April 17, 2017


  • Kryon
  • Carlo
  • Gildabrand
  • Carillon
  • Octavian
  • Alex

Healing Lala in Octavian’s Cave

I gladly enter the Spiritual Atmosphere of Peter. I have had the privilege of knowing his sweet soul for almost 30 years and I sense that this will be both beautiful and cathartic for us both.

When I set my intention, I am immediately shown many cages in a deep, dark cave. I keep hearing, “there are six plus one, six plus one”. The cages are covered in a dark material but they are also exuding a foul energy and odour. I approach the “plus one” that is set aside from the others, different for some unapparent reason.

I lift the cover to see a dirty and shivering, skinny cockatoo with many horrible bald spots and a heavy dark helmet on it’s head. The bird is chained to it’s perch with a chain and lock much larger than is necessary. There is fog, sadness, futility and disease prevalent in his countenance and I feel so much love for this nearly destroyed creature. I focus a deep, mothering love tenderly on it and it painfully rouses. I feel a deep sob from within him as he tries to shake off the blinding cap. I realise, with much sadness, that this is Lala, Peter’s beloved pet cockatoo.

My heart surges with an urgency to free him so I call Kryon to laser the chain and hood until they dissolve. Lala shakes his head is confusion and temporary blindness. He looks at me with so much love and gratitude. “Gaga?” he whimpers? “No darling, not Gaga. This is Lynnie and we are all here to help you.”

We shower him with love, healing water and soul nourishment. We offer him delicious foods and water. We gently carry him to a new perch. A cozier perch with access to anything he needs. Then we cover him up with the healing Lavender Blanket of Elspeth to continue his healing process. He needs to be left overnight so we then move our attention to the other cages. They are filthy and dripping with black ooze, buzzing with parasites and vermin. I feel so happy that Lala is away from these darkened creatures.

Without uncovering them, we can feel that they are very angry at us for stealing their prisoner. They are going to be in BIG trouble now and we wonder who exactly is controlling them. Leaving them covered, we send them enough love to get them to the vibration where they can realise that we are actually here to help them.

Above each cage, Kryon lasers the etheric ties to the darkened energy that perpetrated this scenario. They seem very confused and there is much squawking amongst them. Peter’s father, Alex arrives and his fatherly love is added to the blast of energy that we will send them. We do what we can for the time being and decide that we will return on the next day to check on Lala and to offer these miscreant Beings an opportunity to lovingly ascend to Heaven. Good night Lala.

April 18, 2017

We gather the group again but are joined by an additional guide. He is a magnificent scarlet macaw named Octavian, who informs us that Lala is, indeed, quite ready to be approached. We enter his room to see that he has slept well, eaten well and is bright and alert! He is now strong enough for a good drenching and he enjoys it immensely. “Sweeeeeeet Shower!” he gleefully sings. And despite his feathers still being a bit patchy, he is clean and looking worlds better.

Carillon, my beautiful snowy owl friend, magnificently arrives and alights onto the same perch with Lala and Octavian. Lala is clearly amazed and they all whisper and coo to each other. As we all shower Lala with love, his feathers slowly and magnificently return to their full and radiant glory. Octavian says, “Are you ready, brother?” Lala anxiously consents, and for the first time in his entire life, his wings lift him aloft and aloft and aloft.

His soul is completely exalted as he ascends in the glorious flight that is his birthright. Soaring and diving, drifting and gliding until his muscles could sustain him no longer and they slowly drift back to us. We are all filled with deep and heartfelt love for Lala as he alights back onto his perch, wonderfully spent from his glorious adventures with Carillon and Octavian.

We leave the birds to themselves for a while while we then move to greet the “six minus one”. We arrive to their cages and remove the filthy covers. Frightened, black eyes look out at us and we can feel that the energy of these huge black birds has altered. They are no longer angry, they are confused and sad. They are contrite. They are sorry for having imprisoned Lala but cannot quite grasp why they did it. We tell them that they too were being controlled and that it was over and that it didn’t matter anymore. They are instantly forgiven.

Kryon steps up at this point and asks them if they are ready to return to love. They all unanimously agree so he raises his laser and blesses each of them individually while chanting, “On behalf of Heaven, you are healed and forgiven your past and we welcome you into the light.”

At which point, Carillon, Lala and Octavian fly in and we all commence the glittery, healing shower that will prepare them for their ascension. The sticky, tar-like substance that had enshrouded them for ages drips heavily from their feathers and runs in sluices to the floor, morphing into hundreds of shiny, slithering snakes. Gildabrand steps up with his torch and turns the snakes to ash. We collect the ashes and send them to Heaven for transmutation.

