June 27, 2017

Author’s note: Mary is a dear friend who, with her beloved husband, has been trying to conceive a child for a number of years. Feeling bereft of any positive results despite numerous and expensive procedures, she confided that she was not sure if it would ever happen. I felt the immediate interest of my Celtic guide, Gildabrand, and was prompted to ask her permission to investigate the esoteric side of this predicament. The moment that I tuned into her Spiritual Atmosphere I felt an all encompassing motherly love the likes of which allowing me to instantly know that Mary was destined to be a mother many times over. Here is her sweet little journey…


  • Shannon, guide of Mary
  • Gildabrand
  • Barbara
  • Eflavia
  • Carlo

I fade into Mary’s Spiritual Atmosphere to find her wandering an arid desert in a wedding dress. The sun is hot, the dress is ragged and she is having trouble negotiating the dunes. Soon, there is a solid place to rest and she sets down her bag and sits. From afar we see a mighty falcon flying quickly towards us. The powerful controlled descent of this massive and mighty creature onto Mary’s arm was truly a sight to admire.

It is meal time and the bird has brought a small creature for them to share. The fire she attempts to start in the wind is, unbeknownst to her, much aided by Gildabrand’s torch and it flashes large and hot in an instant. She is unaware of us entirely and commences to cook her dinner. She finishes and sits by the fire allowing a slow and dark mood to overcome her. She is forlorn and wondering if her trek will ever end.

Feeling the need to move on, she attempts to douse the fire with sand. It is smothered but not entirely as one small ember stubbornly remains ejecting a small and steady wisp of smoke no matter how much sand she uses to smother it. She resorts to her precious water jug and with great care, she allows four single drops to flow onto the wisp.

The fire douses and the small pit morphs into a small puddle, and gets gradually bigger until it is a large lake with a bubbling fount of water. Gildabrand and I, along with our friends Barbara and Eflavia, evoke healing rains upon the area to assist Mary in her endeavors. The most beautiful oasis slowly and miraculously blooms in front of our amazed eyes! There are date palms growing quickly to maturity along with many, many shrubs and succulents all bursting with flowers in full bloom. The waterfront becomes filled with beautiful animals, large and small, partaking of this wonderful gift.

Mary lays her belongings onto the ground and rests while playing with the small furry creatures coming to say hello and express their gratitude to her. Her heart is bursting with love for this divine spot and her healing is instant and radical. Now she is radiantly confident, exuding a fiery and intense maternal love for all life here. She stands proudly, her hair golden and her bridal gown perfect and glimmering. Beautiful birds are offering her flowers for her hair.

Her groom arrives and they lovingly re-commit their hearts to each other in a ceremony most Holy. They lay a cloth in the cool shade of the date palms and make love. After, they decide to take a swim in the pristine waters and as they make their way to the shore, they cannot help but to notice that all of the visiting animals now have small offspring with them. Birds have full and chirping nests, little families of all sorts of critters running and playing. Large beasts with infants and even the snakes have hatched eggs.

In a state of pure joy and while holding hands, they step into the lake and swim towards a small eddy in the center. The eddy gains strength and momentum as they approach and they are gladly and purposefully caught in it.

When they come up for air, they are back in their “real lives”, at home in their native land.

Along with three gorgeous children and one looking to be born any moment. They are all blissfully happy.


Thank you Gildabrand
Thank you Shannon
Thank you Barbara
Thank you Eflavia

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