October 29, 2016


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This is my own personal story.

It begins many months prior to this date, with threads of news and stories from guides old and new arriving into my spiritual atmosphere to be absorbed. There is always a point in my daily meditation practice where I ask if there are any messages. Using a beautiful pendulum to discern their response, some days I get a  “no”, most days, I get a  “yes”.  Messages ranging from the practical to the profound are welcomed at this time.

This is a story of how this space became infiltrated by artificial intelligence.  This is also a story of how it backfired.

The details of the nefarious story that was concocted to destroy me are, for the most part, irrelevant. What matters is that you know that the warnings began many months ago and in a kind and gentle way.

Your greatest fear will occur. Get ready.

Over many months and with numerous guides (even mine!) offering confirmation was I prepared for this tragedy. I died a thousand deaths over this news. Every day, I died a thousand deaths. And then one day I was through.

I was through letting the news of this upcoming event hurt me any more. I had grieved. The grief taught me how deeply I love. I learned the ultimate level of detachment. What a gift unto itself.

Friends, I am a Pollyanna, pure and simple. So, despite a tragic scenario, I am looking for the “collateral beauty” which is always there. Everything became so precious to me in it’s temporary nature. This scenario was the most trying I could imagine and I overcame it with help and with detached wisdom.

After some time, I shifted into practical mode and started putting much thought energy into laying plans that would ease the transition that would need to occur. I would be okay, I thought.  I was by no means happy but I was dealing with it.

In retrospect though, I feel that it was unwise to start organizing things in my mind (hence setting them in motion) to “ease” the changes. I feel it was actually fueling that which was un-true. Alas, I am an organizing Virgo. It is my nature to make order from chaos.

In any case, coming soon was the horrible event. The week approached. The day. The hour. The moment. It came and went. Hmmmm.

Well, this is quite interesting. And quite wonderful! I recall actually being on Cloud 9 for days over this “miscommunication”! And when my celebration was over, the confusion allowed itself to be addressed. I had never been deceived by my Guides or my pendulum. 

Never. I became a super sleuth. The first thing I did was retire my pendulum. I was pretty much at the point where it was just being used as confirmation anyway and I thought, “maybe this is Spirit wanting me to remove the training wheels”?  In any case, I recall tucking it away for quite a while. And I fell into a fugue.

Everything I had EVER received from Spirit needed to be re-visited. What was true? What was not?  I was bereft for weeks, I’m not gonna lie. It was a type of “dark night of the soul” for sure.

But, I came around. I tuned into the love and asked for help in sorting this out. And I got it. A “knowingness” set in and I recall that I gradually regained my confidence and even picked my pendulum back up a few months after this. So, this is the journal entry which chronicles the healing adventure which was performed on myself.

The Illusion is Unmasked

In light of the occurrences surrounding the profound and premeditated assault on my person and my pendulum do I now know that Artificial Intelligence was directed to create a type of “false timeline” in my Spiritual Atmosphere.

It was concocted for the aiding and abetting of a parasitic entity that had been trying to hold onto me for quite some time.  AI (artificial intelligence) began inserting these information threads and “receivings” to attempt to weaken me. In so doing, they offered me an opportunity to overcome it. I will always avail myself of that opportunity.

Always. They should have known me better. Even my own Guides (Bless them) were deceived as this “alternate” timeline presented itself. But those beautiful Guides were also the ones who promptly, graciously and with stealth removed that false timeline. Well worth celebrating, it was!

So, having now fully recovered from this attack, I immediately began the clearing of my Spiritual Atmosphere and my pendulum. First the Spiritual Atmosphere. 

All of the cast mentioned above are present in my beautiful meadow of flowers. My personal Heaven. Home.

A door opens to a dark space.

And, wouldn’t you know it (eyes rolling).  There it sits in it’s decrepit and fetid, oozing shell of a body. This Being harassed me in life and continues this nonsense from Spirit. I really am so done with it.  Kryon employs his awesome diamond laser to the crown of her head and she splinters into a thousand blackbirds. We “laser” them down and send them to Father God for transformation.We then healed the space with infused, healing gel bringing it back unto the Sacred Realms and the flowery meadow reappears.

