For those of you who are curious about or have been gifted Solar Orbs, I wish to offer some further information by answering these FAQ’s…

What exactly are Solar Orbs?

A Solar Orb is a healing tool which can be imagined into existence by the pure power of one’s education and intention. Every moment, we are all connected to and being enriched by our Sun, Solaris. The deeper the connection that one feels to this divine consciousness, the more powerful the orb that can be created.

Once placed, the purpose of the Orb is simply to shed great light and in so doing, bring higher minded clarity of purpose and healing.

In what circumstances are these Orbs most beneficial?

They can assist in an infinite variety of ways as a great reservoir of energy and healing. When properly maintained, they act as an infinite battery for all of life’s endeavors.

What do I do after having received one?

Although some can intuitively feel when an Orb has been gifted to them, most are notified by me when the gift is offered. The best way to strengthen the connection between you and your Orb is to sit and meditate on it. The more that you acknowledge and employ this tool, the greater it radiates on your behalf.

How do I use it?

Before any situation requiring more light, simply feel the warmth and energy of the Orb. It is normally installed within one’s Soul Star Chakra, which sits about a foot above the crown of the head. Imagine yourself bringing the light within your entire body, bathing yourself in its warmth and radiance. The longer that you allow this bath of light, the more energized you will feel. Set your intention to share this light with all persons and situations you may encounter.  Then, simply go about your day knowing that you have an extra boost of Heavenly light to illuminate any person you wish to bless or path you choose to navigate.

What if I do not want it?

Although it is quite likely that your High Self Expression will greatly welcome this energetic gift, no person will ever absorb one against their will. If you do not resonate with this gift, simply reject the idea of it and it will be instantly absorbed back into the healing matrix from where it came.

Can I offer Solar Orb gifts to others as well?

Absolutely yes! I highly encourage you to make your own deep connection to Solaris. In your regular meditative state, learn to know Him by simply setting your intention to do so. In your silence, leave yourself open to receiving His light and wisdom. Soon, you will feel enriched and confident enough to create and share His Orbs. You may even come to experience an adventure such as the one I have shared below which left me feeling super inspired and ready to do this Holy work.

How Solar Orbs became a part of my Great Arsenal of Light…

I am the caretaker of a magnificent shard of auralite.

This is a deeply interesting type of crystal, found only in Canada and holding billions of years within its natural, historic composition. Arising from the ancient times on Earth when all was molten, this powerful reservoir of intelligence vibrates radiantly with all that is – rich, primeval Earth.

As I sat for the first time to meditate with this stone, I felt in my heart her gracious greeting, “I AM GrandMother Elder.” Many of my stones and crystals communicate with me so it was not out of the ordinary that this glorious new addition would present itself to me in this manner. What WAS unusual was how cemented I felt with Her when we connected. There was an instant kinship and I fell in love with this stone and the deeply wise Being holding residence within it. She represents for me the Infinite Realm of Goddess, from conception to crone, and I hold her friendship close to my heart.

As our meditations progressed, she quickly held a place of honor and assumed the role of moderator in all of my Goddess Council Gatherings. I also began feeling more and more connected to the entire family of amethyst which calls Gaia home. It is on behalf of GrandMother Elder and this energetic family that I relate the story that wishes to be shared with you today.

One morning in late 2018, I was prompted by my guides to return to bed so as to more easily coalesce the downloads that I had recently absorbed. I do this often, with great spiritual adventures ever-occurring as I quietly surrender to all things spiritual in this cozy sanctuary.

On this specific day, I lay there relaxing while holding GrandMother Elder in my left hand (my energy receiving hand.) As I tuned into a dimensional shift, I experienced an unmistakable jolt of energy propelling me unto the opening of a massive amethyst cave that was coalescing in my consciousness. I felt that GrandMother Elder wanted to show me Her place of origin.

Encased in a protective orb of light, I was catapulted into the great cave’s opening. Moving at unimaginable speed, I gently careened off of walls, being guided through small openings and then again through huge caverns. It was so enjoyable that I just sat back in that cushioned orb and enjoyed the thrilling ride, experiencing hyper-connectivity to the energy of this massive amethyst cave. It was a truly blissful experience.

