October 29, 2018


  • Kwan Yin

  • Kryon

  • Eflavia

  • Purple

  • LyraLynn

We are in a beautiful field of low grass, perimeters ever-expanding into infinity. The supremely elegant Kwan Yin is here on behalf of Connie. We set off together towards a large white door, which has appeared in and of itself, in the middle of the field.

As we approach the door, Eflavia, my beloved faerie, joins. Today she teams up with Connie’s faerie friend who is introduced to us as Purple. Purple is from the Realm of the Violet Ray and we are delighted for the additional help. Despite their small size, faeries have incredibly powerful magick!

As the four of us approach the door, it silently swings open, inviting us to explore beyond. There is a long, white, and brilliantly lit hallway. Many of the doors are wide open revealing peaceful nature scenes and offering wonderful scents of fresh air, water and flowers. As we progress down the hall, we are prompted to explore a door whose frame is shrouded in shadow. It is locked, so Eflavia works the lock with her wand. A few moments later, we hear a “click” and the door cracks open.

We pass through the door into the space and see that it is a deep, dark swamp. There is a round pit in the center of the space. We each take a position around it as the faeries hover near. Kryon uses his laser to encircle the pit and the floor begins rumbling beneath our feet.

We all jump back as the dark hole violently erupts with a wide stream of slimy, dark liquid. The viscous liquid is forced high into the space until it falls in large drops all around us. The drops then take shape as small gremlin-like creatures.

Kryon communicates to the gremlins: “I AM KRYON, your enlightener or your terminator. It is your choice.”  They were very happy to opt for the former! Kryon heals them, and sends them back to heaven for reassignment.

We return our attention to the pit, which has stopped erupting but is now a swirling mass of darkness. I place a solar orb into the pit. The ground rumbles even more violently as the orb descends. Ultimately, a very dark Being emerges.

This is a soul expression of Connie, and is dark in facade only. It is a masculine energy, more of befuddlement and confusion than low vibration. He has been here so long that he is unaware of his original purpose. He seems very indignant to be disturbed and very confused for the shocking intrusion.

Offering him the opportunity to see the truth, Kwan Yin holds up a mirror. He is devastated to see the deteriorated state of himself and collapses in sobs, gratefully offering himself to the divine transformation that we offer.

Upon his surrender, Kryon touches him with his laser, transforming him instantly and entirely. In that flash, this woeful creature becomes a regal magician. Everything about him is glowing white except his eyes, which are the most arresting shade of light blue. His hair, his suit and overcoat are aglow in the massive light of his person and we are all very pleased and impressed with this profound transformation.

The Realm is brightening by the moment, and when all is alive, fresh and green, this beautiful wizard in white gently removes a wand from the inside of his long, shining coat. He joyfully and masterfully wields it, instantly transforming all back into its original state of grace, harmony and breathtaking beauty.   

Eflavia and Purple are so happy to be helping as he is of their ilk; He is of the Fae as well. As the White Wizard progresses with his task, precious stones in all shades of blue manifest on the walls. We prepare to leave and he looks back at us, with an unmistakable look of deep love and gratitude.

Our work has finished in this Realm and we suddenly find ourselves back in the bright, white hallway. The next door presents itself on the floor. It is a rusty trap door that cracks open after a bit of prying. We are now in an aquatic Realm.

Kwan Yin and I don wetsuits as Kryon morphs into a squid-like persona. In order for us all to see more clearly, Kryon expels a great swath of bioluminescent ink from his body. We can now see that we are in a large clearing, the focal point of which is a massive and ornate pedestal with a concave surface. The large orb that belongs here is gone.

We all look to each other for help. Kryon says, “Connie is holding this orb in her heart.” He silently communicates to Connie that we are ready to replace the orb, so she enters the scene, removes the orb from her protective heart and places it upon the grand pedestal.

As it locks into place, it becomes larger and larger, about 20 feet in diameter. Kryon gently takes Connie’s hand and guides her up and into the glowing orb. I send a solar orb in for Connie. She graciously accepts it, and with a knowing smile she closes her eyes and emits a massive pulse of loving light throughout the realm, thus uplifting all back into a divine state of harmony and grace.  

This timely rebirth brings sunlight, turquoise water and teeming life forever herein. This aquatic realm is complete and we are, again, back in the white hall.

Our focus is now drawn to an area so black that everything becomes muffled and absorbed by it. It takes a laser as bright as Kryon’s to be able to penetrate this suffocating blackness. He surrounds us all in an orb of protection and shines it into the center of darkness.

As we slowly proceed, Kryon’s laser becomes weaker. Eflavia employs her magick wand, and the tiny spark from its tip creates a massive awakening of the bats, millions of them, shocked and flying. It is an eerily silent mass chaos but we vaguely see them and we feel the flutter of a million little wings.

As they fly towards us, many ricochet off the orb, and in so doing, are transformed into light Beings. Many have resettled upon the walls and eaves of this dark cave and need to be further prompted.

A smile appears on the face of Kwan Yin as she instantly manifests a lute. As she plays, the heavenly music transforms the remaining creatures and the space brightens considerably. Eflavia and Purple request help from the Faerie communities and they set to the most joyous of projects—transforming this magnificent space.

It becomes a magnificent Crystalline Palace, complete with a pearlescent throne, and it is the heart of Connie’s beautiful spiritual atmosphere. As she assumes her position on her throne, Connie is gifted with flowers and gems from all the Faerie folk.

She is home.

  • Thank you Kwan Yin

  • Thank you Kryon

  • Thank you Eflavia

  • Thank you Purple.


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