Another door is presenting itself. It opens into an olde style, gas-lit village.

We pass through the village and continue down a winding, wooded path to arrive at a small hut  hidden in the woods. We approach the small door and announce ourselves. The door is opened by an old woman. She invites us into her small hovel. It is cozy but crowded with drying herbs and animal parts. It smells of smoke and dirt. There is much in the way of magick happening here. It does not feel scary or evil but she is most certainly accessing the dark side of the art for her power. Intending no personal malice, she is merely surviving the circumstances of her time by bartering and trading for food and the right to live.

This wayward hag was me. A reflection of my soul that erupted to bid healing. And healing it got. 

We immediately send her to the floating island that is the healing space entitled Elspeth Castle. There she undergoes deep cellular nurturing and resequencing in a crystal healing chamber personalized for her. When healed, this aspect of myself then fused with my higher self.

We return to the cottage where Mighty Gildabrand has arrived and with his power torch of cleansing which ignites the cottage.  The entirety of that which was belonging to the dark arts is ablaze in purification. It is mesmerizing to watch. Gildabrand tells us that he is honored to claim all the innocent townsfolk affected by these dark arts into his Realm where they will be loved,cared for and protected. As the embers die from the fire, this healing group disperse to our own realms.

Thank you dear Gildabrand, you have become a shining pinnacle of Holy assistance and we are all grateful.


Authors note:

Before beginning most all healing adventures, I do a bit of reconnaissance to invite all who wish to help and to get permissions from all involved. When this “breach of security” occurred, I immediately went into my Spiritual Atmosphere and discovered a baby in a crib. This was no ordinary baby as we would soon found out.  I suppose by disguising a dark agenda as a baby, it would gain my compassion and I would not destroy it. They were quite wrong. There was no reluctance as Kyron lasered the baby as it lay there. It turns over exposing much in the way of popping and snapping circuitry. The electronics were fried. The baby turns dark and shrivels into dust. We vak it up and send it to Heaven for transformation or disposal.

I started to leave when my attention was drawn to a cat, with tail swishing, looking menacing. It seems to have been a guardian of the baby, a handler of sorts. We hog-tail that miscreant little Being and place it in a cage.  Kryon  simply zaps it into dust. It is quickly vacuumed up and sent to Heaven for transformation or disposal.

At this point, I pulled out my lovely pendulum and simply asked if the information that it was sharing was true. It really never occurred to me to ask this, I do not know why. Until humanity shifts dimensionally, I know that it is always prudent to safe-guard and protect oneself.

The answer was simply, no. I was dumbfounded. I asked if the energy of the crystals had been usurped by dark forces. Yes.

I asked if it could be easily cleansed. Yes. I asked which method this specific pendulum required. Smudging with sage. I started asking before each and every session, “Am I receiving 100 percent truth from this pendulum in these now moments?” I got the answer “Yes”  all but one time when the pendulum itself informed me that it required another smudging. I kept up the alert for months until I decided to ask, “will I ever need to clear this pendulum again?” No. Not only were my Guides now on alert for deception, but I had also attained a frequency more in tune with “no more deceptions needed”. By virtue of having been duped, overcoming all adversity and rising above it, I created a new reality that clearly would not allow deception any longer. A triumph.

Ultimately,  my Guides explained what happened. A grand illusion was created in the alternate timeline that the dark ones were wishing for me to set in motion through negative emotion and expectation.

Of course, this deceptive scenario backfired. How could their plan have worked when it was merely a matter of time before I discovered their ruse? Whatever agenda they were hoping to employ simply ended up propelling upon me much in the ways of knowledge, wisdom and opportunity.

I now know that I can survive anything. This entire experience greatly expanded my spiritual growth and blissfully heightened my frequency. I have a much higher level of discernment and a much stronger and  more reliable “B.S.” meter.

It is notable to add that a short while later, Father God approached me with a question. He wanted to know what I wanted to do with the parasitic entity that seemed insistent on hounding me?

Well, I sat back and thought about this for a few days. I reviewed all the history, I reviewed all the chances this person was given and ultimately I asked Father God to send her to the Galactic Central Sun for annihilation of her soulless body.

It is done.

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