August 2, 2018

Authors note: A repeat client, Kelly is a powerful and savvy business owner who has, of recent, been plagued by numerous clients with erratic and abusive behaviors. Knowing herself to be a highly conscious and peaceful soul, she has asked for assistance in understanding this turn of events in her life.


  • ArchAngel Raphael
  • Cara
  • Kryon
  • Regal Reggie
  • Eflavia
  • Lynn

Holding the persona of a small child, Kelly sits cross-legged atop the vast plateau. All seems barren save the silent circling of a magnificent falcon high above. She descends upon us, her powerful wings gracefully bringing her to a gentle stop at Kelly’s side. She climbs into Kelly’s lap with the intention to console her.

ArchAngel Raphael and I arrive to offer more comfort and as she cuddles and pets her beautiful falcon, Kelly expresses her sadness to us. “I am working from my deep heart, offering the best of my abilities and yet, I seem to be drowning in sorrow. Insanity surrounds me. I do not understand.”

ArchAngel Raphael directs us over to a great medicine wheel which has been laid out atop the plateau, fashioned from baseball-sized stones. He suggests that we sit together, each holding a stone. We sit in meditation for many minutes before Kryon arrives.

Of course, we are all thrilled to see him but I cannot help but to think that we may have a chore ahead of us, as Kryon only arrives when there is darkness to clear. He throws a fireball into the center of the medicine wheel creating an instant bonfire. As it gains in strength, a demon emerges in the flames and cackles in the haughtiest of voices. With his head thrown back he proclaims, “You can’t extinguish me!” But before the sentence was even finished, Kryon, with sarcastic rolling eyes, simply looks at him and we all hear a teeny “poof” as the demon fizzles away in a state of shock and embarrassment.

At this point, we begin to hear the most beautiful music. It was happy and playful; the kind of music that makes us want to dance. And with the music arrives another magnificent Being. He is larger than life and boasts the most glorious, broad smile. His energy is that of the kindest, most benevolent King. A deeply powerful and Regal persona with a lanky, muscular build and skin so black it is almost blue. He and Kryon share a very fond greeting before Kryon presents him as Reggie. It is clear that they are longtime friends. We wholeheartedly welcome him and set to work.

The fire douses itself instantly and, as the ashes settle, the area morphs into a deep pit. Eflavia, my lovely and clever fairy friend arrives and hands Kelly a small fishing pole. She baits the hook with something rather heavy and drops it into the pit. After about 10 seconds, it seems to hit bottom. The ground beneath us rumbles deeply.

We jump to our feet and take hurried steps back as the Giant awakens and bursts through the ground sending stones flying. He is not a fearsome Being at all, however he is a bit grouchy from having been awakened from a deep sleep. Confused as to why we are interrupting him he booms, “Who bothers my important work?” We silently communicate, “It is We, the Council of Light. We are sorry to awaken you!”

“Awaken Me? Ha! I sleep not as I have a very important job to do! I maintain the integrity of this space and it requires no sleep.” We explain to him that he has been bitten by an insect that has caused him to fall into a deep slumber. He seems to comprehend the truth of this as he is rubbing a very sore spot on his massive leg. We further explain that he has been asleep for quite a while and that the Realm has fallen into neglect and disarray. There is an infestation of parasites as well that needs to be transformed. He gratefully invites us in and, knowing he can trust us with his space, he then disappears entirely.

Kryon and Regal Reggie recommend that I stay with Kelly as they explore the situation underground. I hold her hand as they disappear into the pit.

In my minds eye, I can see them as they climb down and down until they reach a large room. The walls are covered in a thick, rubber-like black substance. Kryon’s laser easily cuts through it and Regal Reggie starts rolling it off the walls and into a large ball. When the walls are cleared they place the large ball into the room’s center where it morphs into a smaller pit. Sitting on opposite sides of the pit, Kryon and Regal Reggie call forth the Beings who live there.

There are three of them and they sheepishly emerge, one at a time. Each orb represents one of Kelly’s clients. The Narcissist emerges first, then the young woman, then the older woman. They are instantly put into orbs so that they can be brought to Kelly. The orbs are respectively labeled Denial, Ego and Apathy.

The narcissist in the Denial Orb loudly proclaims, “I have nothing in need of transformation! Leave me alone!” The Ego Orb contains a young, beautiful young woman with a very defiant nature. She says, “If there is anything that needs doing, I’ll do it myself!” In the Apathy Orb is a slightly older, heavyset woman who just looks up, shrugs her shoulders and quietly says, “I care not.”

Kryon gathers the orbs and lays a blessing inside them. Smoke starts swirling as he silently explains that each of them will be able to absorb total healing as they are ready. He brings the orbs up and up to Kelly as Regal Reggie stays behind to clear any further issues.

