July 14, 2016


  • Lynn

  • Solaris

We begin by seeing a dolphin baby who is afraid to leave the small cage in which she is kept. Diving in, I decide to assume dolphin form and swim over to unlock her cage. She swims into the enclosure and stays yet I find myself in a fog. A pharmaceutical fog in this space. My dear Teri is over-saturated with medications after having undergone much illness.

All of the pills are now seashells. I gather them all and bury them. I evoke the healing glitter rain on this “planting” and call in Solaris (our glorious Sun) to shine his radiance of this spot. The seashell “seeds” erupt from the ground as long spears. I assemble them in a manner akin to a pyramid and I set it afire. The smokes is collected by Father God and brought back to Heaven for transmutation.

When the smoke clears, we find ourselves in an apocalyptic scenario. A barren wasteland going on forever in all directions. We pull some purple “seeds” from Teri’s crown chakra and plant them in the dusty ground.

Nourishing the seeds with love, healing glitter rain and the warmth and radiance of Solaris, they bloom into magnificent lavender flowers. The scene shifts to one of my personal healing spaces, Elspeth’s Castle.  

The room for Teri is filled with clutter. I easily remove the clutter and proceed to run a bath infused with these fragrant and healing flowers.  I bathe this little dolphin baby that represents a reflection of Teri.  

She confesses to me that she does not want to be on Gaia any more. She feels like she is in jail (hence the original cage she was in at the onset of this session). She feels lonely.

The scenario shifts again and she is back in the ocean pen. It is large and she is still lonely. I use my dolphin voice to call for her mate. He answers instantly and for the first time in ages, Teri hears him too. His messages get louder and louder for her and she instantly wakes from the dead, dull depression.

Full of excitement and inspiration and with strong direction towards the beacon calls that her mate is sending to her, she magnificently leaps over the enclosure’s gate and frees herself forever.

Thank you Solaris.

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