June 7, 2017

This scenario is not for everyone but if you resonate with the wisdom of this exercise, you may wish to entertain the idea of chakra adjustment.

For me, after having performed this for myself, a deep clarity gradually and peacefully descended upon me.  I found that I was able to keep myself grounded and balanced without having to spend so much time with the individual energy centers. As my new energy field coalesced and the old representative colours faded away, my new aura presented as a brilliant rose gold colour and it felt FREE FREE FREE!

It has been almost one year to the date since having done this and I can honestly say that I have had zero regrets. The many ongoing benefits for me include a feeling of expansiveness and an easy ability to instantly discern anomalous energies entering my field, (whether from within or from others).

In retrospect, I feel that for me, the chakras were a control system which required quite a lot of maintenance and which were easily disrupted. The benefits of removing them have far outweighed the benefits of using them.

Are they implemented unto humanity as we opt to enter this realm of forgetfulness that was “Old Gaia”?  Are the ancient texts part of the same control system? This is all speculation and many viewpoints can and should be considered before deciding for oneself if this is something that resonates with your highest purpose at this time.

June 23, 2016

For safety I invoked my spiritual Person Care Physician, Hilarion. In gratitude for your gracious assistance…

We enter my cathedral. Tall, luminous, magnificent! We move into a huge round room and I call in the RED.  It swirls like a storm above us and I direct it into an upward funnel. I open a hole in the roof and I send the swirling red vapour back to Heaven. We move to the next round room and find it thick with ORANGE, swirling and swirling above. We open the roof again, in the identical way and the room is cleared.

We proceed to the yellow room and, for some reason, find numerous, large columns of brilliant YELLOW reaching to the Heavens in an open air scenario. They “blast off” moving up and out. We encounter the same technique for GREEN as we did for red and orange. The green easily clears and we continue on to a much smaller BLUE room.

Magnificent sapphire with laser like streams of light darting here and there. The lasers stop and the room clears leaving two doors on either side of the space. In order to remain balanced and experience each path, I am prompted to “bi locate” by splitting into two of me and continuing through both doors.

Both of me arrive in INDIGO noticing that there were no walls doors, walls or ceiling. I felt a profoundly beautiful sense of awareness and expansion before the colour clears and we climb towards the CROWN. This was located on the roof of the cathedral and I could see Space in all is infinite glory. The stars and universes were all floated away…..

I was then drawn to release some minor centers in my feet. I was also shown to remove these energy centers from all past/future life scenarios, from across all time and space down to the DNA.

When we felt it time to move on, we found ourselves in an area that looked like a series of rounded out limestone caves, in beige and pink. The kind that have been carved by wind. We follow an undulating path and come upon a magnificent fountain. It is round with a beautiful dancing Goddess statue standing in the center of the pool. Glittery water emerges from above her head.

I feel that I am being asked to undergo a cleansing and I eagerly welcome the blissful experience. I I  change into a lovely bathing gown that descends from thin air. As I finish bathing in the magical fountain, an attendant arrives to escort me to a personal healing chamber. This further purification required 3 days and dissolves all lesser chakras remaining.

When I settled comfortably into the healing chamber, I was shown all the old metal hardware that was holding the chakras in place. In a heap on the floor were all these old, tired mechanisms. It looked like an amusement park that had been decimated and swept into a huge heap.

We brought out the turbo vacuum and sent all debris back to Father God for purification and transformation.

End scenario

Author’s notes from this day…

Spirit says 3 days rest.

Having done this, I have cleansed my entire bloodline, once and for all, now and forever.

And so it is.


Thank you Hilarion.

Thank you to any and all who assisted, including the anonymous bathing assistant.


Author’s note:

This Goddess Statues scenario becomes a common theme in my continual healing. I visit this place quite often and find it of immeasurable pleasure and value.

FYI…..here is the transcript of my journal entry the day after the chakras were removed.

June 24, 2016

I awakened with a low grade headache and energy to match. So, to further dissipate the remaining debris left from the chakra removal, I went into the hot bath listening to gong and Tibetan bowls. These amazing chimes and reverberations felt like cleansing waves washing over me.  I bless the water, the salts and the bubbles and verbalize my intention to send all energies that do not serve my higher purpose down the drain with them as the tub drains.  If after that there was any more debris at all, it lifted and launched into the wind  as I enjoyed a beautiful stroll in the park shortly thereafter.

I am resting as I was told. My thoughts on this chakra removal one day later is that it was brilliant! I feel free and expansive in a way that I just don’t quite understand but I sure do appreciate! I do not have to understand something in order to benefit from it, that is for sure! I offer blessings and gratitude for having done it and I can truly say that I feel UNSHACKLED!

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