March 19, 2018


  • Cara

  • Lynn

We meet at our regular spot. It is cliff-side, overlooking all that is. Kim is tall and proud, with her thick, dark mane braided and flowing down her back. She is wearing a simple belted sheath over her strong, tanned body. Cara, her trusted falcon is flying overhead.

I arrive and we greet each other with warmth and excitement. She suggests that we “get big” for this journey, so we close our eyes and focus on the change we wish to create. Our bodies become massive as we dive over the edge of the cliff into the deep, cool water. As we get our bearings, we notice that Cara is above circling in a clockwise, spiral formation. She communicates to Kim that our friends are on their way. We await them with a childlike thrill and jump with glee when we feel them coming from afar.

The swirling of the waters announce their imminent arrival as the massive Blue Whales present themselves. They are our guides on this underwater journey and, with our “enlarged” selves, we easily keep their pace as we navigate the waters behind them. Hundreds of our Cetacean friends accompany us as we make our way to the Selenite caves. The journey offers us a constantly changing underwater landscape with clear lines of dimensional demarcation clarified by the changing scenery, colours and viscosity of water. We are ultimately brought to a series of massive underground openings. Our cetacean friends direct us to the appropriate entrance and leave us to proceed on our own.

Once inside these caverns, Kim and I play like children. We are laughing and bouncing off of each other as we race through. We know we are going somewhere amazing and we make much fun of the swim. The tunnel opens into a space that could easily hold a small city. In the diffused light we notice that it is basically circular with all sorts of holes and nooks in which to sit and overlook the massive space. We are in awe of the otherworldly beauty, admiring the profoundly gorgeous shades of pale orange and peach as we take a seat cliff-side to rest. As we feel more grounded, a small light appears in the center of the room.

It gradually becomes brighter and brighter until a beautiful, crystalline Being bursts forth from it’s center. In a cloak of glitter, she telepathically communicates to us and we follow her instructions to stand. As we do, a clear, vertical tube coalesces around each of us. When the tube is fully solid, the Being directs a ray of light to each surrounding chamber. The light feels effervescent and tickling and after many minutes, the chambers around us begin to lose their cohesion. Once the tubes are completely dissolved, we open our eyes to see that the entire cavern is now completely illuminated. The Being tells us, “This is YOUR emanation that is now bright enough to light this massive space. Now, you may truly see your heritage.”

And as we emerged from the swirling light of the chambers, the walls were no longer merely stone, they were massive, detailed carvings of the Anasazi Elders and Empire. We are in awe of the ancient carvings and feel so grateful for this experience. Before we leave, the crystal Being offers a gift to Kim. She places a small band around her forehead, holding a very large, faceted ruby to her third eye. Turning Kim around, she attaches a gold chain to the rear of the band, from which hangs a magnificent white feather. “This feather erases all of the past. The decisions that you must make in this new life must be made from a place of purity, unfettered by old timelines, opinions and mindsets. Know that absolutely nothing in your Soul’s past has any relevance to your now moments. You are free.”

And with a beautiful smile on her face, the glittery Being faded away.

We make our way out until, having reached the cave’s opening, we were again greeted by the waiting Cetaceans. As they escorted us back to our original dimension, we see Cara flying high above, in a counter-clockwise pattern. She is closing up the seam between dimensions and we are home.

Thank you beautiful Cara

Congratulations, Kim!

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