The spoken word is Holy.

In their highest manifestation were we created, and in their frequencies, do we make manifest all that is physical in our Universes. The attunements carried by specific words, sounds and phrases bring deeper energetic information to your human grid than most realize.

There is much to say in regards to the benefits of employing traditional prayers and mantras. They have been infused with deep love throughout the centuries and hold immense power by virtue of so many loving and heartfelt recitations. They are in a league of their own and deserve much honor and respect.

However, for me, I prefer to create my own. I find it to be a wonderful way to combine mind with heart and in a very natural and creative meandering sort of way, they evolve and take on an energetic life of their own.

As we develop a deeper and deeper love of self, we easily remember our deep understanding of the importance in befriending/loving one’s own body. Practicing and enjoying a constant state of communion within, one realizes that every organ and system holds consciousness with which deep communication can and does occur. By creating a positive, conscious relationship with our physical selves we erase the impulse and opportunity for our subconscious mind to perpetrate it’s fears and doubts upon us.

Reasons to use mantras and energy clearing for keeping the body healthy:

  • We can command our beautiful bodies to reverse the aging process
  • We can drop or gain weight when as suits our highest purpose
  • We can alleviate pain or discomfort in any part of the body
  • Or any other thing we may desire

Not only are these techniques useful in manifesting what we desire, they are also extremely powerful in removing that which no longer serves us.

As we move through our busy lives, we are often inundated with a variety of energies, many of which do not “vibe” with us. Energetic hooks can occur in our quantum bodies that, when left unchecked, can wreak havoc in our psyches and bodies.

Any negative energy with which we come into contact, especially if it is personally directed towards us is certain to leave a hook, rope or tie. Anger, resentment, jealousy, coveting, etc; the baser emotions prompt energetic vampirism.  If another is thinking ill of you (or you, of them) there will be an energetic hook that binds you both together. If it is filled with malice and dwelled upon long term, we can feel completely drained of our prana, or life force. This moves into the realm of psychic attack.

However, these ties can also occur for a wide range of innocuous reasons as well. Like someone who loves you and doesn’t get the time with you they deeply desire. Or there is unfinished business of some sort. A deep, unrequited longing for someone or something can also create a drag on our etheric bodies.  

In any case, it is most beneficial to clear these daily. It allows us to begin our day with a clean energetic slate prompting a radiant persona. To that end, I wish to share with you a personal ritual that I lovingly perform each day which brilliantly keeps all energetic hooks severed. I feel that, in doing this regularly, I stay grounded in the center of my own powerful energy, uninfluenced by any imbalance another person or circumstance may be perpetrating.  And as daily occurrences beg for ritual in their regularity, this one has evolved over the course of a few years. It transforms a regular trip to the bathroom into a harmonizing and healing experience.

I have lovingly named it the “Poo Poo Prayer.” (PLEASE do not make me famous for this! 🙂 )

The Poo Poo Prayer

(Hands over eyes) “Thank you my beautiful body for your sacred wisdom and infinite intelligence. (Hands on opposite shoulders, giving yourself a little hug) I give gratitude for my radiant health and youthful beauty as I release that which no longer serves the highest purpose of my Being.

At this time, cutting all hooks, ties, anchors and cords* (slicing a bit through the air)  sending all likewise energy debris down with, So Mote It Be. leaving all aspects of my Being grounded, balanced, cleansed and radiant to go about my day. On behalf of the Company of Heaven do I claim and give gratitude for the harmonious, daily transformation.

And So It Is.

Making each moment Holy, through the high minded words we speak, brings untold and infinite miracles into One’s life. When we live in a constant state of gratitude, we allow no room for any of life’s drama and clutter to shake our peace. We evolve into deeper, higher, better, more and more loving versions of ourselves as we reach height after height in our divine, personal ascending process.  We eventually begin to regularly hold such a high spiritual frequency that the spoken word is no longer necessary to Bless a person, place or thing. With our hearts so very radiant, our divine presence alone is abundantly sufficient. And to openly share your own personal and profound light of Heaven exemplifies what it truly means to be a glorious Human Be-ing.

May these words deeply bless you as your reading them brings them more and more alive. And may your subsequent personal prayers and their regular use bring you the profound abundance of joy that is your birthright.

From my Heart to Yours,



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