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November 18, 2018

Pre Journey wisdom is offered in the arrival of an Ancient and gentle soul:

“I am a Mapper of Destinies!” he proudly announces upon his grand entrance into my meditative state. This grandfatherly Being arrives with two apprentices, seemingly sisters.

In our initial discussion, it is decided that, for the duration of our Journey, we will admit our dear Jennifer unto the Medical Bay at Elspeth Castle so that, in her personal healing chamber, she will receive the most benefit from our imminent work.

She will be in the best of hands with the loving supervision of Elspeth Castle Resident Health Care Expert, the Ascended Master Hilarion.  As he insures that she is comfortably enveloped within her crystal light pod, we give our gratitude and leave her to heal.

I invite the Cartographer and his entourage to rest while we await our Journey’s perfect timing, explaining that they need simply to ideate their ideal quarters and they will instantly be made manifest in this Magical Realm. Knowing that they will enjoy themselves, I bid them all a gracious good night.

November 19, 2018

I arrive in Elspeth Castle with eager anticipation for our imminent spiritual adventure. I am thrilled to see that, in my absence, my noble new friend and his apprentices have ideated a fantastic new Cartography wing, the creation of which will be of wondrous benefit to so many who visit this magical place.

In the center of the main room, they have set up a large, rectangular platform. At this point, the only distinctive feature on it is a small laser light near the center’s edge, where the Cartographer stands.

I look up and notice a second tier surrounding the high ceiling with the purpose of holding gallery seating for dozens of observers. The light is dimmed but it is evident that the space is packed with many lively Beings who are interested in our Journey today. After a few moments, a faint chime is sounded and all conversations quiet.

The lights further dim when the Cartographer places his hand atop the small laser light emanating from the table’s surface prompting an equally large 3D rectangle of light to coalesce in exact dimensions to fit atop the table.

He then removes a small wand from the breast pocket of his cloak and places its tip within the newly formed light display. This activation creates undulating shifts in clarity and color to occur, with many stars and colors randomly swirling. For me, it is evoking images similar to that of the birthing of a Galaxy. It occurs to me that this is a map Jennifer’s inner Galaxy.

It is at this time that my faerie friend, Eflavia, arrives in a wisp of glittery light. She hovers over and around the “galaxy,” paying particular attention to a hazy river of white fog snaking through it. Highlighting this fog with her wand for all to see, she and the Cartographer nod silently in agreement, setting in motion the course we will now take…

With a calculated and expert slash in the empty air, the Cartographer opens a large crevice through which the Sisters, Eflavia, and I easily travel. The Cartographer stays behind to direct the Journey from afar.

The Lake

As we step through the crevice of light to find ourselves in a new Realm, Kryon arrives to assist our journey. We are near a large, old tree which has claimed its home near the water’s edge of a small, clear lake. With his infinite power, Kryon creates an ever-strengthening whirlpool in the lakes’ center through which we all eagerly dive.

One by one, we fall into a dark and musty cave. Kryon lights the space and as our eyes adjust, we can see that it is in drastic need of care. The vines that hang throughout are long dead and there is a pervasive smell of old, stagnant water, the source of which is a small, putrid puddle directly in the cave’s center.

Eflavia approaches this unpleasant smelling liquid and with her wand, applies fairy dust atop its surface. There is a small rumble and we all jump back as millions and millions of black insects emerge, scurrying in all directions. Before they make their ultimate escape, Kryon lasers a hole in the ceiling of the cave, bringing in much needed sunlight. As the solar rays hit the scampering parasites, they instantly transform from dark to translucent light and fly away en masse.

We notice that the space is beginning to heal as the vines are now sprouting new buds, but our work is still incomplete. The puddle which housed the bugs is still polluted, so, in a method similar to a snake charmer, Kryon coaxes the remaining inhabitant from within its depths.

At first inspection, a small slug emerges, growing as it appears. When fully revealed, this Being is a massive blob of gelatinous slime. As the fresh sunlight finds its way to it, the blob is instantly dissolved and the pond lair is transformed into its original state of pristine perfection.

The puddle, now a small, crystal clear lake, is a divine focal point for this newly reborn sanctuary as it begins to welcome the return of the Ancient Fairy Folk who once lived here so happily. It is confirmed that our work is complete as we all simultaneously receive a vision of the Cartographer’s happy wink and smile.

The Steppe

From afar, the Cartographer slices the air with his wand and we are offered a new Portal into the next Realm of our Journey. In single-file, the five of us step through the chasm of light and into The Steppe.