Reggie is now sitting to the side of the deep hole again and Efavia joins him. She places fairy dust from her wand into the hole and hundreds of small black insects emerge. They are eager to transform back into light Beings and have been patiently awaiting this divine intervention. Regal Reggie decides to shrink down to the size of these tiny critters so he can transform them.

When he attains their size, they all surround the circle holding hands. As the last “hand” connects them all, Eflavia again touches them with her magic dust and they instantly transform into darling white mice. They are over the moon with their healings, hugging each other and Regal Reggie. They are finally holding their true form again and are eager to set to work restoring the divine life and sacred beauty back to this Goddess Grotto.

Regal Reggie assumes his original size and, with many blessings bestowed, moves up and out to join us. When he arrives, he can see that Kryon is here with the 3 orbs. He has presented them to Kelly for her blessing and is now sending them back to Heaven for their reckoning and transformation. As they disappear, so does the childlike persona of Kelly and we all join her around the fire again.

The smoldering embers are hypnotic. We witness them imploding unto themselves, revealing a vision of the white mice at work. Being the proud caretakers of this Sanctuary, they have already made much progress towards its complete restoration. The Goddess Grotto is thriving with burgeoning light and life again and a huge Faerie contingency is joyfully working their magic and blessings everywhere.

Eflavia emerges from the Grotto to collect Kelly. We all walk with her to the cave’s entrance and say our loving goodbyes to her. The Faeries escort Kelly into the magical waters of a close pond before laying her gently into a healing chamber built into the wall. A crystal glass covers her and she falls into a deep sleep.

Kryon and Reggie take their leave but not before enjoying the most elaborate of secret handshakes. ArchAngel Raphael and I are delighted with their whimsey and delighted with our experience here as well. “I greatly anticipate witnessing the imminent benefits that will surely manifest with Kelly’s regular use and care of this newly transformed Sanctuary.” Says ArchAngel Raphael, with a wink, before he, as well, takes leave. I bow deeply to Cara as she circles high above, and I take leave as well.

August 3, 2018

ArchAngel Raphael and I arrive to check on Kelly. The Grotto is absolutely teeming with radiant life as the Faerie Realm moves back in. The mice are happily overseeing all renovation projects and there is a delightful tinkling of waters from afar sounding like gentle wind chimes. A beautiful breeze gifts us with the most hypnotic scent, maybe jasmine.

We see that orchids are growing and blooming in the crevices of the walls as we move through this main, great room to find beautiful Kelly sitting on a small terrace overlooking her beloved domain. She smiles deeply as she sees us but is still too weak to stand. Her heart radiates deep love to us and she invites us to sit. She offers us tea and we notice that she is drinking from a cup labeled “joyous abundance.” She is peacefully happy but still in need of much rest.

ArchAngel Raphael and I walk her back over to her healing chamber and he kisses her on the third eye. We embrace and she re-enters the chamber for further rest and healing.

August 4, 2018

I arrive to check on Kelly. The Grotto presents itself with a 20-foot oblong opening overrun by gorgeous flowering vines. It is so incredibly beautiful that I stop to invite Kryon.

“Kryon, you have GOT to see this!” He arrives in a flourish and we call upon Regal Reggie. There is no response so we continue on, knowing that we have intended an orb of this experience to be gifted to him.

We enter the massive cave structure and are completely blown away by the spectacle of beauty that it has become. There is a lovely, diffused light radiating throughout created by naturally occurring skylights formed into the rocks. Again, the sounds are hypnotic, the breeze is heavenly and the scent, intoxicating.

We hear the echo of wings flapping as the beautiful falcon Cara arrives to announce the Goddess Kelly. She joins us in all her Glory and resplendence. Her long bronde mane is shining and the cape she wears covers little of her proud, muscular physique.

Like the Goddess Diana, she is equipped with bow and arrow on her back. There is also a long, ornate knife strapped to her upper, outer thigh. She welcomes us with profound love and gratitude as she simply and powerfully proclaims, “My Domain is fully established. I AM THAT I AM.”

Of course, we are in awe of her. She reaches back and removes 2 large golden arrows and presents them to us as gifts. She reaches for a third and as she gifts it to Eflavia, it becomes Faerie sized. Eflavia seems to be more fully aware of the significance of this gift than Kryon or myself. She cannot wait to share it with her faerie community as it will bring her much esteem! I feel that, for me, this arrow is, in every way, magical. I feel that it will be an important asset to me but I am unclear, at this point, as to why. I do know that I treasure it.

We leave Kelly to further ground into her magnificent, restored Sanctuary and as we take our leave up and out. As the perspective shifts we can see that there are many rivers flowing through the fathomless halls and caverns of this magnificent Goddess Grotto. The glorious waterfalls create concentric rainbows as they empty into the infinite sky surrounding this magical floating island.

~End of Journey~

Thank you ArchAngel Raphael
Thank you Kryon
Thank you Regal Reggie
Thank you Eflavia and Company


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