November 12, 2018


  • Orion of the Golden Light

I am alone here in the dark of night. As I move more fully into this dimension, I can hear the waves gently crashing ashore; I can smell the salty surf. I need to get my bearings so I sit on the sand near the shore to let the beautiful and healing energy of the lapping waves work their magic.

There is a faint rustling in the great forest of trees abutting the beach as a beam of light arrives by my side. As my eyes adjust I can see that within it stands a Humanoid/Avian Being. He is profoundly radiant of nobility and compassion and is standing approximately 9 feet tall with mostly white feathers. The smaller feathers surrounding his face are mostly golden, with the darkest of them around his eyes and small beak. His robes are a luminous white with gold trim and and over both his third eye and his heart he wears a small, brilliant yellow gem.

“I AM Orion, the King of a vast Realm. I am here to assist my beloved daughter…” As his words are silently commanded, another ray of Golden Light appears beside us.

Resplendent in similar garb, Jenna arrives offering an extremely fond greeting to us both. She then faces the forest and bids welcome to the vast families residing therein. There is much squawking and cooing in response to her arrival. She calms them with her loving energy before the three of us settle to our task.

Orion, Jenna and I form a small circle on the sand with our energy fields interlocking. The trees rustle as the bird families emerge from the forest and alight behind us, gathering to form a concentric circle, adding much more energy for our journey. Next, the ocean denizens and smaller forest creatures align themselves on both sea and land to create a third tier of the circle, thus creating a critical mass of energy required to open the Portal.

A horizontal sliver of brilliant golden light begins to coalesce directly in front of us at the epicenter of this grand circle. All becomes palpably quiet as Orion, Jenna and I set our divine intention. The sliver of light broadens considerably and as soon as it is large enough, the three of us slip through to find ourselves in a great white expanse.

We are on the landing of a glistening, white staircase which snakes through the diaphanous white light, cascading into yet another beachfront scenario. It is identical to our original beach, except that here, all is suspended in a glimmering and wispy ether of white fog.  

We settle to the sand and assume the same melding of auras. A large round plate manifests in front of us on the glittery sand. It is overflowing with polished gems ranging in colour from clear to white to golden, with the bulk of them being a brilliant,  lemon yellow.

We each take the stone of our choosing and place it into our third eye. As it is fully absorbed, we are suddenly floating amongst the stars in an infinite galactic universe. We hold our hands up, with palms facing each other until we are able to coalesce a large Orb of Golden Light.

When this glowing Orb reaches its zenith, we face our palms downward and send it onward to its ultimate destination. We follow the arc of its path and once again descend upon the original beach, arriving just in time to find that the entire Realm is being blanketed in gems of all colours. There is celebration everywhere as the birds and animals of this newly awakened Realm are admiring, gathering and sharing all that they find.

We are not quite finished with our divine project so we, once again, assume our positions forming a circle.  In its center, the newly created Orb of Light has been installed. With a diameter of 3 feet across, this “Orb of Knowing” now hovers permanently above the sands.  

Within the Orb we see a feather pen quickly signing numerous documents on white paper. As each sheet is finished, it detaches itself from the pile, morphs into a white bird and flies off to its intended recipient. There are 19 of these winged “invitations” being delivered and when the Orb finally goes silents, we stand, stretch a bit and start to mingle with the joyous crowd.

There is so much love and excitement in the air, which is further compounded with the arrival of invited Delegates and their entourages. The trees expand to accommodate the joining clans and Jenna personally greets the newcomers as she would greet long lost family. One by one, they are formally welcomed until the group is complete.

With Orion, Jenna, and I, there are 22 Delegates in all, creating a Sacred Council to oversee the final stages of transformation here. As we create a circle around the Great Orb of Knowing, it reveals the large plate of golden gems. Each Delegate is invited to choose one, and as they place these gems into their third eyes, the undergoing transformation of this Realm experiences a new and glorious wave of change.

The trees begin to shudder, shake and lose all their leaves, allowing new, rainbow-coloured leaves to sprout and flourish. The dark sky quickly changes to light, revealing the radiant new Rainbow frequencies that unmistakably herald the divine fifth-dimensional energetic signature throughout.

The Delegates must now go back to their own Realms to implement these miraculous changes therein. Fond farewells are lovingly shared, only slightly diminishing the festivities of these wondrous events.

Now that all is transformed, Orion takes his leave as well. He silently communicates as he bows deeply to Jenna, “Your task is great and bears much fruit.”  

She lovingly replies, “I’ll be home soon, Father.”

Thank you Orion

Thank you Jenna


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