March 11, 2017

Preparatory information:

My intent for this journey was to perform a dual cleansing for two friends with the same ailment. One of the women is Lana, an older female. As I performed a routine spiritual sweep of their clogged arteries, another most interesting scenario bled through for healing attention.

That journey is entitled, “The Chrysalis.

But, let us begin at the beginning…


  • Lana
  • Heloise, Guide of Lana
  • Melanie
  • Lou-Ida, Guide of Melanie

The five of us arrive at a theme park. We are “on a mission” and proceed directly to the ride entitled “log flume”. This ride is in a large boat fashioned from a hollowed out log. We are to traverse an adventure course through dramatic natural scenarios. We are anxious to get started so we all climb in together, sitting one behind the other. We strap in tightly and give each other a pat on the back when we are ready.

The ride begins, and as we climb the first hill we all silently agree to our intention with this ride. We see this ride as a metaphor for the entire vascular system needing loving attention. We are in a luminous craft clearing all debris and clutter that seems to be at issue here. The laser light that we bring will heal every cell down to the DNA, leaving the arteries young, pliable and pristine. This is the mutual vision that we silently exchange as our boat finally tumbles over the first massive hill, plunging us into an absolutely thrilling ride, so filled with fun and laughter that we wanted to go again and again!

So, we decided to have each “go-round” have a special purpose. The first round, each of us manifests a soft scraping tool to gather the gunk from the gut and from the artery walls. The second round was with microfiber nets to gather any molecular debris. The third round was to purify and cleanse with the softest of healing waters, leaving the stomachs and veins completely healed and new.

When our journey was complete we disembarked from the ride feeling so animated, excited and happy. A super fun job, well done! Congratulations and gratitude all around as Melanie and Lou-Ida fade from the scene. Yet, Heloise lingers….

I ask if there is another issue in need of attention and it seems that there is. It appears that Lana needs a further look into the gut area. Lana has had numerous bouts of Crohn’s disease. She sheepishly opens her garment to reveal that she has a rather large black stone in her belly. She is filled with shame and regret for it is revealed that this rock is a petrified baby.

This stone remnant is from a hugely traumatic abortion performed in terrifying, unsafe circumstances many years ago. The etheric energy from this trauma was still here and very much in need of processing. This entity needed love and loads of it, so we then began focusing our loving and light-filled attention on the rock. The three of us began sending her love. The rock starts to shine and it starts to turn a deep purple. As we continue flooding this rock-Being with our energies, it soon turns red. It begins to lighten towards pink and we start seeing the outline of a beautiful infant taking form. She is very groggy and confused. We love on her so very much, cooing and praising, cuddling and whispering words of love. We promise to take such good care of her that we will send her to the most blissful place that she deserves.

Lana takes this opportunity to open her deep, deep heart and tell that beautiful little girl everything that she has stored in there for the 59 years since the trauma occurred. They fall in love together, Lana and this infant, finally.

Heloise and I are weeping with happiness along with Lana, who has unburdened her heart and soul by whispering to her baby that she will always and forever be her loving, caring mother. As this beautiful girl finally becomes whole, we all understand that Heaven has been awaiting her for a long time and she is greatly wanted there. Mother God comes from Heaven to personally bring her back and we all know, deep in our hearts, that a monumentally wonderful healing has occurred here. And certainly in ways that we did not imagine at the onset.

We say our tearful good-byes to this chrysalis, who has now become a radiant and perfect butterfly. We are grateful beyond words as we say our good-byes.

End scenario



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