March 29, 2018

Pre-Journey wisdom arrives for Mallory in the form of a brilliant Trinity of Light. Three massive beacons horizontally present themselves into my consciousness, showering me in an energy of profound love and wisdom. The Beings that these light orbs represent are beyond gender, beyond all things linear and mundane.

The silent communications were so strong. In many cases, I am hearing actual words from visitors/helpers but in this case, the communication was a tangible and deep knowing in my Soul. They desired that the Journey for their beloved Mallory be one of wisdom, not healing. I felt them express that she is already a superb self-healer and that she was easily ready to help others as well. Ultimately we are all our own creators of sublime health and these Holy Three were here to remind her that this was indeed her very high purpose.

April 10, 2018

Another Being arrives to share wisdom in regards to Mallory. He shows himself to me as an invisible man, radiating profound power and simultaneously, gracious gentility. He is Jeremiah, her friend and guardian.

April 11, 2018

The child’s ball bounces and surges atop the massive lawn. A three year old Mallory is kicking it but I can see that she is not alone. Alongside of her, shoulder-to-shoulder kicking the ball, is Jeremiah. He is invisible but somehow I know he is there. They race and run faster and faster until she kicks the ball so hard that it bounces off the clear dome surrounding this park and rebounds over their heads. They turn around and run after it again, laughing and playing in the bright, beautiful day. She gives it another kick and it tumbles over some rocks and down a very steep embankment. They watch as it falls farther and farther down and lands in a small pool of water along the river’s edge.

Despite her small body, Mallory expertly navigates the climb downward. By the time she arrives waterside, the ball has morphed into a small raft. She eagerly climbs in and sets herself into the swift current. She is fearless and laughing, enjoying her new toy and she joyously waves to Jeremiah as she disappears down the river. The flow of the water becomes quicker and it ultimately steers her to a spot just before a plunging waterfall. The small vessel quietly slides unto a rocky beach. Mallory climbs out and ambles over a low dune to see a charming cottage in the distance. It is an old fashioned, single-story white home with a wraparound porch.

As she climbs up the stairs, the door opens.

“I’ve been expecting you!” says the delightful older woman. This “Caretaker” looks like the sweetest Grandmother, complete with kitchen apron, and she invites Mallory in for refreshment. After serving her fresh baked cookies and a glass of milk, they move to the back porch where they sit on the steps.

A massive orb arrives transporting two profoundly impressive Beings. One being looks like the most valiant of Samurai warriors. He is resplendent in full formal uniform and is radiant of ancient wisdom and clever cunning. The woman is the perfect picture of grace, elegance and mystery. She is, as well, outfitted in full honorable regalia, denoting her high nobility. Her hair is very long and so black, it is almost blue.

“These are your real parents, little One. They come from afar to congratulate you on your progress”, offers the Caretaker.  Mallory stands up and toddles over to the orb. And as she steps inside of it, she becomes a reflection of herself as a young woman about 20 years of age.

The three of them embrace for the longest time and then her father states, “You are everything that we hoped you would be, we have sent to you our silent son, your Soul Brother, Jeremiah, to protect you. He is always with you. We are so proud of you.”

The orb dematerializes and Mallory, still maintaining the advanced age, resumes her spot on the porch next to the gracious Caretaker.

Moments later, a booming thunder and subsequent crack of lightning arrives, breaking open a large boulder that was situated on the far end of the lawn. Many tiny Beings emerge, bewildered but unafraid. They are humanoid, maybe 8-10 inches tall with large bulbous heads, wispy short hair and very large, loving eyes.  They are clutching at themselves as if they are cold, but when they see Mallory and the Caretaker Grandmother, they come running with open arms for the hugs and love they are sure to receive.

They feel very excited to have been released from their hiding place, and they desperately wish to show Mallory something important. The Caretaker laughs aloud and wishes them well as half the tiny Beings rush ahead on ground and the other half climb onto Mallory for the ride. Mallory follows them down a winding and wooded path until she comes to a small cave. Bending her head down slightly, she enters the cave to find that all the Beings are scurrying to their own little nests carved into the rock walls. It feels as if they have been away for a long time and now they are finally back home.

As they cozy in, a hole opens in the ceiling allowing a ray of light to illuminate a portion of the ground. Mallory decides to sit and meditate with this ray of light and as she does, the entire cave becomes a flying ship carrying all of them back to Jeremiah and the great, green lawn. They all play and visit for a good long time before navigating the ship back to Grandmother Caretaker. When they arrive, Mallory lovingly tucks these darling little Beings into their beds and again joins her esteemed guide on the back porch.

“Before you leave, there is one more visitor,” shares the Caretaker.

The yellow swirl of smoke arrives in a snake-like manner, undulating and enveloping Mallory, circling her with it’s wispy caresses. It states, “I am the Bringer of Balance and Power.” Mallory eagerly welcomes this gift and surrenders to it’s beautiful energy, writhing it’s way through and throughout. As the vapour dissipates, a vision emerges.  Her Soul Parents have returned briefly and she hears the words echoing in her deepest soul, “All is written, all is done. Enjoy your every moment.” She embraces her parents again prompting another growth surge.

She now seems to be the age of mid thirties, resplendent in her OWN power, her OWN profound elegance, her OWN quiet grace. Clearly holding the best of both parents she has attained the perfect balance between divine male and divine female, between Wise Samurai and Powerful Goddess. In the deepest of respect and gratitude, she embraces her wonderful guide and friend, GrandMother Caretaker, and sets off for the small cave. She stands in the light beam and is instantly transported to the great lawn where she kicks the ball across the grass once again…

…until it is stops under the foot of a radiant and fully grown Jeremiah.

His eyes smile at her as he lovingly avows, “I will love you forever.”  And the ball rolls on…

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