This beautiful meditation experience evolved over time after I was inspired with a channeling by Rob Gauthier, of a wondrous Being who calls himself Aridif.*  He introduced me to the idea of Perfect Prana energies and how to connect therein. I made it my own by putting it into practice every day and allowing it to change to suit my own personal methods. I invite you to do the same!

How to Begin

Sitting comfortably with as straight a spine as possible, expand your Root Chakra downward to consciously connect with the crystalline core of Gaia, and ground yourself to Mother Earth.

Good day, Gaia.

When you feel strongly anchored, shift your consciousness to your Crown Chakra. Expand this portal and amplify your intent to consciously connect to the Company of Heaven.

Good day, Mother God. Good day, Father God.

Next, expand your Heart Chakra as far out as you wish until you feel engulfed in your own beautiful love of self and all creation.

Take as long as you wish here to acknowledge your sublime space, creating more power as your amplify your love.

With a calm, deep inhalation, breathe in that which has been amplified by your heart. Envision the energy morphing into a golden staff that sits erect along the spine.

In the exhale of the same breathe, imagine sending the golden staff of light up, up and up, past all atmospheres and control matrices, to pure Space that is unfettered by man. A space of Perfect, Holy Prana.

Using your imagination, allow your light staff to anchor via any manner of “connection” that you wish. (When I first experimented with this meditation, I imagined that my connection portal was a lotus blossom. Interestingly, as I continued, the flower became a small garden, then an infinite garden with which I now connect.)

As your staff connects to this Realm of Perfect Prama, envision the Perfect Prana descending through the staff,  unto and within you.

Absorb the glory of this perfected, heavenly energy for as long as you wish. Acknowledge aloud (for heightened power) that you are bringing this gift to your beautiful body….

I gratefully bring Perfect Prana into my inner Universe, saturating my cellular structure and all spaces in-between. I absorb that which serves my highest purpose and dismiss that which no longer serves me.

Any type of similar affirmation will greatly assist you in absorbing and coalescing these brilliant energy upgrades.

As your body begins to feel satiated with light, you can then send the Perfect Prana down and down, through your Root Chakra into the crystalline core of Gaia.

I send the infinite overflow of these energies unto Gaia to be absorbed, amassed and amplified at Her discretion. So Mote it Be.

Through this exercise, we are literally bringing the Perfect Prana of Heaven into Gaia where She can distribute it as She deems appropriate.  To me, there is no activity in life more wonderful or gratifying than to be a conduit of love from Heaven to Earth.

I find this daily meditation helpful to ALL life, as I offer a gift of Perfect Prana to Gaia. With all my heart, I trust Gaia to bring us all to higher dimensions in perfect grace and timing.

I am hoping that you find this exercise inspiring as the more who practice it, the more unconditional love is amplified into core of Gaia. She is ready and grateful for our love and respect. I find this to be the most pleasant way to return Her many gifts and favors.


* I do not remember exactly which video prompted this inspiration as I have seen most all of Rob’s amazing work. If you are interested in Aridif or any of the other beautiful Beings who are channeled by Rob, his website is

A note about Chakras:  I wrote this version for those of you who are working with the traditional 7 Chakra format. If you have already transitioned your Chakra system into the 3 major (DanTian) centers, please substitute Earth Star Chakra for the Root Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra for the Crown Chakra.


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