It is a flat, infinitely expansive land with tall, wheat colored grass as far as can be seen in all directions. With his laser, Kryon lights a torch for myself and the sisters. In turn, we light the grass, smoking out dozens of large, oily black birds who flee unto the Heavens.

The cleansing fire leaves a scorched and barren earth, pockmarked with the remains of numerous, scabby nests. In the clear, blue sky above there emerges a hazy vision of the large hand and wand of the Cartographer.

From his alternate dimension, he offers assistance by placing the tip of his wand upon the barren soil. A ring of light exponentially spreads from the wand’s tip over the land and into the deep holes upon the earth, saturating the land with the most radiant of light. The nests begin bubbling as if peroxide were being poured upon them.  

We allow this scrubbing to continue for some time until the bubbles slow, and then cease. For peace and nurturing upon this precious land, I lay one of my personal healing tools, the Lavender Blanket of Elspeth, in all directions. Once fully absorbed, the nests become vents of light reaching high into the Heavens, harkening the return of the Blessed and transformed birds back to their nests.

As these beautiful and newly translucent creatures nestle back in, the lands become fertile and the grasses green, quickly regrowing to bring this Realm back into its original state of perfection.

Eflavia lays fairy dust upon all of the nests thus prompting the instant creation of healthy eggs therein, leaving the birds profoundly radiant of pride and gratitude.

Having completed this Realm, the Cartographer opens a chasm for us to return again to him at Elspeth Castle. We wave goodbye to the birds and their thriving community as we step through and back into our original dimension.

We arrive to a standing ovation being offered by the groups of people in the upper galleries of the room. What a grand success for all, especially our dear Jennifer! As we surround the glowing map, we cannot help but notice that the light of the “Galaxy” is bright and clear, the river of fog long gone.

Bringing this Journey to a close, the Cartographer gifts each of us with a small scroll upon which is stamped a symbol of a heart with an “X” at its center. At once, the sisters, Eflavia and I decide to gift these treasures unto Jennifer.

Sending the mental message of our intent to Hilarion, I ask if we may visit them in the Medical Bay. He happily approves so the four of us set off for the private Suite that houses Jennifer’s crystal healing chamber.

When we arrive, each of us, in turn, lays our scroll atop her tubular chamber thus prompting the digital counter at the foot of it to reset, revealing less and less time in required healing. With each gift offered the counter moves from years, to months, to days, thus prompting the imminent completion of her healing experience here.

This is the extent of our Journey for today. Hilarion states that Jennifer will require one more overnight in her chamber to allow these profound healings to settle in and take firm hold. As well, there will be much in the way of cleansing and detoxification as her body rejects that which no longer serves and coalesces the cellular structure holding the new, healed frequencies.

I accompany the Cartographer and the sisters back to their luxurious quarters and bid them a wonderful evening. We will all rest well knowing that our divine task is complete and that Jennifer is in the best possible position to absorb the infinite perfection that her Journey has recreated within her.

November 20, 2018

I feel a celebration brewing as I near Elspeth Castle. Entering my private suites, I take a moment to check my Information Orb. Placing my hand atop this massive crystal sphere, it senses my need and allows me to see all of the public areas of this ever-expanding Realm. I immediately check on Jennifer in the Medical Bay.

She is arisen from her chamber and is consulting with Hilarion. I roll the orb a bit to the left to see that there most certainly IS a party brewing in the new Cartography Wing which is now permanently installed equidistant to both the Medical Facilities and the University. There is a wonderfully festive air as the Cartographer directs, not only the sisters, but all of their classmates as well to organize this wonderful party for Jennifer. There are dozens of faeries buzzing around tending to the most magnificent flower arrangements along with numerous catering assistants bringing in sumptuous foods and elixirs.

I leave my Information Orb with a thought of gratitude and proceed to ready myself for the party. In full ceremonial garb, I am Goddess Elspeth, Regent of this Realm. After retrieving a gift for Jennifer, I am  in a state of pure excitement as I proceed to the Medical Wing.

As I enter her Suite, both Hilarion and Jennifer stand to greet me. I am overjoyed to see Jennifer looking so healthy and rested. I place her gift in a nearby changing room and direct her there to slip it on. Hilarion and I chat for a few moments until Jennifer emerges in her new dress. She is beyond radiant in a multi-layered white chiffon dress. Absolutely everything about her sparkles, especially her eyes, which are moist with heartfelt emotion.

Of course, we are in awe of Her. She is a profound ray of light as we all link arms and proceed to the commemorative festivities that kick off the Grand Opening of our new “Lillie” Cartography Wing at Elspeth Castle.


Thank you Mr. Cartographer

Thank you to the Sisters

Thank you Master Hilarion

Thank you Kryon

Thank you Eflavia


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