January 7, 2019

“I AM William of The Oracle”, I hear in my heart as I offer the invitation to Amanda’s Spirit Council to arrive and direct our endeavor. This beautiful Being presents as a brilliant spark of light with an expansive energy field expressing profound love, wisdom and patience. He explains that we are to be shown by Amanda’s High Self, the important work which captivates her heart in her nightly, multi-dimensional travels…

January 8, 2019

I hear a cheerful cacophony of bells, buzzers, whistles and chimes erupting as I enter this Journey. As I orient myself to this dimension, brilliant jewel colours begin presenting themselves in vague, amorphous shapes, hovering in and around. Through these diaphanous vapours, I recognise the spark that is William of The Oracle and he is beckoning me to follow.

We pass through a set of doors which immediately close behind us, only to find ourselves facing a new set of doors. They too close directly after our passing through, as does the next set of doors. It is easy to notice that as we traverse each segment, the colours and sounds gradually diminish until, upon our ultimate arrival, all is peacefully quiet and pure white.


We are immediately greeted by the raven-haired Higher Self Reflection of Amanda, who stands proudly and strongly in an intoxicating mist of floral fragrance. I have the divine pleasure of recognising the scents of gardenia, jasmine, lily, and freesia, notably, all white flowers.

As the mists begin to subside, I see that we are in a round, marble room surrounded by stately columns. There are many closed doors surrounding us and there is a round, sunken seating area in the center with small steps for easy entrance and exit. Amanda joins us as we take our seats.

After gracious pleasantries have passed between us, the outer ring of the round room slowly begins to move in a counter-clockwise direction. The doors that surrounded us a moment ago are beginning to spin faster and faster until they can barely be seen.

Amanda announces that She is needed elsewhere for a moment but that we are welcome to stay and observe. As she removes her outer robe, two small white birds arrive to collect it.

The outer ring of doors slows its revolution and then stops with one specific door open wide to reveal a staggering view of the raw, open Universe. There are all manner of planets, stars and asteroids within our scope of vision but we are most interested in a large spiral of brilliant light orbs moving towards us.
Upon their arrival, Amanda turns to us, winks, and then morphs into one of the light orbs. She sets off with the rest of them to a nearby ship. It is a massive sphere with many tiers and layers.

We see them enter a layer which seemed to be located about midsection. From here, Amanda is allowing us to see through her eyes as she goes to work amongst the seemingly infinite installations of computer banks. She is seeking out a specific cube and when it is recognised, she gently places her hands upon it. It immediately lights up and begins blinking, as do numerous other cubes in a random pattern across the massive room.

She takes a mental note of the scattered cubes and then closes her eyes, silently communicating with the intelligence in her cube until all responding cubes are now lit and blinking in unison. There is a deeply harmonious sound erupting from the machines as they begin calibrating and coming online. Eventually the entire floor is in sync and there is new light radiated throughout the entire Sphere.

They have successfully completed their work. The light orbs leave in the manner of their arrival, in a single-file spiral stream, until Amanda is, once again with us. With her birds at the ready with her robe, she morphs back into her High Self Persona and joins us in the seated area.

Briefly explaining the reason for bringing harmony to the sphere, she further impresses us by casually stating, “Through this alignment, we have set in motion the birth of a star.” We wave good-bye to her colleagues as they set off, noticing that the individual orbs are considerably brighter than when they arrived.


Again, the outer ring of the room slowly begins spinning. As it gains in speed, there is a vague, then stronger shift in the atmospheric colour from white to pink. It falls upon us like the softest blanket, this powdery mist of pink. And along with it, the unmistakable fragrance of roses.

The spinning ring of doors slows until when stopped, there is again, an open door to another Realm. Amanda steps through and into a larger, round room. She is surrounded by numerous matching marble thrones, each occupied by a different Goddess. In the largest of the thrones, enveloped in an intoxicating mist of the softest of pinks, sits Mother God in all her Grace.

She silently communicates her love and gratitude to Amanda while further explaining the reason for her summoning. Amanda nods in understanding and assent as a pair of small, luminous knitting needles manifest in front of her. They get to work.

Clockwise from the position of Mother God, each Goddess takes Her turn communicating to Amanda through light language. As each message is translated, it is expertly woven into this divine Tapestry with the magic needles. As the last story is told and the last knot of the tapestry tied off, they all fall into a reverent silence.
In a flash of brilliant pink light, the tapestry is instantly illuminated and duplicated. Each of these divine feminine representatives now has a tapestry of Her own, neatly rolled up and encased in a protective crystal tube. They know that today, they have created a profound tool of Peace, to be used in any situation that may require the harmonious and balancing energies of the Goddesses.

