August 22, 2016


  • Lynn

  • Luther

  • Kryon

Begin scenario in an arena with a large stone stage and circular, tiered seating. It looks like a theatre setting from an ancient Greek culture.  

He is alone and sitting on the edge of the stage. He is surrounded by what would seem to be many performances worth of flowers, all long dead. They become varying sizes of black orbs floating all around us. Kryon uses his diamond ray and vacuums them all but as soon as they are gone, a deep,  thick fog moves in. We “vak” that out as well.

In the clear air, Ron confesses that he misses his partner, his twin flame and cannot seem to find his way out of the loneliness and the illusion of separation. His partner is called the Lambda Goddess. They are both chimera beings who got stuck here. Feeling separated, Ron had a sadness that would not go away. Now the veil (fog) is lifted so he sees that she/he never left him. He is happy and their dual purpose will be revealed soon.

Homosexuality is a common theme is Ron’s lives. Even in this one, he is an actor playing a female role.

The fog was HIV in his quantum field which was easily cleared.

Thank you, Kryon.

Categories: Healing Journeys

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