chan steps up to allow Keiko to retrieve the key. She places it in the air amongst us and the key levitates before it gradually vanishes.

Keiko graciously offers us the use of this key at any time and we flood her with love and gratitude for her profound generosity and deep healing services for Gaia. She lovingly picks up Mo chan and we say our goodbyes knowing that we are all forever changed by having had the privilege of witnessing the noble activities of Keiko’s Highest most Divine Self.


Thank you Keiko
Thank you ArchAngel Faith
Thank you ArchAngel Amethyst
Thank you Mo chan





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