September 13, 2016


  • Hallebrand

  • Kryon

  • Carillon

  • Lynn

Early morning awakening by a Being calling himself Hallebrand.

He was requesting Earthbound assistance to remove a darkened energy over Sweden, his beloved country. With Carlo by my side we prepared to leave.  Kryon joins and I find us with a great sense of urgency as we move swiftly across deep, dark waters.

Approaching the area, we can see the dome of cloudy darkness over this great mass of land. Kryon and I cut the massive energy tubes that are pumping darkness into dome and we go inside. With Kryon’s laser diamond, we cut a small hole in the roof and watch as it all gradually falls away.

Dark rodents scurry away trying to hide and hold onto the energy of the fog. They are frantic. So, this is the perfect job for Carillon, my amazing snowy owl guide. She amassed a huge contingency of help.

From the air, numerous predator birds dive bomb these creatures. It is fairly quick work as the ground crew (consisting of various moles, gophers and other scurrying critters) finishes off what the birds don’t get.  

The dark entity “rodents” are transformed by having been eaten by Carillon and her Holy Brigade. The landscape is healed and all the holes that had previously served as hiding places from the darkness were filled with healing, glittery gel.

We lay the Lavender Blanket of Elspeth onto all life in the affected areas and then encompass all involved in a protective sphere of healing. I name this sphere of healing the Holy Hallebrand Sphere.

I ask if the birds and critters who ate the dark rodents need healing and I am told that they are light Beings and do not ever absorb energies that are not in their same frequency.


Thank you Kryon
Thank you Carlo
Thank you Hallebrand
Thank you Carillon and Holy Crew

Author’s note:

Hallebrand visits 2 days later to announce that there were white feathers across the land in Sweden! He expressed much gratitude. Apparently the healing freed all involved from all karma, down the ancestral lines. The history of the land was healed as well. It is possible that Sweden is/will be a front-runner in the awakening of humanity.

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