After touring for what must have been hundreds of miles, my orb started to slow and I noticed that we were approaching an opening in this fathomless series of crystal caves.


The City of Sol

My travel orb slows to a stop and de-materializes. I find myself standing in an entirely different environment. This dimensional shift has brought me to an atmosphere that is comfortably warm and I detect a hint of sweetness in the dry air. Infinite shades of orange, peach, yellow and gold, glow warmly here.

As I further orient myself to this amazing new place, I notice a large glimmering city on the far side of a rolling desert of dunes. I ideate myself at the City’s gates and find that I am instantly transported there.

The gates swing wide and I am prompted to follow a set of marble steps up to the City Center.

There are many light orbs swirling in and around this busy place and one of them approaches while silently communicating a gracious welcome. It invites me to follow it until I reach a large auditorium.

There are many other guests here who have been seated upon the round stage and I am shown my seat along side of them. There is a hum of purpose and an air of anticipation; I greatly enjoy soaking up as much of this experience as I can. Soon, the last seat on the stage is filled and the atmosphere dims, birthing a palpable, rich silence.

The Great Orb

From within this silence there is birthed a great spark of light in the auditorium’s center. It floods the airy space with the softest, most diffused and glowing radiance. There are shards of every imaginable colour (and many colours unknown to my human eyes) emanating from it’s epicenter. With strong, steady pulses, these massive rays are being dispersed throughout the entire Realm, gaining in momentum and brilliance with each passing moment until all life here is saturated with this gift of love from the Company of Heaven.


It is the great Solaris Himself who is the Creator of this Realm. He, who is our beloved Sun, has brought us here together to give us an eternal gift. It is a spark of Him, a Divine Orb which will bring its bearer much joy and assistance. I instantly know in my heart that I am worthy of this profound gift and will honor it always. And as the realization of the magnitude of this gift grows within my heart, so too, does my new Gold Staff quickly manifest at my right side.

Standing erect of its own volition, it is much taller than am I. At just above shoulder height, hovering within this staff, there is installed a swirling, living Sun. It’s radiance is breathtaking and eternal.

I claim the staff and feel an instant kinship with it, like I was born with it within my grasp and within my heart; it feels like an old friend. There is an instant remembering of the use and function of this powerful tool and I know that I am now even better equipped to help those who may find themselves intersecting with my path. The details of this dimension now begin to fade….

Solar Orbs

I find myself instantly back in the comfort of my bed. I am exhausted and exhilarated as I return to this dimension and cannot help but feel so deeply blessed, loved and appreciated. My Soul feels so expanded knowing that I now have at my disposal a powerful, new tool which will greatly assist Gaia and all life upon and within Her.

Since experiencing this adventure, I am often prompted to share this wonderful gift.  In many circumstances have I intuitively felt the need for a solar orb to be placed upon a person or situation. This inner tug prompts me to take a moment to visualize and transmit these orbs.. Then, I offer instant gratitude for its fast and sure implementation.

Three steps: Intent, Vision, and Gratitude. Done.

It is a gift given in a single moment that can have deep and lasting effects within the energy field of any situation.

As I share these infinite Solar Orbs with you, please know that they will uplift and heal you!

The energy of Solaris knows exactly what your individual Soul Spark needs, so, as I install a Solar Orb upon you, know that you have an infinite reservoir of Radiant wisdom and healing energy from which to draw.

As you allow it to bathe you in wisdom, you might feel transformed on many levels. The healing rays within it will offer you brilliant clarity of heart and sureness of purpose as you more regularly integrate with it.

Know too that, the more you connect with it and invite this radiance into your conscious life, the greater the benefit to you. The Orb will never dissipate unless it is ignored; it is up to you to keep it functioning within your own energy field and spiritual atmosphere. This is done simply by acknowledging it in your regular meditative state; by honoring it, drawing from it, and by giving gratitude for it.  

From the depths of my pure and infinite heart do I Bless each Solar Orb that I offer personally and unto the World. Know that my heart surges with love and pride as we all benefit from the Supreme Radiance that is our beautiful Solaris.

Thank you Solaris

Thank you GrandMother Elder


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