November 10, 2016

This is a healing journey that I performed on myself after having experienced a deep sense of betrayal in regards to misinformation perpetrated by my pendulum.

The healing truly begins when I ring my dear friend, Kim, to share the entire circumstance of this betrayal from it’s onset. I had kept it to myself, suffering greatly. I trust her judgement implicitly and felt so incredibly relieved to be able to share this pain with someone who knows and loves me so deeply. I must say, there is an infinite amount of palpable relief experienced when one unburdens one’s heart to someone they trust.

During this conversation, she imparted some of the most profound advice any human could have the grace to receive. She said, “Your connection to Source (all knowledge) is perfect. It is your AWARENESS of your connection to Source that is moving through the fires of purification. Do not resist this off-burning for it is pure, perfect awareness that you are forging.”

Having gratefully and completely unburdened my heart, I felt that my entire perspective shift from victim to observer.

I set to meditate with intent to give gratitude for the diversity. And the advice.

I evoke the beautiful meadow of wildflowers that is the entrance to my personal Spiritual Atmosphere. A door opens. This room is in much need of light and there is a torch in a wall sconce. I lift it and bend it until it cracks open with light. The growing light reveals an old attic. The windows are blacked out there are old trunks and boxes, wardrobes and old portraits lining the round walls. A trunk opens and what seems like a dress fit for a queen rises from it.

I put it on and the dress falls to ashes. I find a little hand broom and I sweep these ashes up and place them inside a small pouch. I carry it as I continue around the room. Another trunk opens and a military uniform appears. I don it and it too, falls into ashes. Now having two pouches of ashes, I proceed to a box that has opened to reveal a staircase. I have to hold the rail as I descend the steep stairs.

When I arrive at the bottom I am on a desolate street running parallel to a river. I climb down some stairs and follow a path by the river’s edge. I decide to sit and wait under the bridge. Along the river emerges an old oriental man in a boat.  He eagerly trades me one coin and one diamond for the two sacks of dust. I go back upstairs to the street and a village has appeared on the far side of the lane.

I cross the road and enter a small bodega. There is a drink machine there and I drop the coin in the receive a beverage. I get a bottle of healing, glitter gel! Then, I notice that change from this coin is erupting from the machine. The entire room is being flooded with these shiny, new coins. I go outside and alert the neighborhood children to come scoop up the coins to bring them home. The word spreads like wildfire and soon, the bodega is flooded with all the townsfolk who were desperate for the infusion of prosperity.

The entire village blooms in this newfound energy. So, I back away quietly and let them celebrate and revel in this windfall. Wondering what the diamond will do, I decide to follow a small path leading away from the crowd.  I am holding the diamond safely in my heart and enjoying the walk as I encounter an old hag with a cane. She is grumpy and mumbling under her breathe. I decide to present her with this magnificent diamond and as I do, she merely continues on the path. I say to her, “What will happen with the diamond?”

“NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” She shouts at me and continues down the path.

I giggle to myself.

The steep stairs then emerge so I climb them and am now back in the attic room.


Author’s note:

This attic space has become a very happy and important part of my Spiritual Atmosphere. The windows are open and cleaned, revealing out of the 4 windows a scene from each season. There is a large round, silk tuffet in the center for meditation. From this vantage point, I can enjoy Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall as I wish. There is also a family of  white mice who have presented themselves to me. They announced that it is their job the keep the space tidy and fresh. They are such darling friends that I opened for them, a little portal into a little tiny amusement park so they can play while I am away. These darling critters often join me when I am just laying amongst the wildflowers just outside of the attic. I love that I have friends everywhere!

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