November 1, 2016


  • Lynn

  • Kryon

  • Carlo

  • Gildabrand

  • Dan (observer)

It is a vast panorama and we fly in from afar, with Cara, Kelly’s beautiful falcon guiding the way. We approach and slow to find Kelly atop a high plateau. She awaits us and invites us to sit at her campfire. As we sit, the fire instantly burns out and the ashes blow away revealing a deep pit with a shiny black surface. Kryon blasts the ice and the shards fall down and down. A ladder is revealed that seems to lead to a cavern of sorts. This area has clearly been left undisturbed for aeon.

We come upon an old man with long white hair. His is being accompanied by his many friends, all of whom are snakes.  With his staff, he motions for us to follow him into a small hallway. He pauses and points to a certain spot on the wall. We blast a hole at that spot and enter a very dark room.

Gildabrand enters last with a torch whose light reveals on old wooden door. It is massive with metal bracings. It looked as if it hadn’t been opened in ages as well because it was almost growing into the wall. We pry it ajar and Gildabrand pounds it open with his palm. We enter to find that we are in a massive library.

We are alone. We are prompted to search for a book entitled, “The Book of Life”. We call aloud for the book to present itself and we wait as it transports from the shelf to the dais. The book has a symbol on it resembling a chain and is a record of all Kelly’s lives. There is a page flagged and we open to that page. It is a live record of one of Kelly’s current parallel lives.

She is a small boy. This boy is wearing a short pantsuit and is on the verge of mortally harming a small cat. We step into the scenario and explain to him that this would not be a very compassionate thing for him to do. He bursts into tears and we suddenly know the story. This little boy was expressing profound anger, frustration and self hatred from having to tolerate chronic sexual abuse.

Spirit prompts us to perform a psychic surgery on him right then and there. We calm him until he is relaxed enough to allow us to coax the dark pearl from his little heart. We lay him in a beautiful spot and use a gentle tweezer to extract the small, hard pearl. We sent it to Heaven straightaway for transformation or disposal.

We are suddenly back at the campfire. It is warm and cozy. We were told that this, pea sized black pearl was the last darkness left in the annals of the history of Kelly.

May this great woman soar and soar and soar with Cara ever by her side.


Thank you Kryon
Thank you Gildabrand
Thank you Carlo
Thank you Dan

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