November 5, 2018


  • The Noble One

  • Maxine

  • ArchAngel Michael

  • Eflavia

A pre-journey invitation is sent into the ethers to collect those loving Beings who wish to assist in this Journey. Straight away, a large orb of sparkling light arrives. “I AM Maxine” she gently declares.

ArchAngel Michael arrives in all his divine masculine glory, wielding a massive sword and my darling personal Faerie, Eflavia joins as well. We are ready to settle into the dimensional shift when we are joined by another helper. She is a very tall and beautiful Humanoid with thick and flowing auburn hair who graciously announces, “I AM The Noble One.” We all instantly know that She is the High Self Expression of Jennifer.

We welcome her guidance with much joy and proceed with our task…

As the shift in journey state occurs, we find ourselves in a dark and dense jungle. It is day time but the growth is so thick that we can barely see in front of us. As our eyes adjust, we see waves of smoky fog, and numerous sets of tiny eyes watching us. They do not feel at all malevolent, only curious.    

With Eflavia’s help we choose our direction. ArchAngel Michael brandishes his sword. Today it is a light sabre especially designed so as to not harm the flora. As he wields it, the plants instantly understand the swords intent and they shrink away so as to open the path. We are in a single file line headed by Archangel Michael with Eflavia flying ahead for reconnaissance.  Maxine hovers behind Him, then me, with The Noble One pulling up the rear.

We travel for a short while until we eventually hear and smell the water. We know we are close and as we turn the corner we can see the cliffs and waterfall. We traverse to the near cliff which forms a natural overhang creating a small grotto, over which the white water falls into a deep gorge.

We enter the grotto and take our seats to form a circle. The Noble One places her hand into the remnants of a long doused fire in the center of our circle. The imprint of her palm is glittery and ArchAngel Michael taps it’s center with his light sabre, awakening the flames. As smoke begins to rise, an open doorway gradually manifests in the rock face. When it is fully opened, we leave the fire burning and step off inside.

The door closes behind us and we notice that we are in a massive and magnificent amethyst cave. A small light flashes, prompting us to choose a specific tunnel. We find ourselves moving through a number of different caves, each holding their own types and colours of crystal. The last cave has walls which are quite smooth and plain. As we near the center, a massive flash of light washes over us rendering us sufficiently purified so that we can proceed further.

We continue on this magical journey into Inner Earth until we faintly hear the echo of singing. Eflavia motions for us to follow her and we quickly find the source of this lovely melody. There is a chorus of children being led by a tall, nondescript Being.

He simply looks at us and states, “You must be looking for Reception. Follow the red line and you will find it.”  He resumes his choral lessons and as the singing resumes, we carry on by following the illuminated path that he kindly activated for us.

Moments later, we arrive a large round room with ultra high ceilings and a large marble counter.

There is no attendant but The Noble One knows exactly what to do. She approaches the counter and places her right hand on a light pad. As it “reads” her hand-print, a small androgynous Being emerges from the far hall to offer assistance. We are escorted to a specific doorway where The Noble One must again place her palm on the reader to open the door. As it glides open, She is gifted with a small crystal by the silent attendant. Her deep gratitude is silently expressed to this kind little Being and he/she departs towards the hall from which he came.

The Jungle in Five-D

The door opens into the Jungle. It is the same jungle but not the same. It is a much higher frequency expression of the jungle in which we originally entered. This Realm is showered in sunlight prompting radiantly healthy and happy flora and fauna. Creating glittery footprints, we assume our original path, eventually winding our way to the waterfall.

When we arrive, we see that in this dimension, it falls over the cliff in magnificent jewel tone, rainbow hues. We wind our way around until we can, once again, take our seats at the fire in the grotto underneath the overhang. The Noble One places her hand in the ashes, ArchAngel Micheal uses his sabre to light it.  As the smoke rises, we hear music. It invites us to explore a path towards it and we eventually come upon a beautiful dwelling. It is hidden by overgrowth but magnificent in it’s wood and glass composition.

The Noble One places her hand on the door to gain entry. As the door opens, the light within reveals a space that has been long uninhabited.  Eflavia sprinkles dust from her wand into the room’s center, thus awakening the small inhabitants of this place. From the corners of the room emerges a large family of mice with very familiar little eyes.  They are the enthusiastic caretakers of this space and are so very delighted to have company again. Darting here and there, they set to quickly straightening the place.

The Noble One communicates that she wishes to show us something and motions for us to follow her upstairs. The staircase hugs the wall making a complete circle around the room before bringing us to the very top.

It is a glorious room fashioned entirely of quartz with a smooth, glass dome. It is luminous from within by one long crystal installed inside the dome’s center sending a spotlight onto the sole piece of furniture.  It is a white, round, silk tuffet in the center for meditation, contemplation and rest.

We are invited to peer into this space but only The Noble One can cross the threshold. It is her supreme Holy space; the depth of her infinite heart residing here.

She sends us all profoundly deep gratitude as she takes her leave of us, finally and after long last, re-entering Her Holy Sanctuary.

We wind our way back down the staircase to see that those wonderful mice have set a table with refreshments. We enjoy herbal teas and small cakes. When it is time to go, the mice show us to the outdoor gazebo which doubles as a “jump room.”  

With Eflavia on my shoulder, we all stand facing each other as we are whisked right back to the third dimensional jungle from which we began.

The ominous and smoky facade is gone, revealing the true Rainforest Sanctuary that this space is in its highest expression.

And as we say our fond goodbyes to each other, we all simultaneously hear a goodbye message from The Noble One…..“Thank you for bringing me back to my Holiest of hearts. From this space, all will manifest as an expression of the infinite love that I hold for myself.”

End of Journey

  • Thank You The Noble One
  • Thank You Maxine
  • Thank You ArchAngel Michael
  • Thank You Eflavia
  • Thank you darling mice

Author’s note:

As I finished with the journey, The Noble One asked me to end this story with her quote…

All that we seek is attained by walking the path of self love.


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