We take a rest. Talking amongst ourselves, we begin to notice that this cave is changing. It is becoming much lighter inside. We look up to notice that the cave’s ceiling is no longer rock but is now a beautifully intricate stained glass window with an octagonal shape. We look at each other and smile as we begin to unlock the six cages.

“We will call you back in a while whereupon we will offer you rewards for your work at this time. “Now fly FREE!” commands Gildabrand as he unlatches the last of the cages. And one by one, the six ravens emancipate themselves from the only “home” they’ve ever known.

The Council gets back to the task at hand.

Our focus is to finish with Lala and we see that he is becoming stronger by the minute. We shower him the the glittery healing waters again and as he shakes it off he becomes his most beautiful and most powerful self. His expanded feathers are illuminated in white and gold and he is magnificent!
This powerful bird begins his silent and profound communication, “I hold strongly to my vow to be an honorable guardian and friend to Peter. I will hold us both in the Golden light forever.” We all admire this fine bird and his new dedication.

He then demurely asks if the entity that enslaved him might have a chance of returning.

“Never”, we assure him. And he feels so very greatly relieved. We all do.

The Council sends a mental note to the six freed ravens and they come flying in with an energy most mirthful. They alight onto a perch long enough that they can sit abreast and receive their reward which is, of course, living in unconditional love and infinite abundance forever. We add that they will each receive a unique gift as well. A feather that will differentiate them and all their descendants from those of other tribes. We say that they will heretofore be known as the Six Black Bird Tribes and their descendants be harbingers of light, bringing love and healing wherever they go. They fly off in a display of grace, beauty and power.


We proceed on our journey with Lala riding on my shoulder. A circular staircase makes itself available. It is a tight spiral going down and down, and it smells quite dank. Gildabrand leads the way with his torch and we descend into a rather large chamber.

There is a very old Being down here. He has spent a very, very long time down here. He seems frightfully tall, dreadfully skinny and completely rotted offering us very little hope for any real communication. It really is a horrid sight so with great timing and brevity, Lala announces, “Sweeeet Shower!” and we all giggle and then agree to step in on behalf of Heaven to help this suffering soul.

We place ourselves in a protective orb and commit to invoking a torrential downpour of glittery healing water to wash over him like a raging river, breaking up all the darkness. He has no control as he tumbles and spins in this huge hurricane of cleansing. When the waters are through, they are drained and we bring in the winds. Despite being in on orb, we all instinctively cover our eyes as the winds chaotically remove all the clutter and lower vibrations.

When the winds finally die down, we release ourselves from the orb and see that this filthy old demon is really just an exhausted old man with long, stringy (but clean!) white hair, beard and robes. His entire countenance was long, white and stringy. He was quite confused but there was, quickly emerging, a gleam in his eyes.

He meekly agrees to allow us to accompany him outdoors and we all stroll gently with our fragile new friend. As the purifying warmth of the sun hits his face, he awakens even more. Rubbing his eyes to accustom himself to a light that he has not seen in an untold amount of time, he focuses on the lovely field of wildflowers before him.

He marvels in the miracle of them until he sees the majestic, lone tree in the distance. This tree is mammoth with branches so large and heavy that they eventually lay atop the ground and continue growing. It becomes a magnet that this man cannot resist and he instinctively sets to walking then running towards it. And as he gets closer and closer, he gets younger and younger. And when he finally throws his arms around the base of this tree, He becomes His Holy Self. Young, vibrant and strong, Peter stands in his supreme power and announces, “I Am Back”.

And a thousand of the tree’s leaves morph into beautiful small white birds, announcing to all the World that the Master is Back! Word spreads and soon, the base of the tree and surrounding meadow are rife with flying and furry, forest friends and well wishers wanting to see “with their own eyes”, the return of the Master.

It was a glorious and heartfelt celebration leaving a newly healed Peter feeling both blissful and exhausted.

We gather together to lay Peter in a healing chamber, right there under his beloved tree. We vow to check on him in the morning and we say goodbye to him knowing that he will receive the true and deep healing here that will be most beneficial to him. Lala assures us that he will be sleeping on a branch nearby, keeping close eye. Carillon and Octavian stay too.

The next morning the council meets to check on Peter and Lala. We approach the chamber under the tree to be quickly and cheerily greeted by Lala. He feels much, much wiser now and he silently communicates to us that it would have to be he to rouse Peter. So, he goes into the chamber and awakened Peter with such a sweet and gentle cooing, “Gaga?”.

It was just what Peter needed as his eyes shot open and he hugged his beautiful friend for the longest time. “Yes. I am Gaga and I am back”.

End scenario


Thank you Kryon
Thank you Gildabrand
Thank you Carillon
Thank you Octavian
Thank you Alex

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