December 10, 2016


  • ArchAngel Raphael

  • Gildabrand

  • Yurgen

  • Kryon

  • Barbara

  • Danny

Begin scene….a defunct, old grotto. We explore this dark and sad place to finally find Kelly crouched in a dark corner. She is in agony, wracked with tears and protecting her heart area with both hands. So many tears, so much grief.

We are shown the main scenario which caused this level of pain and instantly understand what has previously occurred. In the vision we see a Sultan with many consorts and concubines. Kelly is his favorite but she will never be his “one and only”. After so very many lifetimes where she cannot have this man, she decides that she will not endure yet another and commits suicide by poison. This current purgatory is indicative of her deep feelings of unworthiness.

Barbara and I try to comfort her but she cannot even sense our presence. She is inconsolable. The group offers her a deep and loving energy and she rouses enough to look up and see that we are there. Her eyes reflect a quick flash of hope but she looks away, feeling undeserving of our love. She is, again, bereft of all hope.

Jurgen steps up and a comfortable saddle appears on his back. He silently asks Barbara and I to assist Kelly onto the saddle. We secure her quickly and we flank Yurgen as the three of us proceed to the healing lake. We all walk in together and help Kelly to float and ultimately stand on her own. These “waters” are supremely magical and make rather quick work of removing this profound heart pain. She is awake but groggy and confused. We stroll to higher ground and sit to rest. Feeling less shattered, Kelly stands as a magnificent Peregrine falcon, with wings flapping, alights onto her arm. It is her beloved Cara and with her energy, arrives much in the way of power and balance to Kelly. She leaves all remnants of her fugue behind as she whispers and coos to her dear avian friend.

Cara has come to deliver a message for us…..a message to the modern day equivalent of the Sultan. He has been unable to release the stable of ladies surrounding him, coveting his sexual energy and pushing Kelly away. We send Cara aloft with but one word to communicate.


Decide amongst your women, once and for all. As Cara disappears into the distance, we all walk back to the Grotto. The mood is much lighter and there is a gentle air of accomplishment as we approach the rest of the group. While we were away, Gildabrand has run a ring of fire around the grotto to evaporate the river of tears having there been cried and Kryon uses his laser to heal the walls of the grotto so that it can, once again, be a sanctuary to the true Goddess that is Kelly.



Thank you ArchAngel Raphael
Thank you Yurgen
Thank you Gildabrand
Thank you Kryon
Thank you Cara
Thank you Barbara

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