June 20, 2016

Aimlessly lost in this wasteland and carrying a black blanket, thinking that the blanket would protect her. But as she lays in on the ground, it turns into a pool of  inky, slimy oil.

We send love and nurturing into the pool of darkness, and we watch as it dries up leaving only ashes in the wind.

We grasp a small sliver of light from heaven and lay it in the same spot to create a white blanket. It grows large and round.

We sit inside of it and ask for all appropriate prosperity to come into the blanket. The blanket grows to encompass the entire landscape and we gather all forms of abundance to come into our blanket.

When finished, we collect  the blanket making it smaller and smaller, leaving the landscape in need of attention. We decide to plant and grow a rain forest there to heal the space and to give gratitude for the abundance this space has shared with us.

As the blanket got smaller and smaller, it became a crystal. This crystal is your prosperity prayer stone dear sister. Whisper your wants and needs into it and give thanks that they are on their way!

Author’s note:

This journey can easily be transformed into a quantum prosperity exercise by imagining one’s own “white blanket” filled with prosperity. Make it big and fill it up! Then, make it small again and choose a crystal or stone to “hold the wisdom”. Using your pendulum, ask the stone if it is amenable to this and if so, by holding the stone in your 2 hands the energy will be infused into it from pure intent.

Categories: Healing Journeys

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