November 16, 2017


  • Alex, Peter’s Father

  • Lala

  • Eflavia

Begin Scene:

This procedure begins with Peter strung up like Leonardo DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man”.  He is unable to move, unable to speak. He looks peaceful, composed, fearless.

As Alex and I approach, the circular grid onto which Peter is connected turns a clean and clear red. It smolders and undulates, creating a sphere within the circle.  When it settles, we literally peel it off and away from the very top of the gridwork.  It comes undone rather easily and we roll it down to the bottom. We fold it into itself and add compression until it becomes a jewel, a large red jewel of light. We set it aside.

The grid fills with brilliant orange. There is a slight bit of debris here and it presents as a puff of dark smoke. It expels itself from the orange and is instantly collected by Eflavia, my faerie helper. She scoops it with her net and sends it away. We wait for the fiery orange sphere to settle and when it does, we peel it away, roll it up, compress it and place the beautiful orange jewel aside the red one on the ground.

A yellow sphere begins to develop. It is sunny and clean excepting a few tufts of smoke swirling within. The globe of yellow spins faster and the wisps are tossed out,  to be expertly collected by Eflavia. We proceed by employing the same peeling and compression technique. We add a brilliant yellow jewel to the ones on the floor.

The most glorious emerald green begins to develop. The power and depth of Peter’s true heart is astonishing. This developing sphere has not one single flaw. It is perfect, radiant, strong. We perform the same steps and add the green stone to the ones on the ground.

The radiant blue begins to coalesce. It is a deep sapphire and has no occlusions as well. We add the stone to the group.

The indigo installs itself magnificently and also becomes a most beautiful jewel. The crown presents last as a pearl colored sphere with a light tinge of lavender. We collect this last jewel and when we lay it in alignment with the first 6, they all awaken as a huge rainbow. The rainbow encircles Peter in his grid . It quickly moves round and round, finishing the procedure.  

Although the colors are dissipating, Peter is not quite ready to step from the grid. Alex and I focus our intent towards highlighting 3 main portals. These portals will be all Peter requires to channel and coalesce the energies connecting him to Gaia and the Infinite Realms. There is one about a meter over his head. There is one about a meter below his feet and there is a huge one centered directly in his beautiful heart.

As these new portals coalesce (come online), Peter finds that he is able to break free from the grid. As soon as he steps down to the ground, we are all instantly transferred to Peter’s Spiritual Atmosphere. It is a vast meadow with a lone and massive oak. We see Peter, facing his massive tree of life. He wants this tree, this Being, to be the first to see his new freedom. Lala, his umbrella cockatoo, flies down from the upper branches to settle on Peter’s shoulder.

Peter turns around to see Alex and I. He is radiantly happy and filled with hugs of gratitude for us both. He announces to the Heavens that he is finally free. And in that instant we all hear a huge CRACK. It sounds like the shattering of something very, very large. The three of us look up to see the faint vestiges of the surrounding grid/matrix dissolving into oblivion.

~ End Scene ~

Author’s note:

At this point, I was so overcome by this release, I burst into tears of joy.

All grids gone.

All untruths shattered.

All deceptions undone.

All veils dissolved.

All controls released.

Peter is a Sovereign Being.

And so it is.

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