July 16, 2017


  • Arthur (guide of Levi)
  • Gildabrand
  • Eflavia

This journey begins in a modern chemistry laboratory. The room is a sterile white with tall, stainless steel tables and stools scattered in no particular order. There seem to be hundreds of glass beakers, tubes, vials and other such paraphernalia cluttering much of the table space and we see a very frantic and focused lone scientist rushing from table to table.

It is Levi and he is highly agitated and in a grave hurry.

To assist him, Gildabrand and I decide to send him light so that he can feel more at peace. We fail.

He is oblivious to us so the lovely Faerie, Eflavia, happily flits in spreading her love and dust all around. He pauses and looks up. He is wearing glasses with very thick, heavy frames. He pushes them up on his nose and we ask if he would like to join us in a healing, circle of light.

He assents and steps in. We are all instantly transported to a beautiful forest glade. The scientist’s memories of this place are strong and very fond. He smiles at us and says that, long ago, he used to gather herbs and plants in these woods.

Gildabrand and I look at each other, happy in the knowing that our friend is waking up.

Four more of Levi’s friends join us to aid in his transformation. We create a circle of healing rains and place Levi in the center. It does not take long for the frantic scientist persona to fade away and Levi becomes a very strong, vibrant young man.

Our attention then moves to observe the lifetime of his here in this gentle forest. We follow a small path leading to a cottage. There is an old woman singing and laughing inside. She is Levi in an ancient time. She considers all the plants, animals and life in this glade he deep friends and they are all divinely connected. The plants communicate with her in every way, divulging their intricate mysteries and healing secrets. She has spent her entire life learning how to create, mix and match the elixirs that she distills from their essences.

As we are observing, a situation occurs breaking the profound privacy that this old woman enjoys. A group of guards arrive on horseback. She steps outdoors, pretending to be a helpless, addled, old woman. She is hoping that they see that she has no wealth for them to pilfer so she decides to invite them in for tea. The horsemen dismount and duck their heads to enter the humble cottage. It is filled with herbs, upside-down hanging from the rafters and many dried flowers in scattered containers. The fire is robust and the men sit to enjoy the delicious and magical tea.

What they do not know is that this tea has a “forget” charm on it so that they will never find their way to her cottage again. Apparently many have come to enjoy her tea only to become lost in all attempts to find their way back again, thus insuring the blissful privacy that this amazing woman enjoys. This life is pure bliss as she is in perfect communion with Gaia and all life on her.

When she chooses to leave her body, she simply lays down on her cot and ascends. It is her utmost desire to be food for the forest animals so her door is left open and she ultimately becomes one with the animals and woods she so deeply loves. We leave the scene with her pristine skeleton laying there, bare and white, undisturbed forever.

We are transported to a new scenario, one that seems to be in ancient Greece. We are on a very large concrete platform that is surrounded by towering columns. Levi, in this life, is coalescing and strategically throwing “spark bombs” onto different areas of the platform. He explains that he is balancing the polarized energies of the space so as to prepare for the celebration.

This is a job for which he is very highly esteemed. When he feels his work is done, he calls in the waiting builders and they commence to raise a massive statue of a Goddess. They install her in the middle of the platform and the partygoers begin arriving for the opening of this Goddess Portal.

We are finished here and we all sit while Gildabrand lights five massive fires burning atop the Temple’s columns so that the revelers can celebrate long into the night.

The last fire he presents to Levi and he puts it in a jar.

We are transported back to the sterile, white laboratory to find the once frantic reflection of Levi sitting in the corner, defeated.

“All is lost, I’ve failed”. He says to himself. The new, youthful Levi gently approaches him and lovingly whispers in his ear, “That which you are frantically seeking has been in you heart from the very beginning. Quit seeking and just BE, for you need to be nothing more than who you are right now. You are perfect”.

We all take turns hugging the old man and when the young reflection of Levi embraces him, they meld together into one.


Thank you Gildabrand
Thank you Eflavia
Thank you Arthur
Thank you Amon Ros (friends of Levi)

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