October 23, 2018


  • Anuba

  • Lyra Lynn

I am joined by Anuba the Arcturian. Her noble and gracious mantid cousin is here to direct this divine journey in hopes of making Her more aware of the profound and loving work that Her Galactic Self is ever-accomplishing.

In a long and flowing night dress, She is sleepwalking. From outside of Her periphery we watch as She instinctively goes outside. The moon highlights Her path as She makes Her way to a large tree. She lays down in a specific place directly underneath the tree. As She becomes fully relaxed, a glass enclosure covers Her. It feels to be a regular protocol for Her and we wait as She undergoes the experience created by this chamber.

It radiates light from within gaining brilliance by the moment. At its zenith, we look in on Her to see that She has petrified. Then She cracks and crumbles into dust which is then transformed into a small diamond-like jewel. The jewel morphs into a small infant who proceeds to grow to adulthood in mere moments.

It is She; renewed, reborn and now ready to begin with her journey. In a magnificent silky sheath, covered by a long brocade cape, She rises from the chamber as it dissolves away. Her long, luxurious brown hair is framed by a luminous crown of stars which do not actually touch her but sparkle and dance as they hover around her head. She says a small, heartfelt prayer of gratitude for her transformation and begins her travels upward and outward.

She is unaware that she has company, so focused on Her endeavor is She. Anuba and I stay close as She focuses on her approach to a lively water planet. The colours are magnificent; oranges and reds, peaches and pinks, with vapory ethers swirling and dancing upon the waters surface. We skim just above the surface for the longest, most enjoyable time until we approach a massive whirlpool highlighting a portal into the planet’s interior. We gain great height, then dive, making our perpendicular descent into the eddy.

Upon emerging the other side, we follow Her as she travels towards a massive, perfectly shaped cavern. This natural auditorium is filled with tremendous excitement as She approaches. We hear, “The Radiant One has arrived!” echoing throughout. Thousands of diaphanous Beings quiet as we near and with a loving twinkle in her eye, She ceremonially bows to The Elders and then to All in attendance. The crowd is so very pleased. The Elders return the formal greeting with deep joy. They then announce that the opening prayer will be performed by the Beloved Children of the Realm.

This is one of the most magical experiences I have ever had, feeling the music moving through me, caressing my deepest heart. Having accompanied Her on many occasions, Anuba knowingly nods his head to me and we both feel transformed by these children and their divine melody. As the music fades away, so too do most of the Beings, leaving a small group of us. We all take our positions sitting in a circle facing each other.

A rather large well appears in the circle center and as our energies are all connected and the intention of our group consciousness ascertained, the ground starts to rumble. From the center of the well, erupts a massive spout of rainbow “water”. It shoots high into the cavern before descending upon us like a thick mist of velvet.  It felt like every cell in my “body” was singing from this gift and, to my curiosity, I noticed that I was still completely dry. She shows her deep delight to the Elders and they confer for a few moments, negotiating and perfecting the transaction. When all is set, the “well” closes up as if it was never there and we all move out of the cavern.

The festivities continue as we arrive at a reception area to celebrate the occasion. We are each given very tall, narrow, flower shaped flutes filled with a sweet and glowing elixir. The atmosphere is casual now and we can see that She has known this group for a long time. She is their trusted and beloved Colleague. They shower Her with love, respect and gratitude and She is, in due time, escorted to the departure platform.

We stay with Her as She directs this “jump room” to take us into another dimension entirely.

We are now in a Desert scenario. The Subject of our journey is moving quickly towards an oasis. There are hundreds of Camel-like Beings hurrying to meet Her. We arrive in the Oasis, witnessing similar greetings from its inhabitants as they shower Her with love and appreciation. Her arrival is a huge event to these Beings and an array of festivities have now begun.

After entertainment, the business must be discussed. Numerous Camel Beings settle in a large circle. We take our positions and as our consciousnesses connect and our intentions set, the ground begins to rumble. In moments, a torrent of liquid crystal erupts and solidifies as it comes into contact with the air. In moments, we are showered with millions of crystalline “diamonds” falling upon us.

To say that the Beings were delighted is to put it mildly! They were so thrilled that they all began to dance in the “rain” of water crystals. They were elated beyond measure. I could not help but to intuitively feel that these Beings, indeed, this entire Culture, has just been saved from imminent destruction by the amazing diplomatic efforts of our dear Lady.

From what we can see here, She has ultimately created a dimensional trade treaty between the inner planetary “Water” Beings and The “Desert” Beings. They will now be helping each other to flourish by trading “water” for “silica/crystal”. The entire endeavor is a huge success and a smaller group moves into a massive tent for refreshments.

As the festivities come to an end and She must leave, the Camel Beings anoint her lightly from the third eye down the tip of Her nose. She knowingly sticks out the tip of her tongue and is anointed there as well, tasting a sweet, earthy oil. She is then gifted with a large crystal-like stone which they place directly into her heart. She graciously smiles and bows in gratitude and respect. As the others do the same, a platform of sand presents itself and we know that it is now time to depart this magical realm.

We immediately travel back to Her lovely home where she removes the jewel from her heart and places it in a glass case containing many, many others. As it hovers of its own volition within the case, so too does a new star present itself in her personal crown of stars.

She is indeed, The Radiant One.

Thank you Anuba

The Radiant One in me has never said a word. ~Rumi



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