December 11, 2016

Pre-journey wisdom for Timm comes from the King of Ilora.

This Guide arrives prior to the journey to introduce himself. His energy is professional but also deeply kind and patient. There is a twinkle in his eyes and he requests that I merely call him “Sir”. He adds that he is the overseer of a realm of His own creation. A Realm where Beings come from far and wide to study maps and portals of the known Multiverse. He offers that Timm is a spark of Him. A reflection, if you will. I greatly anticipate this Journey for Timm, having met this extraordinary Soul…

December 13, 2016


  • The King of ILORA
  • Archimedes
  • Quan Yin
  • Kryon
  • Gildabrand
  • Yurgen
  • Eflavia
  • Barbara and John
  • Danny
  • Eflavia

Begin scene:

A large cliffside cave tunneling deep into the mountain. Little boy Timm, sitting on the edge of the cliff crying. I quietly join him and ask him what is the matter? He states between sobs, “I’m so sad and lonely. Nobody loves me. Nobody cares about me”. I say, “I love you and care very deeply about you. And the Universe loves you”. It occurs to him now that I am actually there.

“Where did you come from?” he asks surprisingly as he notices me beside him. “I heard you cry. And I am here to show you just how truly loved you are!”. He stands and hopelessly shows me a locked cage around his sweet heart. “The Ogre has the key” he confesses. So, I say that we should just go and get it! At first, little boy Timm looks excited but it quickly fades…”He is too scary and too strong and too mean and, and, and…”.

I hold my hand up and he quiets. “But, he does not have an Army of Light and you do!”. Looking at his feet, little boy Timm says, “no, I don’t”.
I say, “turn around”.  When he does, his eyes become like saucers as the massive, galactic countenances of both Kryon and Gildabrand tower a hundred meters into the sky. Young Timm runs out of the cave so he can see how tall his light warriors are.

He is speechless in his excitement and keeps running back to me as I emerge from the cave myself. The light that is emanating from these Holy Beings is bathing us in hope and love and joy and all that Heaven has in store for little boy Timm. A more glorious and life affirming sight could scarcely be imagined. Gildabrand asks little boy Timm if he is ready. The hopeful grin on his little face speaks volumes, envisioning his heart’s long awaited emancipation. So, Gildabrand throws his massive lasso of fire way down and deep into the cave. It caroms and careens off the walls, throwing sparks as it purifies everything in it’s way.

We all make our way to the rear of the cave only to find a thick wall between us and the Ogre.

Enter Kryon. His laser makes quick work of that thick wall and behind the crumbling rubble and dust, we see an EXTREMELY shocked Ogre, sitting on a tremendous, stone throne. And not just any Ogre. He is a tremendous, smelly mass of gelatinous and moldy flesh. Rolls and rolls of putrid, sweaty, dripping, unctuous fat. And every ounce of him was as annoyed and indignant as it could be. Caught completely off guard he angrily sputters, “How dare do you invade my space? Who sent you?”

“We are here to bring you home to the light” we communicate silently to him. He throws his head back to laugh at us and Kryon uses the opportunity to blast a massive hole in the ceiling propelling pure and divine light into the maw of this lost soul. His protestations dropped along with his jaw as the light then revealed all of the writhing and trapped souls embedded into the walls and trapped in the greasy moat surrounding his throne. We made the Ogre watch as we healed each and every trapped soul there. It was his own personal torture as he had spent an untold amount of time collecting, and feeding off of, these unfortunate souls.

The first soul to emerge for healing is grimy and lethargic. She has a motherly vibe to her and Barbara attempts to transport her into a dimensional healing chamber. She cannot lift her alone so she calls John and he happily and easily assists. Off they go for now…

The second Being to emerge was a mouse. But on closer inspection, we see that this mouse has human teeth. We break it’s “spell” and the mouse resumes human form. He seems to be a type of “brother” figure to little boy Timm. Danny then step up to take him off to his own personal dimensional healing chamber as well.

The healing of the dungeon continues until it actually transforms into an open air, pristine soccer pitch.

We approach the Ogre again now that his entire World has changed and we notice that he has lost an immense amount of weight. He is also growing more transparent by the moment. We can see the key to little boy Timm’s heart cage actually inside the Ogre’s heart now. My beautiful Faerie, Eflavia arrives just in time, and with her wand she plucks that precious little key from him as he begins to de-materializes. When the key is removed, the remaining rolls of fat fall away leaving a frail and spent little Ogre. He surrenders his emaciated self to the Holy Goddess Quan Yin as she arrives to collect him. He will be healed and re-educated with her beautiful Goddess energy.

So, now we have the key to little boy Timm’s heart cage and Eflavia flies up to insert it into the black lock. As soon as the key turns, the cage, lock and key all turn a brilliant gold before they dissolve into nothing. With the heart cage gone, little boy Todd takes a very deep breathe and with it, he ages a few years.

So, now young Timm, Archimedes and I leave the cave area. Kryon takes off after we offer much gratitude and Gildabrand stays behind to keep an eye on the newly healed area that is now the soccer pitch. He would continue to make it a sanctuary of contemplation and play for Timm to visit any time.
Yurgen arrives to escort us to the magical, healing lake. I ride Alexandria, Yurgen’s mate and Archimedes and young Timm ride Yurgen. Eflavia buzzes along in pure joy of having accomplished a very important role here today.

We are a joyous but weary lot as the lake comes into view. We all enter the lake and Archimedes especially delights in it’s glittery, dry nature! “Let’s race to the platform!” he shouts to us all and we take off towards the lake’s center. As young Timm swims, he gets stronger and bigger. By the time he arrives to the platform, he has transformed into a radiantly healthy grown man. He climbs atop this wooden float and standing directly in the center of his newly re-membered personal power and with arms held high to Heaven he proudly proclaims, “I AM A SOVEREIGN BEING OF LIGHT AND I AM FREE!!!!!

It was truly a magnificent event to witness. We laughed and cried in joy for this beautiful and powerful man named Timm.  And we returned to meet Gildabrand before we returned to our respective lives and dimensions.


December 15, 2016


The mother figure identified herself as “Pearl”, his inner heart. Her message, “We are very quickly moving into your power self. Do not forget to enjoy it along the way. Keep focused on creative efforts. We are awake and we are strong.”

The brother figure represented Todd’s childhood. It was the time when his heart “locked up.”


Thank you Kryon
Thank you Gildabrand
Thank you Quan Yin
Thank you Sir
Thank you Eflavia
Thank you Yurgen
Thank you Barbara and John
Thank you Danny


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