Amanda stands and collects her crystal tube, hanging it from her shoulder by the gold strap attached to the top. She bows in respect as she takes her leave across the threshold of the door which is opening back unto us.

She gives the encased tapestry to the birds to put away, and then returns to us with a great smile upon her face. She is radiant in her completion of this job and explains to us that this magic tapestry can be employed in an infinite number of ways to aid and assist all life. It will be a wonderful tool for bringing profound peace and comfort to any circumstance.


The next dimensional shift arrives with a pale green light overtaking that of the pink. It arrives with meandering fingers, like a vine growing rapidly in the sunshine. As this new light explores the room, the outer ring of doors begins its slow revolutions. Gaining in speed until the colour shifts from pale green to a vibrant emerald, the ring slows to reveal the newly opened portal.

The door slides open to introduce a luscious, verdant Realm. There are trees large and small, ancient and new, with much rambling underbrush. Amanda steps in to become one with this 5th-dimensional environment.

She gently places her hand on the nearest tree and becomes the tree, learning its secrets and wants. She places her fingers into the trickling water and instantly knows the needs of the entire stream, above and below ground, flowing through this peaceful space. She calls all forest creatures to come and commune, gathering massive amounts of critical data from all the Beings living here.

After she absorbs the necessary information, she presents herself to the Faerie Queen, and becomes One with Her. After a few moments she separates from Her and morphs into Her own personal Faerie Expression. The Faerie and the Queen hover opposite each other near the floor of this forest clearing, then simultaneously touch their wands into the center of the circle drawn in front of them, causing a massive energetic surge to radiate outward from that spot.

My sense of smell is greatly awakened with happy scents of rich patchouli, sunshine and many wondrous fragrances quite unknown to me as I witness the rapid and radiant blooming of all life here. The trees become their greatest expression, the waters strengthen and ripple, the critters frolic, and the flowers bloom uncontrollably.
The Faerie Queen flares her light while she bows in gratitude to Amanda, who has now assumed her original Human countenance. She gracefully returns the bow and sends love from her heart to all in this Realm before returning back unto William and I in the round, white room.

She joins us in the seated space for quite a while. “There is one more room I’d like for you to see…”


The door slides open revealing an even brighter white light. William and I follow Amanda into this space and as my eyes acclimate, I notice that we are in a personal chamber.

In this smaller round room, there are numerous robes hanging on pegs. The columns surrounding us are made of clear crystal, revealing untold treasures within them. There is a variety of clear display cases holding an interesting assortment of healing tools such as a staff, wands, candles and vapour blankets, as well as the Goddess Tapestry waiting to be hung on display.

The luminous knitting needles are there as well in their own custom case. There is a family of esteemed white birds flying to and fro, keeping all in order here.

We have just taken a seat in the rooms center when, once again, I faintly hear the peal of the clanging bells and whistles. A bemused smile gathers on Amanda’s lovely face, “Get ready!” she gleefully exclaims as an uncountable number of diamonds fall from the opened ceiling. They bounce off of us and pile around our feet. “This is how the Universe rewards me for my talents and efforts.” The avian caretakers of this space quickly gather the glimmering stones and fill one of the clear columns with them.

It is clear that Amanda feels a deep sense of pride and accomplishment for having performed this important work, but it is now time for Her to rest. William and I move so that she can access her healing chamber. She bows deeply to us and proceeds to settle herself in. The crystalline shield covers her and she surrenders to a deep sleep.

It is once again as silent as snow in this magical place and we leave her to heal, vowing to return in the morning to check on Her.

January 9, 2019

She is arisen and refreshed as we are invited back into Her chamber.

Her High Self Proclaims “I am One with All That Is. In these sacred communions am I easily able to bring balance, harmony and light to all life; to inspire order where there once was chaos. This is my highest joy and purpose.”

Author’s note:

As I was writing this story, I was initially calling it the Calibrator. Each time, William reminded me that She is the GREAT Calibrator. He explains to me that many in the etheric realms do similar work but are limited to one specialty. In this Journey we are shown that Amanda’s High Self is easily able to shape-shift into whatever type of Being that is required to assess and correct the situations. She moves from a Technology/Artificial Intelligence Realm to The Goddess/Divine Feminine Realm and finally to The Natural Realm. She is entirely unique in her talents and is therefore referred to as the One and Only GREAT Calibrator. Her reputation is flawless and very well known.

I feel very honoured to have met the radiant and gentle William, and to see the magnificence that is Amanda. Many thanks to William and The Oracle for allowing me to witness and chronicle this divine Journey.

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