All life evolves.

It either moves steadily towards its own best interests or its ultimate demise. It naturally strengthens attributes that prompt it to thrive while allowing that which is no longer necessary to adapt or fade away. In this way, Life is in constant motion.

I believe that Source (God/Goddess, Buddha, Allah, etc), in its infinite love and wisdom, is always prompting life forward and looking out for our best interests. I also believe that in this life, we have chosen to experience a simulated separation from Source. (For further insight, read The Game of Life.) And as we endeavor to remember our Unity with God, we walk a multitude of paths, many of which are explored in a deeply unconscious state.

For a young Soul, the beginning of this game may present itself as one of pure survival. There is no concept yet of self-awareness. We are literally spending every waking moment just trying to stay alive. We have no clue that there is a deeper wisdom inside of us, from which all life’s dilemmas can be calmed, corrected, understood. The subconscious mind is in control when it comes to decision-making, and the subconscious mind works from a place of past hurt and fear.

This can easily create a paranoid victim mentality. Such is the plight of the unawaked Soul. Thankfully however, life evolves.

Incarnation after incarnation brings more experience and wisdom. After a point, we find that we are no longer in survival mode. We learn to be better, happier, more loving towards self and others, as we embrace the concept of introspection by asking ourselves the bigger and deeper questions.

As we become self-aware, we gradually REmember that we are Source, expressing itself in and through us. This is a huge turning point in the game; it is when it becomes profoundly interesting and incredibly productive!

As we take this quantum leap in consciousness, we develop the faith that we are divinely guided at all times. With this firmly entrenched in our hearts, we come from an entirely different place when it comes to making decisions.

  • We immediately look for the divine gift hidden in adversity.
  • We ask for Holy assistance.
  • We honor the diversity of experience and emotion.
  • We welcome the constant that is Change.

And we find higher meaning in, well, everything!

Through all the cleansing fires of past lives experienced, and all the decisions made from a fear-based, unconscious state, do we rise from the ashes of the past like the Phoenix from the Flames.

We are all at different frequencies and stages of our own spiritual REmembering. Each one of us is also One With God.

The Beings who have known this for a long time are considered Old Souls and are quite radiant. But in some, we must look deep to see the spark that is often masked by great pain and trauma. Know that it is merely a matter of time however, before we, each and every one of us, comes to this ultimate truth.

As we all awaken in our own perfect timing, let us help one another to traverse our paths back to the REmembering, keeping in mind that we all must learn what we do not want before we can know what we do want.

This process involves many journeys into self-loathing and subsequent judgement and ill-treatment of others. Have patience with these Souls who are, as of yet, unaware of the treasure in their hearts. Have compassion in the knowing that in your past, you too underwent these trials that eventually brought you into your loving persona.

Shine your beautiful light for all to see, knowing that with every smile, kind thought or word, and every loving action, you are uplifting us all.

You are the Beacon.

And in the comforting words of Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

In deep gratitude for my light and for yours,


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