April, 2019

There are so many humans awakening to their higher purpose as we are catapulted ever forward, in communion with the wondrous ascending energies pervading our Universe at this auspicious time.

These awakenings prompt within each heart the desire to “know thyself,” to release that which does us disservice and ultimately, to create/allow a whole, happy existence.

In truth, I sense that this inevitable progression is not an education as much as it is a remembering…a true recollection of who we really are, which is One made in the image of God.

We are God.

In the beginning of the game that is life, I propose that we start by creating, directing and starring in scenarios (incarnations) that more easily define for us what we do not want. The divine purpose of this, of course, is to amplify what we DO want.

Over and over again, we orchestrate situations which will continue to show us the contrast between what we do and don’t want, teaching us as we continue to reincarnate, and thus prompting the progression of our Soul’s wisdom.

Ultimately, when we begin living lives that are about experiencing “what we DO want”, we more readily assume the powerful role of a conscious creator.

A conscious creator knows the power of his/her imagination and therefore employs meditation easily and naturally.

You already know what meditation feels like!

Whether it is a conscious effort or not, we all “meditate” to one degree or another as we move through our day; it is a natural human tendency. We can be mesmerized by a crackling fire, a rolling surf or a grand vista. We often “zone out” with certain uplifting musical arrangements or rhythms of motion. These things and many others bring us out of ourselves and into something so much richer, where we achieve a type of altered consciousness.

By removing ourselves from the onslaught of constant, pervasive thought, the incorporation of ANY type of meditation into your daily routine can bring infinite benefits. By allowing us to release resistance and grow in deeper awareness, meditation can offer us blessed relief from the daily stresses of life.

For me, I found that the first of MANY benefits was greater patience and a deep and peaceful “knowing” about things that matter to me.  I felt wisdoms great and small graciously descend upon me like the softest and purest of snows. These “upgrades” also prompted much confidence in my daily decisions.

Going Deeper

Upon our readiness, we decide to more consciously approach the practice of meditation. We happily set the intention to make regular time to quiet ourselves and go into our silence. This is when the real magic begins…

In the silence there is profound relief from, well, everything!

We create this gift for ourselves so that we can, if only for minutes a day, relinquish all that mundane life requires of us. We feel the innate wisdom re-birthing within us as we surrender to the peace of this personal Sanctuary of Silence. We learn to move in the velvety flow of Heavenly Divine timing and it is in this synchronistic state that we embody the highest expression of Self.  

I congratulate you and wish you well on your Journey of Self Discovery.

Here are some tips as you begin this lifelong practice of self love and awareness…

  • Although any meditation is of great benefit, it is a PRACTICE. We must enjoy sitting regularly in order to gain optimum grace.

  • Begin slowly. Start by sitting for 10 minutes. Leave yourself wanting more.

  • Create a Sanctuary Space. The more pleasing and comfortable your sitting space, the more likely you will want to employ it. Enhance your environment by adding anything that helps you to feel good. This can include crystals, artwork, candles, incense, chimes, and really, anything that you love.

  • Sit with your spine as straight as possible, so as to promote the moving and clearing of energies.

  • Begin by focusing on your breathing. When a thought comes in, as it inevitably will, simply acknowledge it, dismiss it and resume the focus on breath.

  • In the beginning, you will likely be inundated with thought streams. This is normal. With practice, these interruptions will slow/cease. Just keep on. Remember, it matters not how many times that you are distracted; it matters how many times you bring yourself back to silence.

  • As an aid to relaxation, you may wish to count your breaths. After a short time, you will notice that you are able to hold mental silence for longer and longer spans.

  • Alternately, any chronic sound can be employed in lieu of focusing on the breath. We can focus on the ringing in our ears, the whirring of a fan, the hum of an HVAC unit, the crickets outside, or any steady sound. Choose one and stay with it for the duration of your session.

Even if your thoughts in the beginning are overwhelming you, please know that in the nanoseconds that you achieve silence (and there are many!), you are allowing the pure Light of Heaven to shine through you.  

It won’t take long to start noticing profound improvements in your life. Some will be grand, some subtle. Some, immediate, others, time-lapsed. It is ALL amazing!

It is like receiving a steady stream of heartfelt gifts, the likes of which you would never wish to live without. This act of self-love will absolutely and completely transform your Universe for the better.

As you become more peaceful, so too will our beautiful World.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you do to be of benefit to yourself and thus, all of Humanity.

May you be blessed as the inner peace that is your true home, becomes the manifested peace on Gaia.

Love, Silence, Breath and Gratitude,


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